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Recaps Digital Dailies today MARCH 15, 2023

Recaps Digital Dailies today MARCH 15, 2023

JM Where (are Daniel and Anika's) minds at? Are they still undecided? I've planted a seed to Zach, I think he's very dangerous. I think he's behind Santina's move.

JM (Jon) realised there's a lot of similarities between the two of us, he never gave me any promises. He, Ty and Claudia are swing votes. I know Shanaya will vote me out because she gave her word to Dan & Renee before I was on the block. I'll respect that.

JM What's your read on Hope? Kuzie I don't know who he works with, I literally started talking to him Day 7.

Claudia This week, a man goes home. Are we even? Renee We'd be even, because of Amal. Santina Just be careful what we say. Claudia I'm being very cautious. Santina I'm seeing a switch, a little bit. Zach hasn't given me one hug today.

Santina When next week comes, will I be safe? Shanaya You're safe from me. (Claudia and Renee agree). Renee Whatever we do, we have to look like we're not a group.

Anika This was a good move, everything fell in the right place. (JM) is opening up to me, he (pitched to me, Hope and Dan C). Looking back, he didn't talk to me or Dan till he thought he was in danger, his words didn't match his actions.

Santina - I'm not getting that from him. Zach It seems like everybody's telling me he spoke negatively. I told him don't go around speaking negatively. Santina What's he saying?

Zach He (JM) said he was 'going to be loyal to the people that were loyal, but I would've kept Dan up and put Renee up.' Those were the people who you were talking to most the first couple days, things like that don't make sense to me. Were you close? It doesn't add up.

JM When the votes are read out, I'll have to look around the room to read who is shocked by the reverse backdoor. Kuzie If they're shocked, it means what? JM If they're shocked, it means they're someone who wanted me out.

JM I need 6 people, technically 4. Not saying you guys (Anika and Kuzie) guaranteed me anything, but that's 4 (more votes) and that's nothing.

Anika For me, I don't wanna make any big promises because I've not spoken game to you. I don't want you to assume anything. JM I've asked everyone not to promise me anything.

JM pitches to Jon & Kuzie I can guarantee 6 people to work together. I have 2 buy-ins and for their discretion I'm not giving names. I have nothing to lose, but you gain someone loyal. I will not be pitching to everyone.

JM I plant the seed now, this conversation never happened. Jon I appreciate that. (JM leaves). Jon He's trying. He's playing a good card. Kuzie There's more people against him than for him. Jon Helping him puts us at a really high risk.

Kuzie I'd love to help (JM). Of course, that puts me at a way higher risk. Jon Of course

Dan C talks to Anika about the game and not being in any alliance. He doesn't talk game with anyone.

Anika tells Dan C that after the eviction is a good time to start talking game with the other HGs.

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