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Live feed Big Brother Canada Saturday April 2

HGs get the wake up call. Moose "you got any poles Gino?" Gino-"Poles?" Moose-"Yah because this tent is not helpful right now." Gino-"Uh Oh" JL -"Oh my God" Moose-"I'm literally afraid I can't get out of bed."

Hal-wonders if Jess manipulated everything. She says did Gino and Jace create this with Jess Josh thinks they did Hal tells him she checked in with Summer to see if she was okay and she said she was okay then Betty goes I wouldn't talk to much you're game me be exposed. Hal from the beginning I was always using my heart, she knew what was right. She says that one time she used her head & she may have got played, idk, but it's just like damn, with this whole GIno thing he's definitely running things bc when Summer went down Gino went up. Josh-to HOH? Hal-yah Hermon comes in. Hal tells Josh that Marty was banging his hand on the table when he was in the HOH with Kevin. She also says she told Marty no on the couch when asked if they were going to vote Gino. Hal and Josh continue their talk until Herms comes in. Josh tells Herm Hal would think about playing POV Herm says she's best friends with Marty, don't give him another horse in the race Josh asks Herm if he's down to play Herms yes and Marty would be the only one who would be upset. Herm has to do what's best for his game.

Betty says she's gonna call Marty "Mr. HOH" and be respectful, but she can't wait to run the tapes back and see what an awful, lying manipulator he is. They joke about Marty losing jury votes in the end.

Summer thanks Hal for coming to check on her. She knows she can rant to her and her words are safe with her.Hal and Summer talking about people acting like Summer's rant was funny while she was ranting. Hal says it's not funny, it's only funny after when she makes fun of it. After Josh leaves Hal says Betty can think what she wants but Hal hasn't exposed anyone's games. Hal says there could be different scenarios even Jace and Gino could have orchestrated a lot. Summer agrees Hal-Marty being a Summer-Liar.

Josh fills Hal in on Gino and JL asking him to be in a final 3 and Marty asking him to be in a final 4 with the the three of them. He tells her that Gino and Marty were pretending to be in a fight. Hal and Josh continued Hal talks about Hermon make a safety deal with Marty for a week.

Hal says she's grateful that Kevin got the three of them together Josh agrees and says the three of them are solid. Hal goes over votes for Josh if noms stay the same Her Kevin Hermon (Josh thinks maybe Hermon) Summer (Josh says Betty will tell Summer to keep him) Hal -we need Jace or GIno (Josh-not what i just did with summer - he told her stuff about Gino) Hal says Summer won't say. Josh asks Hal how she feels about Jace or Gino going home next week, the week after Marty and the next week Jace. Hal says the need to get the showmance Summer comes in and they switch to HG choice talk Josh says he won't pick Hal bc of her foot.

Marty tells Jace he talked to G that they can talk after and make sure everything is solid. He says if people come in the room he'll say they're busy. He doesn't see any reason to hide it anymore. Jace agrees Marty talks about him and Summer. He tells Jace that he told Summer he knew she went after him when she went to Wendy's with Jess and there is no way Jess would lie about that. He says they way Summer exploded makes her look guilty. He would have went after her if things didn't happen with Betty & Josh. Marty says if he finds out he's wrong he'll apologize.

Betty talks to the cam and tells Canada that if people win they way Marty plays that's fine but there are 7 people going. She tells him it's a waste of an HOH to get her out. After she walks away Marty says still bitter I see.

Kevin giving Josh quick pointers If its a maze always go left or right bc you can retrace If it's an egg always shake the egg up to harden the yolk If there's shooting exhale when you shoot it If it's rebuilding a wall..umm Just go win If I play we'll chat Josh-k.

Betty asks Josh who he is picking Josh says Hermon Betty says she (hal) told her not to pick her Josh says she'd play but he was like play what? Betty says yah she won't win Betty says she'll pick Summer She tells him about Marty's apology Josh says that's wild.

