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Live feed Big Brother Canada Wednesday March 9 !

Jess asking Marty who she shouldn't trust. Marty says, it's only week 2 and a lot can happen. He can't win HOH again until week 4 so, he's a little worried. He wants to make sure he patches things up w/Betty. Hermon enters kitchen, Stephanie is passing out batteries

Jess- feels like she isn't a target for most ppl for a couple weeks, Then it's.... Marty-It all depends on who wins HOH. Jess-How about Tynesha? I can't get in there Marty-She's kinda a badass Jess-Yeah she is. She's a supermom Marty-IDK who she's close with Jess-Summer.

Kyle exchanges good mornings w/Jess & Marty (leaves) Marty-My problem in this house, is, I'm an open book Jess-Yeah, you need to work on that. I'm not going to stop talking to ppl who are OTB, it could look bad or whatever but, IDCare. I know what it's like up there.

Marty -what's ur plan today? Kyle-You know what? Today I'm going to stay quiet, I'm going to keep my mouth shut Hermon asks to talk to Kyle & they go to HOH

Hermon-I'm super locked, I've been trying not to overplay. When things get weird, & there is heat. We don't always need to link up & Talk. If it's chaotic Hermon-As long as your ok taking a shot, I just want to make sure. Hermon-An alliance has to win. So, this whole, this isn't my time stuff has to stop. Everyone has to carry their weight. Like, if you win are you willing to take a shot? Like who would you nom? Kyle-hmmmm Hermon-Not the sovereign 7, right? Kyle-Maybe Moose. Hermon-Really? Kyle-Yeah, Moose has been talking mad shit Hermon-I don't want the 7 to self implode. We gotta look at this as more of a business relationship instead of friendships Kyle expresses worry about T & Summer. Hermon reassures Kyle that T & Summer were happy w/the talk they had yesterday. So, it's still good. It would be a travesty for us to break up! Tells Kyle, he needs him to talk to the girls today. We're ROCK SOLID Editorial-Well HELLO HERMON!

Kyle is now telling T & Gino that he just talked to Hermon & that the 7 is still solid. T reenforces that the 7 are indeed solid. Jay stirs up way to much shit & that's kinda why happy they're leaving.Kyle is talking about weather or not to trust Jess. Gino doesn't really say much except that, he's not worried because they won't win Convo switches to possible comps. Then Kyle-Let's see Betty & who else?

Hermon reenforces trust with Marty. They're solid & don't need to talk every day. Hermon explains he's single & playing the flirt game a bit. Marty expresses worry because Hermon would be the target in front of Stephanie.

Haleena telling Betty that Steph doesn’t talk game with her. Betty says that’s concerning. Haleena caught Steph in a small lie already. She doesnt trust Steph. T said Steph is so comfortable in the house. Betty knows Jace is in Gino but they think they can use her still. Betty telling Haleena that Josh/her/Betty were the guarantee votes for Jay. Hal never said Jay had her vote & she didn’t want to jeopardize her game for them. Betty says she never told Jay they didn’t have her vote so maybe that’s why she’s up. Betty just warning Haleena to be careful because these guys are in power & they want ‘yes master’. Hal says Marty keeps checking in with her now. Betty says smart just tell Marty what he wants to hear. Hal said it sucked Betty couldn’t fight for herself. Betty thanks her

Tynesha is talking with Josh about her drive in the house, it's her daughter. She lives paycheck to paycheck & wants to be able to leave her daughter with enough money not to worry.

Josh never thought he'd be on the show until he last year when he saw Kiefer. He was also indigenous.

Tynesha asked Kev yesterday why he was so happy, he said, "because Betty loves me!" They laugh, Josh gets called to the DR. Betty starts to pack and show different clothes she might wear for eviction night.

Moose tells Marty he never has to worry with him. Moose wants to take a shot at a big name if he wins. Marty-Who is a big shot for you? Moose-A big name Marty-Who would be a big name for you? Moose-u know, a big name, like Hermon or T, the popular ppl

Marty says he blew his game up with Betty. Moose is going to try to open that door. Moose tells Marty if the HOH comp came down to him or Kev, he'd let Kevin win. Moose-Jess tried to make a deal w/me but, I feel bad since she's a target, I don't want to screw her over Marty-Oh, she did?

Jay- I think Kevin is a sneaky poo. IDK how, I asked him last night for his vote & He said most likely not. But, then I told him, that Betty said he was a snake & fake and a liar Stephanie-What? What am I missing? Jay-Idk why you'd want to keep someone who would bd u.

