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Big Brother Canada 11 Premiere Week Episode 2!

Big Brother Canada 11 Premiere Week Episode 2!

Now that we have met the new Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests, it’s time to see them really start to play the game. The first episode showcased a little bit of the personalities of the sixteen new houseguests. Clearly, they would have been fun to watch on the feeds, but we have to let it go. Last night’s Big Brother Canada 11 premiere episode ended with two big cliffhangers: who will win the first HOH and which houseguest would go on the block as a third nominee?

We already know that John Michael Sosa or Santina Carlson will become the first Head of Household. As winners of the first competition of the season, they face off to take the Head of Household crown. Initially, John Michael was hesitant about winning the first part of the competition, but Santina thought it would be good for either of them to win. John Michael eventually agreed and they won this round.

Because Santina seems to want the first HOH win more, we expect her to go a little harder in the second part of the competition than John Michael.

Not only is winning the HOH important, but this season not coming last is equally important. Due to a new twist, the person who places last automatically goes up for eviction as a third nominee.

Host Arisa Cox offered this week’s last-place finisher a bit of relief, they will not be evicted this week but will face eviction next Thursday (if they don’t win Veto or have it used on them).

BBCAN11 Week 1 HOH Competition Part 1

We know who won the first part tof this competition, so it comes down to finding out who won’t be last.

Renee and Shanaya finish last and are at risk to place last. Meanwhile, Santina wonders if she wants to win HoH and put an early target. Peopled already start to flatter John Michael and her. Zach doesn’t want to form an alliance yet but kind of starts one with Roberto and Jonathan. It also includes Ty.

Ty and Kuzie also form an early alliance, along with Santina and Hope. The houseguests notice their faces framed on the wall.

Shanaya and Roberto leave crumbs of a potential showmance coming soon.

Zach is really dedicated to his all boys alliance. He also wants them to go around and form stuff with the women to get info from everywhere. Zach is also willing to flirt hardcore, despite his relationship outside the game. He’s serious but also joking.

Claudia and Renee suspect that the boys may be forming an alliance and decide it may be best to combat that with an all-women’s alliance.

Claudia questions Zach about the bromance and he panics. Claudia then tries to alert Santina to the men working together but she doesn’t really buy it.

John Michael tells Zach that he will come for the men if he wins HOH.

BBCAN11 Week 1 HOH Competition Part 2/Last Place Finisher

John Michael and Santina face off. Who will hold the biggest power position this week?

Both John Michael and Santina decide to give the competition their all. Renee and Shanaya also perform the same competition. It’s a multipart one that’s a puzzle of winner Kevin Jacobs.

Shanaya finishes first, followed by Santina and John Michael together. They then have to align hedges a certain way and roll a ball. Santina and John Michael are basically even the entire competition.

Santina wins and becomes the first Head of Household.

Shanaya wins and stops herself from being last, so Renee automatically goes on the block.

BBCAN11 Last Place Competition

Can one of the two last-place finishers save themselves from nomination?

Everything Else BBCAN11

Now that the houseguests have gotten to know each other better, the strategizing and social games begin.

Daniel finds the secret room with the snacks. He wonders if he should tell people but eventually does and everyone joins.

The houseguests give their usual fashion show.

Amal ends up leaving the game, but her reasons why aren’t disclosed.

Join us Tuesday for the next Big Brother Canada 11 episode. Additionally, make sure to check Big Brother Canada Network for any important updates (likely from the Digital Dailies)

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