Betty asks Josh who he is picking Josh says Hermon Betty says she (hal) told her not to pick her Josh says she'd play but he was like play what? Betty says yah she won't win Betty says she'll pick Summer She tells him about Marty's apology Josh says that's wild. Betty points out if Hal plays that's one less person who could win (bc she's hurt) she says Hermon dead ass told them he wasn't going to use it. She says to think about it.

Josh tells Herm he told Betty he was going to pick him and she said he wouldn't use it Herm says to say he's a competitor and you think you can convince me to use it. He says he wants him to talk to Gino today so they can move forward with his and JLs vote. Herm tells Josh Gino just wants to know he wasn't behind it . Josh says he wasn't.

Betty-We need to stick to the same story. Unite as 1 against this tyrant! Marty has always wanted us up, we were always the target! How am I the mastermind, when we didn't even vote for him???!!! Betty-Did you see how upset Marty was when you were the host (Moose)? WTH

Gino & Jace are trying to figure out who to bring in Jace-Moose? G-No he's really close with Josh Marty is a lot closer with Kevin then we are & Haleena. Jace-Yeah, we're at the bottom of the totem pole & I don't like that

Betty-If I was the mastermind, then I should go down as a BB legend! Hermon-This is the worse sell of all time, "Gino,You understand that don't you? He got caught on the wrong side of the flip!" It's on camera Moose-For the 2nd time! Hermon-2nd time! To be that irate? Hermon-This man (Marty) is lost in the sauce! Josh wants to tell him that he's the one trapped, in his own head. Betty-and to say your playing as an honest man! Stop using that Hermon-Oh that's gone. Josh & Betty want Summer to win veto soooooo bad. Josh wants to hear that speech.

Betty tells Josh she will sacrifice her game for him - she doesn't care - Josh has the best chance. Imagine? He could be the first Indigenous/Black winner in BB history.Marty: sorry for working out in front of you guys... there's not many options. Betty under her breath: how about the truth? Are there any options for that?

Josh says there's a chance Kevin will use veto and Summer definitely will. Betty says Josh needs to frame it to Kevin that he's helping an underdog. She says he loves that sh*t. Betty says it gives her a little comfort that they got to see Kyle go out and that Kyle got Steph out Her and Josh both laugh.

Kevin tells Betty that he's done bad things to people in the house. Betty says as long as he hasn't done anything bad to her Joshy. Kevin says he hasn't Josh says he thinks GIno and Jace are talking to people about the convo to get GIno out and then are comparing notes. Betty tells Josh and Kevin they are her two favorite guys in the house Josh and Kevin-thank you Betty says the replacement nom will be Summer "This guy is out for blood" Kev-unless she wins and takes one of you off. Josh asks if he can win the POV and give it to Summer

Summer and Gino studying days and talk turns to who will be the first female to win HOH. They both conclude Summer or JL Summer says she realized she wants to work with Gino bc they both want to take out the person who disrespected them.

Summer and Gino continue their talk. If Summer wins HOH she'll put up Marty and Hal. Josh asks who she wants to go if noms stay the same. Summer says she wants Betty to stay but also wants to respect Gino's game They get interrupted

Gino tells Summer he wants to talk with Josh bc he thinks Betty was the mastermind and Josh just got caught in the crossfire Summer-so if I pulled off Josh you'd be okay? Gino-Honestly, If I come down to it was really Betty who planned everything I'd want Josh to stay

Herm and JL Herm wonders if Summer or Moose will go up. JL says Marty has already told her that Moose might be a renom but he's mad at Summer JL says best case scenario is the veto isn't used so they can choose. If Betty leaves Josh will lose his person

Hermon and Gino talking in the SR. Hermon says he trusts Gino and that him and JL are assets to his game. Gino tells him he knows who's coming for him in the house now and he let it be known too. Hermon says "maybe we give Marty what he wants this week".

