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Live feed Big Brother Canada Friday April 1!

The HG's are waking up. Let's see what the house looks like as I get startedl

Kevin is talking to Hal and Josh in the red room. "I think those 2 would be good options to pull in. Moose and Hermon think for themselves. I think he'll consider you. Hermon will come after us." All 3 agree they should push for Marty to put up Hermon and Moose. Josh- "We're absolutely evil". Kevin- "Everyone's playing this. We just need to be better."

Hal and Josh laying in bed. Josh- "I'm so glad we all have each other. And by all I mean me, you and Kevin".

Marty walking the SR. Kevin comes in and is excited for Marty. They say it's going to be a good week. Marty says he can't wait to see what thoughts Kevin has to give him. Marty says Kev already knows his targets and they haven't changed. Marty wants to call Kevin up to HOH soon, once he's more awake but he wants to hear more about what the other HG"s have to say as well. Marty says he's taking Hal as far as he can. He says he's so bad at strategizing and he knows jury is starting. Kevin is pushing Hermon and Moose. They leave the SR. Marty says he hurt the arch of his foot in the HOH comp. Kevin says Hal hurt herself too. Hal and Marty in the SR now. Hal says she's so happy for him. Hal says the reason she didn't want Marty to sit by her last night is she was trying to protect him. They agree to talk more later.

Kevin talking to himself in the Expedia vaca room. "Never give up. Never ever give up". Josh comes out with Kevin. Kev says it's going to be hard today and even if Marty puts up Summer and Betty they have all week to get one of the guys up. Kevin says on one side Marty is predictable and on the other when he gets an idea in his head it's hard to change. Josh wants to know why he would put up Summer and Betty instead of Summer and Hermon. Kev says it's because Betty hurt his feelings. Kevin says Marty thought Betty and him were working together and he thinks Betty was one of the votes yesterday. They agree that JL and Gino are very smart and the biggest threat to their games. Kevin says Marty wins the game against anyone, even Josh.

Hermon and Betty talking in the bathroom. Betty says she just keeps telling herself the house isn't real "It's a game". Hermon says losing T really hurt. Betty thinks Marty will put her and Josh up "Everything happens for a reason. I will fight to the end". Betty says she feels that there are other people in the house that deserve the win more than her. "Is that weird?" Hermon says she should play for herself. Hermon asks why "he" is more deserving (Josh?). Betty says he knows what he would do with the $ and community.

Marty & Gino are talking in HOH in French. You can tell Marty is worked up using the F word frequently. He keeps saying the chain of safety. Marty says he just wants to says this name to get back at them and it kept him from going to the DR and saying he was out of there. Marty tells Gino that he was one of the votes against him yesterday. He feels set up and is going to put Josh and Betty on the block it sounds like. Gino is being super quiet and just listening to Marty. Marty says he's not going home until he gets back at them. They go through names and scenarios in French. Marty finally tells Gino to decide who he wants OTB and Marty will do it. He's very upset with himself that he voted for Gino to leave last night. Marty says "He is so sorry" to Gino, and "doesn't know how he got roped into that" "I really thought you were playing me." Gino, "It's ok, you were sucked into something." Hermon tries to come in. Marty asks for another minute Marty prefers is to be Josh who goes. Marty-I want to get back at them, BAD! Josh preferably. They're trying to figure out who the other vote was for Gino. He promises Gino if he ever hears his name again, he'll tell him

Summer is going to talk to Marty now. Summer feels insecure in the game right now. She is missing T & is also disappointed with her performance in the comp. Marty wants to make the best decision possible & gather as much info as possible. Marty asks for Summers perspective of what happened last week. To be honest, he knows how the house was set up but wants to hear how she saw it. Summer wants Moose gone. Summer is focusing on a solo game. No alliances. Marty asks what she would do in his shoes. Summer says she'd put up Jacey & Gino. or backdoor 1 of them, break them up somehow. Marty asks Summer who has said his name as a backdoor option. Summer says Hermon has said it. Summer says that Haleena, Kevin, Josh are the other ppl playing individual games. There is 1 duo. The showmance. Summer tells Marty that Hermon has enough votes to stay, Moose might also. Summer would put up the showmance together, if one comes down deal with it then. Marty says that Gino is so good at the comps, so who would be the other person. Summer was thinking Hal.