Jay also said that Betty mentioned both of their names Steph-Our names? Jay-Yes But, I guess it depends if she gets power or not JL-Have u talked to Gino? Jay-Not yet JL-You gotta talk to other ppl then get back to us J-Yeah, but I feel like Hermon is in the Betty camp. Jay-the last thing I'll say is that Marty was going to put you guys up right? JL & Steph-Yeah, we're not dumb Jay-Plus we need to get our bad ass bitch brigade going, we never had a chance to. Also, I cook.

Summer-I'm going after the ppl that lie. Lie lie lie! Gino-When the 7 starts to break up I'll start to tell you everything Summer-well, I hope you're smart enough to keep your side pieces Gino-yeah yeah yeah JL came in & Moose shortly after

Jay is pitching to Moose, falling on deaf ears. Moose wants to talk to Kyle about the numbers b4 he votes his way. Brings up Kevin being untrustworthy. (Moose just said he trusted Kevin & wants him to win HOH when talking to Marty) Jay-Summer & T make me really nervous

Kevin tells JL & Gino about his study habits with the walls. Making up songs to remember stuff. He offers to go over the wall with JL & Gino. JL hasn't studied at all. Kevin tells her it's not too late

Betty is pitching to Moose. Betty-You're not on my radar.. Moose-No? Betty-Not even close, no where near my radar! If there's anything I can do for you, Moose-Let me think. Next week would you put me up? Am I on your radar for next week? Betty-No. Moose-Even if you said I was on your radar, it wouldn't effect my vote. I would rather have someone be honest, then Jay's lies Moose tells Betty that Jay was trying to fill his head with all this stuff. Moose confirms that Betty has his vote

Jay is pitching to T - because Betty is up, T doesn't think she can give her vote to Jay. Jay appreciates the honesty.

Jay doesn't plan to talk to the HGs during their speech tomorrow - they'll be talking about missing Indigenous women, trans and non binary people, and the need for reconciliation in Canada. Jay warns Haleena to watch out for T - she's going for Josh and Josh is the best human ever. Summer tells Jay that she knows Jay named her as a target - she'd be a dumbass to vote for them to stay, and understands that's why Jay never pitched to her. If Jay comes back, then maybe things would change. For Summer, it's a no. Betty and Steph talking at one of the couches. Betty tells Steph that she is not a target for her. Steph and Marty talking in the HOH room. He says he loses power next week and can't play in HOH. He's hoping that her and her group give him the chance to show them that they are no longer on his radar. Steph says "of course".

Betty and Marty talking in the HOH room. She tells him is she goes she goes. "It is what it is. It was a great ride.". Marty tells her if she leaves his game is done. Betty says Jay is looking for some secret powers right now.

Betty leaves the room and Marty cam talks. He says she better win HOH or she's going home if she's not winning. He then says "That relationship is done"

Moose and Kyle talking in the Expedia lounge. Moose says he thinks Kevin might be brighter than he says he is. Kyle says Kevin definitely has a plan. They think it would be good for Kevin to win HOH especially if they give it to him.

Kyle tells Moose that they need to start getting some girls out. He tells Moose that Gino asked him to please get Steph out pre jury and JL after jury starts. He laughs.

Kyle is not happy that Jess is making friends with everyone. "In here you're friends with everyone, you're friends with no one'. He thinks that this isn't loyal to him. Moose wants to know at what point they call people out on their BS. Kyle says it has to be soon.

Gino enters the Expedia lounge with Moose and Kyle. Kyle says Kevin told him he was going to be the perpetual pawn. Gino says he wouldn't mind Kevin getting HOH. Moose thinks the 3 of them collectively can get Kevin to put up who they want.

Betty, Josh, Jess and Kevin are all in the pantry coming up with songs to remember the items and prices on the wall. Kevin has been telling the HG's that he's been making songs to remember this stuff. They are rocking out in the SR.

Gino, Moose, Kyle and Kevin are in the Expedia lounge. Gino is cheering Kevin on to win HOH. Moose says he's really looking forward to tomorrow because the day is structured. They all agree they aren't getting all dressed up tomorrow. Kevin is going to wear a hoodie. Moose says if he wins HOH he wants the privacy of his HOH room. "That's my room". He says he asked his sister if people actually share their HOH room normally. It sounds like it won't be like Marty's open door policy if Moose wins HOH.