Hermon leaves the SR and Gino stays behind to study the Shoppers Showcase. Marty and Hal are up on the upstairs couches. Marty calls to his wife and says "I love you, you are my sweetheart. A true princess. Marty and Hal start studying days. Marty and Hal go to the HOH room to talk. Marty is talking about Betty following him around and her and Josh being shady and talking about him. Betty and Kevin talking in the purple room. She's telling him she would love to see Josh win and that she really likes him. Hal is telling Marty that Betty has been very upset with her for voting T out and that Betty has not wanted to talk to her. Hal was surprised that Betty came in for a hug at the end of one of their convos.

Betty talking with Gino in the purple room. Kevin has left. She is explaining to him what happened in the Expedia room before the vote. "I wish I was the mastermind to come up with something like that. It would be iconic and something great for the world to see"

Kevin & Gino talking in purple room, Betty left. Kevin says "I'm in". He asks Gino if he see's them as F5. Gino says yes. Kevin says he knows Gino is close with Herm and Moose and he doesn't care if he's #4 but is he above that? Gino says he's his closest relationship. Kevin thinks Hermon would put him and Marty up together. They agree they have no idea what Moose would do. Kevin says even if Hermon says Kev is his target it doesn't mean he is, his name is easy to say. Gino says they need to focus on POV and keep noms the same. Kevin and Gino agree that they need to check in daily. Gino goes to his bed, puts his baseball hat over his face and tries to sleep. Kevin is awake thinking.

Moose and Hermon are checking in in the red room. They're both upset that they aren't playing in POV. Herm said he thinks Josh would have picked him and Moose says Marty told him he would have picked him to play. They are still talking about Betty using a power. Moose doesn't know who he wants to win. Hermon says "As fucked up as it sounds, let's say Josh wins. Betty goes up, Summer uses the power then it's me, you, Gino, Jace as options. So shitty. As fucked up as it sounds it would be best to stay the same". Moose agrees with Hermon's review of the replacements. Hermon says Betty would go home. Moose says Summer would be the worst case scenario for winning. Hermon- "If Summer won I would beg her not to use it". Moose agrees that's the best option.

Josh and Betty at the kitchen table. Josh tells her everyone thinks she has one. Betty wants to know if she should to and tell BB that everyone thinks she has a power "Can I get one". Josh tells her to go and ask.

Hermon says he wants Marty to leave next week but that leaves Gino and JL in the game. Moose asks what he hates more and Hermon says prob Gino and JL being in the house. Moose is going over evictions with Hermon. He thinks the next 2 weeks will be single evictions and the following week would be a triple, week 8. Hermon is worried about Kev and Hal still being in the house because they aren't a vote on their side. Hermon calls Hal & Kev mindless and spineless and says Marty is the head of the snake. Hermon would rather have Betty go because Summer knows her days and can win that comp and she's a solid vote with them. "We'll have the numbers". Hermon says week 7 is the massive HOH. Moose and Hermon call out to fans and ask them to use their power to keep them and Summer in the house this week.

Marty, Kevin and Hal in HOH. Kevin says he thinks the prize at the end is really $250,000 now. He thinks it's gone up (there is a $100,000 sparkling sign in the back patio). Marty says the 3 people he trusts in the house are in that room right now. Marty tells them he wants them to win HOH, he wants to see their pics, see their families. Hal leaves HOH. Marty and Kevin can't wait to play the POV comp. He starts telling Kevin the story about Betty following him around, giving him dirty looks and talking about him. Marty says Jess was like his little sister. He's struggling with his pronouns for them. Marty tells Kevin that his worse case scenario is that Josh wins POV and Betty takes herself down with a secret power, then both the people he wanted up are off the block. He says then it would be Moose or Hermon. Or Summer since she annoyed the shit out of him.

Summer telling Hermon that Haleena is getting closer to Marty. Hermon says she’s trying to slither her way up to JL again. Betty joins them. They’re telling her about Haleena. Summer thinking ahead. Thinks Haleena might choose HGC & pick Marty.

