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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/21/23) (3)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/21/23) (3)

Vanessa’s Vote

On Wednesday, we may have seen our first Dan strategy conversation on the Digital Dailies. He talked to Zach about Vanessa saying that she wants to do what he wants but also has to do what’s best for her game. This may mean she votes out Renee. She also said that she doesn’t see how Renee benefits her game but her relationship with Dan is important, so may vote his way.

antina and Rob also have a long conversation that’s not about the game, but just about their lives and getting to know each other. Dan also joins his roommates (Anika, Kuzie, Daniel, and Hope) to discuss forcing Hope to not take all the drawers away from them. Daniel is someone who seems undecided on his vote, but he seems to be leaning towards keeping Zach happy this week and voting out Rob.

Make sure to join us for more Big Brother Canada 11 Digitial Dailies.

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