Marty has felt a bad vibe with Betty for a little bit now. He thinks it has something to do with T maybe. Betty feels bad that T left. Marty says, he has no idea what is happening. He is really pissed off. He feels like the votes and stuff are being painted on him.Marty says his name has been brought up as a backdoor option. Betty-Not from me. I've said you're a big target, but, have I said that if I won I'd target you or put you up absolutely not. Nor did I say I'd backdoor you. I'll be in your corner but, if ur mind is made up. Betty-I felt like we both knew where our loyalties were last week. I was never voting T out, that's why I didn't feel like we had much to discuss last week. I wanna be in your corner Marty, I really do. Marty-You really feel like I'm putting you up? Betty-I do, Betty-Neither me or Josh are coming for you. Marty-then who, if not me? Betty-Moose, the ppl in duos. Betty wants to prove herself. It was hard to watch her friend leave. She would vote 100% to vote Moose out. She isn't glued to anyone but, She can guarantee both Josh & she would vote Moose out.

Marty, last week we said we were going to try this again and prove by action. SO, I won HOH and will prove to you this week & hopefully you win next week. H-Great, use me as your weapon, pov, whatever. M-still confused on votes I told everyone I was voting to keep T. Marty-Have you heard anyone say my name as a backdoor? Herm-T and Betty a little bit, but I never really talk game with Betty, it'd come thru Summer or T. So, I'm sure you can figure out where it's coming from. Hermon doesn't know what Marty is talking about with the room but knows Marty was very upset yesterday

Marty-I wish I could say I trust you 100% Josh. Josh-you don't trust Moose or Hermon anymore? Marty-No, Moose, not for awhile Hermon, he never told me he flipped after that vote Josh-I didn't sleep well last night, I felt bad for Jess Marty-Bad vibes from T all week Josh-Not going to be an easy decision. Marty-I'm going to do what's best for my game. Betty kept saying, "am I going up, am I going up?" I honestly don't know what I'm doing yet. Josh-Whatever you decide, I have your back. Josh leaves HOH

Josh is going to sus things out and try to figure out which way Marty is going. Betty tells him to keep himself say by any means necessary, if that means throwing Herms UTB, do it.

Jace-I can't believe how easily manipulated some of these ppl are!

Gino tells Kev he's wrong that Marty would've gone home yesterday over Jess. Kev-He would've never made it. Kev-I know before the comp, they were all saying backdoor Marty, Backdoor Marty! Gino-No they weren't my ears are everywhere Kevin! Kev-Did I fuck up? Gino-No but, if you look at the tree. Summer is now at the bottom, Betty is toward the top. Taking out Josh's number 1 might be the smart thing to do. Even though Betty knows she needs to win, she can't win, & hasn't won Kev-Who are the votes? G-I'm not telling you.

Betty is pointing out that only 1 more person gets to actually go home. Otherwise you're in the house or jury.

Josh tells Gino that he talked with Marty, Marty said he's going to do what's best for his game. Gino agrees. Josh-How do you feel about us right now? Gino-Me & You? Good but, you're close with Betty and she's mentioned my name. G-I'll be straight up, you have deals. Gino-You have deals with both sides of the house. You are stuck in the middle. Not choosing a side. I'm not upset about the votes but, IDK what happened in that room. I mean it makes sense to go after the showmance, I just don't know exactly who said what.Both Gino & Josh told T they were voting her out. Gino-when everyone went in that room, I heard Betty ask "should we vote out Gino?" She might not win comps but, between the 2 of you, you can win comps and she has the social. Josh-Yeah, u & jace have to win comps.

JL and Gino are getting Marty to put Moose and Josh up and tell Moose Josh is the target. Gino says they have the votes to keep Moose. Marty says he doesn't think it good for his game because he promised Moose safety this week. He's willing to do whatever they want. thinks if Hermon wins POV he might pull Moose down. Marty asks if he would pull Moose down over Josh & Gino say "yes". Marty is explaining again how he's not good at strategizing. JL says they just need to stay solid because the other side is trying to break them up. Gino, Marty and JL agree that they just need to stick to the plan and take out numbers on the other side of the house. Gino says Summer and Betty can't win comps so Hermon will be running scared soon and jump ship over to working with them.

