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It's happened before just three times in Big Brother Canada history, and you know what they say? The ghosts of the past are hard to shake. Tonight, the HGs are in for the ultimate haunting. But how can they prepare if they don't know what's coming? It's a cold equation. Three out of the eight HGs will leave the house. Only five can survive. Who will survive the dreaded triple eviction? Arisa welcomes us and we head inside to Day 52, and Jacey is so upset because if Gino goes on the block this will be a third time Marty has backstabbed them. Kevin says will Marty really put Gino on the block? This could create a path to the end game he wanted. It is time for the PoV ceremony! Betty has decided to use the PoV... on herself! She says Marty has targeted her but she is a strong, confident, powerful woman and she will not let him take her out of the game without a fight so he can target someone else. Marty must now name a replacement nominee and he says the numbers are getting very low and he is sorry, Gino has to go on the block. Betty says oh my God. Josh says that makes no sense. It is completely illogical and he thinks he is completely safe this week. Gino did not want to be on the block and he did not like the system Marty used to do it. He says he has to do some talking and make sure he does not go home this week. Jacey says Gino is a man of few words and will not tell people he is hurt or upset. Jacey and Marty are talking in the kitchen and he is reassuring her. He says this is a big risk for his game and Kevin or Haleena could turn on him and vote out Gino and Josh will stay and Jacey will turn on him too. Kevin and Haleena are celebrating and Haleena says, Gino? Are you dumb or are you stupid? Like he was safe but then he agrees to draw randomly and draws the red gummi bear. Haleena says this is unbelievable because she and Kevin hold the power again. Josh joins Haleena and Kevin and Josh says for someone to do this week eight is mind-blowing. He says he will be kicking his feet up for the rest of the week. Haleena says if they pull this off it will be insane. Gino is pacing the house and he says he just ended up on the block because of a gummi bear incident. Just because he does not look mad does not mean he is not mad. He says he will not leave without a fight and he is super mad. Jacey says she hates seeing Gino like this and he cannot get too emotional. Gino says he played the nice guy and put himself in this situation. Jacey says this will be OK and she hugs him to console him. Gino says Jacey is his rock in this game. Every time he hits a low point she is there for him and helps him move forward. Jacey says Marty should not have put anyone in this position. Jacey says it was his way to not get blood on his hands. Marty and Kevin are in the HoH room talking and Kevin says he thinks that was a fair way and this situation sucks. Marty says he understands Gino is scared. Marty says if Gino walks out of this house, then it would be the biggest knife in his back because he would betray Gino a third time. Kevin reassures Marty that he is good and Kevin tells us that he will lie to Marty's face but come eviction night, he is going to do what is best for his game. Marty leaves the HoH room and Kevin shakes his head. Kevin heads to the backyard and it is snowing. He says it is fantastic! Gino is on the block and he is probably going home and there could potentially be a triple eviction coming up and he could set himself up for the end game. Jacey and Haleena are talking in the storage room and she says she is worried that Marty is trying to control Kevin and Haleena and they might vote the opposite way to prove to Marty he is not running things. Jacey says if Gino goes home she will throw up. Jacey is asking Haleena if they are flipping and Haleena says no. Jacey says if she did then she would hope she would be woman enough to tell her. Haleena says she is not flipping and Jacey has a weird feeling and it is irritating her. Haleena says if Kevin were to flip, then she would feel like she had to flip because the vote would already be flipped. Jacey says if they did that it would be terrible for their game. Jacey gets up and Haleena says she is sorry. Jacey needs to fill Gino in and see how they can fix things so he can stay because he does not know what is going on in Haleena's head. Gino says Jacey will be pissed if he goes and she will join the other side of the house to come after Kevin and Haleena. Gino says everyone is upset and mad and he feels played and this is the third time he is being played. Gino says Marty has manipulated them and it is an idiotic HoH. He says if there is a triple, then Kevin and Haleena could be on the block with Marty. Gino says if they flip then Jacey and Marty would be against them and so would the other side. But if he stays, then the four of them could work together. He says why ruin things now and asks what they are thinking. We check in on Hermon and see his reunion with Moose in the jury house. He says life is simple there but he cannot really turn off the game yet. He says the more he thinks about it the more angry he gets. He dances every morning and has a good time and he loves it here. Hermon says he needs some people and he wants Marty to come to the jury house because he has committed one too many sins. Moose is on his way and he is sad he didn't make it to the finale. Hermon is disappointed that it is Moose joining him. They say each other looks good and Moose says Gino did him dirty. He tells Hermon the plan that both he and Summer were supposed to be pawns. Hermon says his mind was blown and this is tough. Moose