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By a vote of 11-2 MELINA was evicted from the BBCAN10 house!

By a vote of 11-2 MELINA was evicted from the BBCAN10 house!

BBCAN10 Week 1 Nominations:

Who will be in danger during the first few days of Big Brother Canada 10?

Hermon decides to nominate Melina and Jess. He says he doesn’t feel a connection to Melina as much as the others and sees Jess as a gamer. This immediately doesn’t go over well with Jess, who declares Hermon her mortal enemy.

BBCAN10 Week 1 Power of Veto Competition:

Can one of the nominees save themselves from eviction? It’s a throwback competition for Big Brother Canada Season 1. The houseguests must pop balls to collect ten green balls. Once they collect them, they must solve a puzzle. The person to solve it quickest wins. Melina finds the 10 balls the fastest, but Jess isn’t far behind and soars at the puzzle.

Jess wins the Power of Veto.

BBCAN10 Week 1 Power of Veto Ceremony:

Will the Veto be used to save one of the nominees?

Jess uses the Veto to save herself. Hermon names Kevin as her replacement. Both Hermon and Kevin think that Kevin is safe and Melina will be the one going.

Melina gives Kevin some information about who she thinks are working together. Kevin then uses the info to further bury Melina’s game. Kevin decides to play the dumb act, which seems to be working but some suspect that it could be an act.

BBCAN10 Week 1 Eviction:

Betty voted to evict Melina

Haleena voted to evict Melina

Jacey-Lynne voted to evict Melina

Jay voted to evict Kevin

Jess voted to evict Kevin

Josh voted to evict Melina

Kyle voted to evict Mlina

Marty voted to evict Melina

Moose voted to evict Melina

Stephanie voted to evict Melina

Gino voted to evict Melina

Summer voted to evict Melina

Tynesha voted to evict Melina

Melina is the first houseguest evicted from the Big Brother Canada 10 house.

The episode ends with Kevin getting to choose a mystery door. Each door contains a sum of money, including $5,000, $2,500, and $500. He picks the door that happens to contain $500, whomp.

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