Moose and Marty in the HOH room. He tells Moose that he needs to use him for a pawn. He explains that Betty and Josh set him up in the Expedia room last night and he's pissed. Moose doesn't want to go up now even though he told Marty he could use him as a pawn. Moose says he would rather go up against Betty instead of Josh. Moose tells him that if he puts him up against Josh then the deal between them won't work out. Marty says if that's how it needs to do it then he's ok with that.Marty is promising him that he has the votes to get Moose to stay no matter what. Marty says that he will put Summer up if Josh comes down to protect Moose and make him feel better. Moose says ok.

Moose leaves and Hal comes in. She says she has his back no matter what he does but he shouldn't play other people's games. He says he knows.

The HG's are now in HOH lockdown. BB comes over the speaker to tell them to make sure the door is locked. The room is VERY uncomfortably quiet. Marty tells everyone in HOH that he voted to evict Gino last night and he has been honest with Gino. "It was a great plan until this guy won HOH". Gino asks who the others were (I think it was Gino). No one answers. Marty says those that voted with him will pay with noms

Marty pulls Moose into HOH. He tells Moose that he's going to put Josh and Betty up because he thinks Betty has a power. If she doesn't win POV then she will use her power. But if Betty comes down then he will put Moose up as a replacement. Moose feels more comfortable

Kevin, JL and Hal talking on the upstairs couches. JL tells them that Betty is going up to flush out her "power" so she can't use it on anyone else but herself but she doesn't know who the other nom is.

They hear a loud sound come from the HOH room above and go running out. Moose meets them in the LR. He says Kevin went into HOH right after him. The HOH cams are down right now. Moose asks Hermon and Gino to go to the SR room with him now.

Kevin says that if they're the first 2 in jury then they have 30 days to discuss how dumb they are. Hal says "no. No". Kevin says Betty is a vote for them but it's not the worst if she goes. Kevin tells Hal that he had the bishops from the chess set. Hal laughs. Kevin wants to know what else "we can do to fuck with Hermon". Hal thinks they should hide his flosser on the other side of the bathroom. Kevin says OK.

Josh and Hermon talking in the red room. It sounds like Josh asked him to use the veto on him. Hermon says Marty would be mad at him but Josh reminds him Marty doesn't play next week. It sounds like Hermon tells Josh that for now he's not using it but he'll think on it. Hermon and Marty in the HOH room. Hermon thanks Marty for keeping him off the block. He tells Marty that they can talk about POV after it happens. Marty lets him know he wants Josh out on eviction night. Marty isn't sure Betty has a power. Hermon says he understands why he was lying about the vote. Marty says if he hadn't won HOH he would have kept on lying for another week. Marty tells Hermon that he needs to be able to look himself in the eye when the game is over so he needs to keep his word. Now Marty says his target is Betty because he thinks she put all of the Gino stuff together. I'm not sure why Marty has said the same thing about Betty and Josh in the same convo.

Josh and Betty talking in Expedia vaca room. Betty says it makes no sense if she's OTB on eviction night. Betty is saying she wants BB to give her a real power because she still deserves to be in the house, and so does Josh. "Why can't Canada see this?" Josh says they can convince "him" that she does have a power, they just need to think about what it is. He tells her that there's no one in the house that hasn't asked him about the super power. Betty is surprised. He says that everyone believes she has it.

Marty refuses to believe that Summer didn't throw his name UTB with Jess.

Gino and Hermon talking in SR. Gino is saying he's not trusting Marty. Hermon wants to see if it's repairable and he's keeping Marty safe next week because he promised him. Hermon wants Gino to talk to Josh and see if they can work together because he really likes Josh.

Week 6 HOH Nominations!

Marty nominated Betty and Josh for eviction.

Josh is in a pretty good position in the house, especially with someone as influential as Kevin on his side. However, Josh should still try for that Veto, especially with how quickly the house has been flipping this year, at least for a few weeks.

Make sure to join us tomorrow to see whether Betty or Josh can win the Veto and save themselves from the threat of eviction.

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