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Live feed Big Brother Canada Saturday March 12!

HG are starting to wake up. Events of the day include: POV draw for players The POV will play out. Expect a couple outages today.

Moose is rolling out his knee. Gino is starting to make breakfast & asks Moose how the knee is. Moose said, "It'll be just fine"

Tynesha & Moose are talking about him going OTB. Moose-Gino hasn't talked to me at all since, I think he must've know T-Maybe he feels guilty Moose-I don't fall for that. I find it odd that he hasn't talked w/you either.T-let me ask you, I know you guys had your 7 or whatever, was my name ever brought up? Moose-No, never. It was more like who's with whom. T-Do you feel threatened by me at all? Moose-No, not at all. T-Do you think there's a reason you mentioned my name? Moose-Once again, it was mostly about Hermon. T-it was said that you would put up Hermon & T. And you admitted to saying stuff but, Idk which version to believe. (Tells Hermon to join them) Moose-He was acting like such a wild card, I was like you wanna be big boss man?T-thought the he was power tripping yesterday. I was wondering if it was going to his head. So, IDK what to believe Moose-I know your struggling with who to trust. Moose-IDK if G has talked to you but, he hasn't talked to me or T yet. Hermon-He doesn't really talk that much. When you have convo's with him he doesn't give much, that's just not who he is as a person Hermon tells him to have a blessed day & leaves

Jess-I just want to check on you mentally. Are ppl treating you differently Moose-Not really. Just gotta get pumped up for the veto Jess-I know what it feels like to get a direct shot, Idk what your relationship w/Kyle is but,

Moose-I know you probably know everything because you were w/him for a long time Jess-IDK everything, I was told Betty was going up, so, I was shocked when you went up. I didn't know Moose calls Jess out for interrupting his convo he was going to have with Betty

Hermon tells Stephanie that Moose asked him about using the POV on his & Hermon telling him he wouldn't so he's not going to pick him if he gets HG choice Stephanie-Oh, he wants someone to use it on him? Hermon-I would think so Stephanie-Fair

Steph, Kyle, & GIno, are trying to guess what the POV comp will be.

Marty, Kyle, & Gino are trying to think of a name for their alliance. Kyle suggests the pound, however, it doesn't translate well to french. Kyle-I think if I win the veto it's best to use it on Steph to build that bridge Hermon-I think it's best to keep things the Gino-there's 2 things about the 7, if Marty wins he's for sure coming for Josh & if T wins, she's going to put me up Hermon-You guys gotta talk

Steph to T are in the restroom alone doing hair Steph-Kyle wants the veto to be used on me. That's what he told me. He told me that I'm not leaving this week. T-It's so crazy that there's been a replacement nom every week Steph-I don't wanna be the one that breaks that, I hope I win. Tyneshsa-I trust ppl in this game until they give me a reason not to & then that's it Steph-Same. Marty enters the bathroom & tells T & Steph he misses his wife. Small talk continues with other HG's. Steph-I wonder where his head is that for this (Moose) T-I think he wants to win it. That'd be the worst case scenario for us. Well that's the really worst case scenario for you (steph)

Feeds are back. Veto Players: Steph Moose Gino Josh Betty

Josh was picked - he's telling Steph he doesn't want to use it.

Steph is telling T she didn't pick her for HG choice bc of her knee and she didn't want her to get hurt.

Jess may have been picked. They are saying they don't want to eat gross stuff.

Cams cut in to Kev saying go for it Josh-you do? Kev-yah it's a veto Josh-k

Betty tells Josh she thinks he should play into the game of offering safety. Josh tells her he told Steph if he uses it he would use it on Moose and not her. He says if he uses it he thinks Betty would go up so he doesn't want to Betty says to do what's best for his game

Josh tells Betty he doesn't want to use it bc he doesn't want her to go up. Betty tells him to do what's good for his game Josh says he thinks Betty is good for his game. Betty says thank you and so is he. She has him. Josh says he's going to fight for it and Betty says she's going to fight for it too.

