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Digital Dailies Highlights Friday (04/14/23) (3)

Digital Dailies Highlights Friday (04/14/23) (3)

Ty shared with Santina how he sees this week playing out. He has basically realized Kuzie’s plan. He knows that she wants to target the trio of himself, Santina, and Hope. He said because everyone already believes they’re working together then they should really start to work together.

He wants to try to get Santina to stay off the Block so that Hope or he can win the Veto and keep her safe. For a while, Santina was convinced that there was no way Kuzie was targeting her.

She believed that Kuzie would go after the Girlie Pops trio and that Kuzie know she had no intentions of going after Kuzie’s side. However, eventually, she started to realize Ty might be right. Santina also sees what Ty doesn’t and that’s that Hope is working with Anika, Kuzie, and Daniel, and Jonathan would have as well if he stayed. Santina was frustrated because she is not working with anyone, and she doesn’t know how to talk to Kuzie because everything she does makes Kuzie paranoid about her.

Santina also believed Shanaya, Renee, and Claudia were getting in Kuzie’s head to turn her against Santina. Santina believed that the Girlie Pops trio had a personal vendetta against her and that they are targeting her for personal reasons and not game reasons. However, they were trying to make their personal reasons seem game related.

Kuzie also thought it was a better game resume move to take out a stronger player like Ty or Santina this week. Ty mentioned this as well. He knows that Kuzie wants to take out big threats and leave the weaker players in the game because they’ll be easier for her to beat.

Hope also attempted to save Santina from the Block, but he said the Crown was his priority, so if Kuzie wants Santina gone, he will respect her move. Santina also later talked to Kuzie to try to get more insight into what Kuzie’s plans are for this week.

She told Ty in their conversation that she rather Kuzie be honest with her, instead of acting ambiguous with her decisions. However, Kuzie didn’t give Santina complete transparency. Santina tried to gage and explain herself, like her crying and just talking to friends, not allies (aka Hope and Ty). Kuzie did let Santina know that Ty questioning her and some of Santina’s behavior is making her a little anxious.

Basically, hinting that she didn’t know if she could trust Santina especially because of Ty. The talk ended with Santina talking about Jonathan being gone now is also making her emotional, because she doesn’t have a friend to talk to anymore.

As of now, Kuzie plans to nominate Ty and Santina. If one of them removes themselves from the Block via a Veto, she will send out whoever remains on the Block between them. However, if nominations don’t change, she’s leaning more towards getting out Ty, but it may be another close vote potentially even a tie, if the next vote is Ty versus Santina.

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Digital Dailies Highlights Friday (04/14/23) (3)

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