Kevin/Marty talking in HOH. They’re talking about Betty/Josh/Summer. I think they might be talking about the POV? Marty asking Kevin what he’s thinking about the POV. Marty says “she” is pushing for Hermon. Wants to save Josh. Thinks Gino has side thing w/ Hermon. Kevin thinks if M BD’s H. M talking about Betty/Josh staying. M says Summer hates his guts too. Kevin says “he” is a liar. Kevin thinks w/ Hermon gone if makes them closer to Gino. Marty says he’d only do that if Gino/JL are good w/ it, & he doesn’t think he will. Marty doesn’t want Betty in jury b/c she’ll be bitter (too late hehe). Kevin says he’s right. Kevin telling Marty he’d beat him/Haleena in F2. Marty thinks Kevin could win. Marty confirms (again) that Kevin win veto. Marty says Josh chokes under pressure which is why he can’t win comps. Kevin laughs. Marty thinks Betty is a stronger competitor than Josh. Kevin thinks Betty could win at the end b/c she’s been an underdog. Marty thinks they’d have a better shot of working w/ Moose. Kevin disagrees & thinks Josh would work w/ Marty w/o Betty hear. Kevin pushing for Hermon, says he’s been throwing comps. Marty says K/H/G/J could win next week, Kevin says G/J won’t put Hermon up. Kevin trying to go over votes if he takes Betty off the block. Thinks him/Haleena/Summer/Betty would vote Hermon out. Marty says he will only go w/ this if Gino says he’s good. Kevin says he won’t. Marty says Gino has mentioned Moose/Hermon/Josh as ppl who have to go. Marty wants to see how hard Gino will fight to keep Hermon out. Marty says Gino will show his cards if he is against it. Marty saying Gino convinced him that he should have e done Moose/Josh to get one of Hermon/Moose/Josh out. Kevin telling Marty that he’s not turning in Gino by BD Hermon b/c it’s his HOH & he can do what he wants. Marty thinks they can pull Josh on their side. Josh despises Marty lol. Kevin telling Marty that BD Hermon will win him 100k. Lights in HOH are completely off.

Summer/Betty/Josh talking. She’s mentioning trying to make a deal w/ Marty to not BD him. Meanwhile, Kevin says if Gino is w/ Hermon then they need to get rid of him. Kevin says Hermon is the biggest rat. Marty says he has the perfect speech doe Hermon.

Summer/Kevin in SR. Kevin asks who she wants up. I think she says Gino. Kevin says it’s 0% & not to pitch that to Marty. Kevin telling Summer he has her back. She’s asking him who’s the renom. He tells her he doesn’t want her to touch the block & to trust her. Josh walks in on them talking. Kevin says this convo never happened, she said she hates him. He says he loves her.

Kevin hugging Josh. Says him/Haleena are in scheme mode. Says to be nice to Betty. Josh says he’s telling Betty the same thing. Kevin says he’s working his ass off & that they’ll talk tomorrow.

Betty/Josh saying they have to be careful what they say around “her.” Says they might be able to pull this off (both of them staying).

Kevin tells Josh that he needs to tell Marty he’ll vote however he wants if he comes off the block. Kevin tells Josh to tell Marty he’s not going after him. He asks if Josh is & Josh says no. How true that is is another story.

Kevin waiting around in bathroom to tell Haleena that they have to stay on Marty & out hard pressure to BD Hermon. Says Marty will confront Gino. Marty will talk to Josh like he convinced Kevin to use the veto. Kevin says they can’t celebrate until Hermon walks out the doors.Kevin says Canada is rooting for Marty. Kevin says if Gino is playing both sides it’s good for him/Haleena/Marty (to put Hermon up I presume) & if he’s not then it’s good for the 5 of them (K/M/H/G/J). They say goodnight.

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