Kyle is telling Josh he thinks noms should stay the same. He says Steph may be a little upset. He's extended an olive branch to Betty. Kyle says Hermon is good with keeping it the same. Josh asks if he's talked to Gino. Josh says Gino won't use it.

Betty tells T that Steph asked Josh if he would use it. He said he wouldn't T says she asked her too yesterday. T said she wasn't sure. T said when she thought it was Steph and Betty she was for sure taking Betty down and others were saying the same.

Jess asks Josh if he doesn't win it is he concerned Josh says no, not this week Jess says they think his best option then is to not win it Josh says someone like Gino could win it Jess says Gino wouldn't use it Josh says a nominee asked him if he would use it, he said ya. Josh continues that he then told them that he was thinking of putting them up in the past. Jess asks if it was Moose Josh says it was Steph and now if he doesn't use it he'll look bad. Josh says now that he's had time to think he should have said he'd think about it and he wouldn't tell them he was thinking of putting them up in the past. Jess says you should always tell people you'd help them.

Betty tells Jace that everyone is talking sh*t and saying Jace and Moose voted for Betty last week. She doesn't see why it would be Jace Jace says she did not. Betty says she trusts her gut. Jace says Moose may have done it to stir sh*t up. Betty says thats ammo.

Betty says the house is leaning towards Steph Jace says good. that's what she wants. She says that sounds horrible. Betty says it doesn't. She says Steph is going around to everyone and asking people if they'd use it.

Betty jokes to Gino that she doesn't want the POV used so she can actually vote and have her second vote of the season Gino asks if they both approached her Betty says not Steph are you kidding me? Gino asks if she talks to her at all Betty says no bc she can't trust her. Betty asks Marty his opinion about what she should do if she wins. Marty says she should talk with Kyle and see what he wants to do. Betty says that's a good point and she'll check in with him out of respect. Gino says he heard a lot of tarps. Jace-its exactly what we think Betty asks what it is Jace and Gino says mud. Lots of dirt and water. BB-please stop talking about prodcution.

Just waiting for the comp now. The non-nominated players Gino, Josh and Betty are all saying they won't use it.

Kyle plans to tell Steph that if she doesn't win veto, he won't be asking the winner to take her down. It would look too suspicious. If Moose wins, Betty will go up and it will be a shit show. Kyle notes that Josh is evil - Josh told Moose that if he wins veto, he'll use it on him... but he won't and wants to see his face when he doesn't use it.

Kyle tells Steph that he won't be asking anyone to use the veto on her - when it comes to rebuilding their relationship, they can do it when she stays. He understands if she has an axe to grind with him. Steph knew the truth would come out, and she gets it veto wise.

T tells Summer that both Moose and Kyle are giving a lot of info that boils down to the same thing. She doesn't know which is telling the truth - she needs to look them in the eye. T is starting to trust Moose's side more. Summer is annoyed with Steph asking people like Josh to use veto on her - it's day 15, you don't know him like that. It's rude. T agrees - she's worried about working w/Betty - she's too erratic. Betty initially said JL was the other vote for her, but now she says Moose. Summer's target is Steph right now, then Moose if he's targeting T, then Kyle. T agrees with all of that, she thinks Kyle before Moose - Gino is also on her list, she loves him but he's gotta go.

Hermon: Kyle you created this problem - and now you want to be the hero? He did it with Jay as well. Summer agrees, Kyle is a wildcard - and you don't have 7 ppl protecting you buddy, you fucked that up. Herm: he'll feel the full force of this. H, S&T agree that Kyle will have to be backdoored. H thinks it's crazy to act so brash and then try to be the hero to Steph, then BD Betty. How insane is this guy?!? Kyle is on his high horse - talking to me like he's my dad - I'm still looking for my dad! (he's joking).

JL tells Josh that the house thinking her and Steph are a duo is pissing her off. She's not even close to Steph like that, she just follows JL around the house. She almost held a house meeting last night just to tell everyone that. She does want Josh to use veto on Steph.

Hal telling T about her wanting to show people that Punjabi culture has changed and evolved. Yes there are still some strict Punjabi ppl out there,but she comes from a family where minds are more open, caste systems aren't taught, you should be able to love who you want.

