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Recaps Digital Dailies today MARCH 16, 2023

Recaps Digital Dailies today MARCH 16, 2023

Shanaya and Hope chat about wanting to be on RTV. Shanaya says she thought she knew a lot about the house but then hears JM rattle of facts she had no idea about

M to Anika - just think for yourself, pretend you're a number for "them" but put you

Anika - I know you're a fan of the show, I really hope things work out

Dan S/Kuzie talk about what they would do if they won HOH. Lots of non answers. Idk/it would be so hard/would I take the easy or hard route

Kuzie leaves, Santina joins. Tells Dan she's not voting to keep JM (in the event of a tie?) and she does not know why he's telling people that

Vanessa/Zach talk in bedroom, we only get it for a minute. Zach saying Dan is a great guy and deserves to be here

JM pitching to Santina He knows her hand was forced to put him up, and she holds his fate in her hands.

Santina - I'm just one person, I can't go against the house. They see you as a threat. For my game I also see you as a threat. I love you as a person

JM - the people saying my name were worried about us being a power duo. we could have ran this house

JM trying to campaign, not making any headway. Unless we see a group talk that doesn't include him talking about wanting him to stay, he's completely done

Claudia is the best at pretending she might vote to keep JM when he pitches

Ty - asked Renee who she'd put up if she won HOH. Renee says she knows she wouldn't put Shanaya or Claudia up. She'd start by looking at who she absolutely wouldn't put up then see who's left over.

Ty As of right now, who are you absolutely not putting up as you have a good relationship? You said the girls

Renee - Not you because you using the POV helped me more, again Shanaya and Claudia I've always said I'm absolutely not voting so not them

JM to Daniel - The guys think they are running this house. Zach thinks he's running this house. He's gonna pretend like he doesn't but he does. He's told you he's never talked game to people... he has

Kuzie - Why did Santina leave?

Rob - I don't know - you're good with her, right?

Kuzie - I don't know. She shares things with you guys but never me

Kuzie - then speculates Santina's close with Dan but Rob doesn't think so. K asks who would've gone if POV wasn't used, he says Renee.

Rob - These big names that have to go. They have to be from someone else. Like I can't put up Zach, Hope...

Kuzie - If Dan won HOH and they rushed him to put you up, do you think he would?

Rob - Probably! 100% if Zach, Santina, whoever went up to him

Kuzie - How are you with Santina?

Rob - I think we're good

Kuzie - But not closer than Zach?

Rob -The reason I wanna be closer to her is because Zach's so close to her. I'm not dumb

Kuzie - So that's what's not sitting right with Zach?

Rob - I don't know but you see him changing paths

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