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BBCAN11 Week 1 HOH Nominations

Without the Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds, we really have to play detective to figure out what’s happening in the house. With only the Big Brother Canada 11 episodes and a few hours of footage, it’s a lot of assuming without any straight facts.

Taking that into consideration, we might report things a little wrong this season. But we want to try to give you guys the information to the best of our knowledge and as quickly as possible. So hopefully we don’t report too many things wrong this Big Brother Canada 11 season.

Based on the four hours plus release of the Big Brother Canada Digital Dailies, these are the three people nominated this week.

BBCAN11 Week 1 HOH Nominations

Santina nominated Anika and Dan Szabo. Renee is the third nominee for placing last in this week’s competition.

We got a sense of this from yesterday’s Digital Dailies. Dan was fine with his possible nomination, but Anika was barely seen on the Digital Dailies. It seemed to be confirmed with the recent drops, especially Anika who spoke about her nomination with Zach. Later, Renee and Rob also spoke about Renee, Dan, and Anika being nominated right now.

Zach reassured Anika that she was safe. He did the same thing with Dan. Therefore, it’s unclear who he’s lying to. He actually may be lying to no one because there may be a backdoor John Michael plan at work.

However, we don’t know if this is just an idea or an actual plan in motion with the limited Live Feeds. However, we do know that the Power of Veto Competition has not been played yet (it likely will play out on Saturday). We’ll get a better sense of the target for the week after the POV Ceremony.

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