Moose tells Betty that it would be such a blessing if she was the one who wins veto today - she could protect herself, and hopefully, could protect him too. He knows they'll need to talk. Betty points out that ppl are saying Moose was the other vote - he swears he didn't. Betty asks why Moose decided that was the time to tell everyone he knew Kyle? Because Kyle already started telling ppl - and it was Kyle who decided they should hide it, Moose didn't understand why it mattered in the first place.

Herms tells Josh that Kyle is a maniac - Josh agrees, he's on 100. Herms thinks he can get Steph no problem, her and JL are blowing up.. JL will do whatever Gino wants. They just smile and nod right now and get past this week.

Kyle says he gave Moose kudos for winning veto. Aka he’s trying rebuild a bridge he incinerated less than 24 hours ago

Kevin/Haleena/Kevin/Tynesha talking game. Kevin talking about running everything. There’s mention of the revel rejects. Kevin asks if they’re close to Hermon. They say yes. Kevin says he has to get closer to Hermon. They say they have to be careful, not tell anyone.Tynesha/Summer/Haleena/Kevin talk about having a strong thing. Summer says she’s down to ride out before a bullet comes to hit them. They don’t want a strong man to win this season.

Sounds like Josh/Tynesha/Summer/Hermon are making a Rebel Rejects alliance w/ Kevin/Haleena.

Summer says she has trust issues, but this is a chance for them to build trust w/ each other. Kevin says he’s ready to go to war. Summer quietly chanting “rejects!”Summer/Tynesha/Haleena talking about how erratic Kyle has been this week. Summer is upset w/ Kyle lol

Haleena telling Summer/Tynesha that she wants a woman to win this season. Tynesha says this next HOH will be a really important one. Summer says you can’t forget things like how ppl act when they are in power. Summer feels like Kyle is playing games w/ her. Haleena says Kyle is being slimy. Haleena says Moose had a fire in him to win veto. Summer is proud of him. Tynesha says things are happening. Summer said Kyle asked if Betty is a pawn they will just keep around. Haleena said it’s not easy playing POV & ppl shouldn’t comment on ppl being bad. Summer brings up Kyle winning a crap shoot & not the bean bag comp lol! Tynesha says Kyle told Stephanie b4 Moose won POV that she would be safe. Summer says that’s b/c Kyle thinks he controls the house. Summer says she’s cheesed. Tynesha going over votes. Haleena tells Summer/Tynesha that Jacey says she wants Steph to go home. Tynesha says she doesn’t know how Kyle will push for Stephanie to stay if Jacey wants her out to.

Kyle has LOST all control of the house lol. He tried to turn the whole house against Moose & now almost all the house is against him.

The girls/Jess say it’s not great that Kyle invited all the men for wine, but no women or enby’s

Josh/Kyle talking about veto. Sounds like Gino did fairly well. Kyle says this is worst case scenario. Kyle thinks he’ll have hard time rebuilding game relationships. Thinks Moose will be a easy target. Kyle thinks he & Hermon would be otb if Moose won HOH.

Kyle says it’s best for Stephanie to go. Kyle says she’s going to be pissed. Thinks she’ll go out swinging. Josh says he thought Betty/Stephanie were always going to be the noms. Kyle says that was his original plan. Kyle says he won’t work w/ Moose again. Doesn’t think the rest of the 7 will either. Josh asks if Hermon will stay close w/ Moose. Kyle says they weren’t as tight as ppl thought. Tells Josh about Hermon’s convo w/ Moose. Kyle saying that Jacey is someone they could work with. Josh asks Kyle if he’s worried about next week. Kyle thinks Moose & maybe Betty would be the only ppl who would put him up otb

Kyle apologizing to Kevin about not inviting him to the guy’s HOH win bro session. Kevin tells Kyle that he’s good about not getting invited to the wine bro session. Kyle said it was just nice shooting the talking about sports, HS, etc. Meanwhile I think Tynesha is telling Marty about being upset w/ someone. Curious what will happen now.

These girls are still talking about Kevin being excluded from the HOH bro wine session. Like y’all are really buying this wounded & lost puppy facade.

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