JL, Betty, Jess and Josh are in the kitchen talking about how they are going to dress tomorrow. They are going to look at outfits later.

Marty tells Kyle, Moose and Kevin that they need to win HOH this week. He kept them safe this week so it's time to return the favor. He says of one of them win he will gesture as if he's tipping his hat to the winner. Gino was there for this convo as well.

The Expedia lounge has become completely silent. They boys seem to be meditating. Jay, Steph and JL are in the purple room. He tells them to be careful with the showmances after he leaves. They are all sad hJay says "I guess you can't be yourself in this game." JL and Steph agree. Steph says you have to be a diff person from morning to afternoon. Jay tells them to keep their enemies close.e's leaving but he has accepted it. They all hug.

Jay says "I guess you can't be yourself in this game." JL and Steph agree. Steph says you have to be a diff person from morning to afternoon. Jay tells them to keep their enemies close.

Jay, Steph and JL in the purple room. They are so sad Jay is already leaving. Steph says it sucks that you have to do things in the game that you don't want to do this early in the game. "But it's the game". Kyle walks in. He just seems to be lurking and leaves. "I got freaking robbed", Jay tells Steph and JL. They say they'll be back for All Stars. They all laugh. They talk about alumnae reaching out to the HG's after the season. Jay leaves to get his hair stuff. JL says "Kyle is a rat. Kyle sucks". Josh and Kyle talking in the SR. Kyle says he's loyal to the 7. Josh says he is too and that he's been hanging around Jay for several diff reasons and he hopes everyone realizes that. He tells Kyle that he already to Jay that they don't have his vote. They agree that they trust each other. Josh says he wants to know where everyone's head are when it comes to noms. Kyle says he would prob do Betty but they should talk to the 7 about it. Then he says something about Kevin but it's too hard to hear.

JL and Gino are talking in the purple room. She tells him that Jay is going around the house saying their GB's. She said she cried. Gino asked if she was honest with them about her vote and she said no. Gino tells her he was honest with Jay that he wasn't voting for them. JL says to Gino "OK. Actually one person". JL says she walked out of the room after the kiss with a huge smile on her face and Heleena saw her and knew what happened. JL says she's heard about the rumor a lot and everyone wants it. Gino- "Give the people what they want" JL says Betty is so chill and that she trusts her. "These people are so sus". Gino agrees. He says there is a lot of tension in the house "They want to start playing more". JL agrees. She tells him one of them need to win HOH. She doesn't want to win 2 comps in a row.

Marty, Betty and Summer are in the Expedia Lounge. Marty is saying he's so bored, nothing to do in the house and no BY. He says he goes up in the HOH room and listens to music. He offers the music to T and Summer.

Marty, T, Jess and Haleena now talking in the Expedia Lounge. They are talking about getting alcohol. Jess says it doesn't do anything for them, they would rather have "Mary Jane. I'm sober right now. I once had too close of a relationship with MJ."

Josh and Moose talking in the kitcen. Moose says they just need to take the game day by day. He's super excited about having the comp tomorrow. He tells Josh that he told Jay he can't vote for him to stay.

Jay and Jess are in the phone room. Jess is crying and telling Jay that they never thought there would be a nonbinary person in the house. She's so sad they are leaving because they make them feel like they never have to explain anything to them. They hug. Jess- "I don't even know if I'm doing the right things in this game". She thanks Jay for "sharing their medicine with them". They thank them for being there for them too. Jay- "people are medicine" Jess asks Jay of they're upset with Steph and JL. They say no. "They could have helped me but I understand they are fighting to stay in the house too".

There's some cuddling and smooching in the purple room between Gino and JL. The talk is pretty muffled right now. They are thinking about going to get a snack. Summer walks in for a second and then leaves again. Gino tells JL that he falls asleep when cuddling usually

JL and Jay are up by the upstairs couch. They are singing "Flat footed bitches doing flatfooted shit" and laughing. Jay says when he came in the house he just wanted to get to know people to make sure he didn't hate them all.

T thinks they're going to need to do something about Kevin sooner than later - preferably a BD. She thought he was acting dumb w/her and Summer - then Betty told her he has said the same kind of stuff to her. T: he asked me to be his mentor! Haleena: he did? Betty thinks they should keep Jess for awhile, they friction between them and Kyle is insane - they'll go after each other. Hal points out that Jay told her to be careful of T, T will go after the girls before the guys. T doesn't understand why they would say that - maybe if Jay had come to talk to her a week ago they maybe they wouldn't be on the block.

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