says just wait until you see what happens. Hermon screams when he hears about the secret veto. Moose says he is 1000% sure Marty is the secret veto holder and he would bet all the money he had in his life that it was Marty. Hermon says it was incredible that it did not get used. Moose says people voted him out because they knew he could win the game. He regrets not working with Hermon sooner. Arisa says tonight three more HGs will be joining Hermon and Moose. It is time for the live vote and eviction! Josh says he is not about to beg anyone to keep him in the game but he is a delicious chocolate chip cookie and they should keep him. Gino says they all know how he got there. It was a sticky gummi situation. He says guess what he did? He kicked his feet up and ended up on the block. He says if they vote to keep him he will respect and honor that. It is time to vote! Jacey votes to evict Josh. Summer votes to evict Gino. Haleena unfortunately votes to evict Gino. Kevin votes to evict Gino. Betty votes to evict Gino. By a vote of 4-1, Gino has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house! Gino tells Jacey not to trust anyone after he hugs her. He says Hermon was not wrong, there is a three-headed dragon in the house and he would not trust them. He tells Jacey to stay away from them. Arisa asks Gino why he did not go and try to change Marty's mind. Gino says he wanted to show he was loyal and he was blindsided by the idea and look where he is. Arisa asks how he thinks Jacey will do and Gino says he wants her to stay close to Josh, Summer, and Betty. Gino says he has told her not to trust Marty at all going forward. Kevin says as soon as Gino hit the block he knew what he needed to do and he needed to create chaos for his game. Marty says he is so disappointed and he really thought he would be safe and he really did have his back. Jacey says she is so grateful for every moment they got to spend together. She says he is her rock and best friend and she never expected to find anything so real but she is going to do everything she can to send the snakes out the door behind him. It is time for the HoH Competition! Arisa will read questions about challenges this season and the HGs with the most points after seven questions will be the new HoH! From start to finish, which challenge lasted the longest? Surf's Up or 100 More minutes of Hell? Everyone answers A except Josh and Jacey. The correct answer is B. Josh and Jacey each get a point. Did Moose earn a high score in Warped Bowling or Tough Sledding? Everyone answers B except Summer and they are correct. Josh and Jacey have two points. Haleena, Kevin, and Betty have 1 point. Summer has 0 points. Which challenge had an odd number of HGs competing in it? Warped Bowling or legend of the doors. Everyone answers B except Haleena and Betty. The correct answer is B. Josh and Jacey have three points. Kevin has two points. Haleena, Betty, and Summer have 1 point. Was Jess a nominee the same week they competed in Shoppers Showcase or Surf's Up? Everyone answers A except Summer. Josh and Jacey have four points. Kevin has three points. Haleena and Betty have two points. Summer has 1 point. Which challenge had more evicted HGs play in it? Master Baker or Winners Thrill of the Find? Everyone answers B except Haleena. Josh and Jacey have 5 points. Kevin has four points. Betty has three points. Haleena and Summer have two points. Jacey and Josh are tied at 5. What challenge did they compete in on an even day? Phillips sonic care or the casino competition. Everyone answers B except Jacey. Josh has won HoH! Josh must now nominate three HGs for eviction. He says this is strategic and his first nominee is Marty. His second choice is Jacey. His third nominee is Summer. Summer goes to talk to Josh and says in his campaign she asked if he would put her on the block and he said no. She is yelling at him that he put her at risk and he lied to her. It is time for the veto competition! The HGs will drop balls into a tube and on a clock and then maneuver the balls into all 12-hour empty slots. The first to finish wins the veto! The HGs are moving, and quickly. Summer is struggling Marty and Jacey are close. Kevin and Haleena are moving quickly. Marty is struggling with his last two balls. Jacey has 1 ball left. Marty is getting frantic. Jacey is moving very slowly and she has her last ball in and has won PoV! Arisa has them all head back inside and it will be the PoV ceremony that will shape the end game. It is time for the veto ceremony! Jacey is going to use the PoV to save herself. Josh must now name a replacement nominee and he has decided to nominate Betty. Marty says a lot of things happened in this game and he would like them to really think about this vote and think about what is best for this game. He hopes Kevin and Haleena vote the right way. Summer says she is not about to waste her breath on them and they can do what they need to do. She does not give a damn. Betty is shocked and she says to do what is best for them. She does not want to leave in a triple and she would like to stay. Arisa says they will vote for the person they want to save. She asks if they understand and they do. Time to vote! Jacey votes to save Betty. Haleena votes to save Betty. Kevin votes to save Betty. By a unanimous vote, Betty is saved and Marty and Summer have been evicted. Marty gives hugs and says he is proud to have played with them and they are tremendous players and his vote is not decided. Summer says nothing and heads upstairs and then says this will not be the last time they see her on TV. Arisa asks how they are feeling and Betty says betrayed and it does not make sense. Marty says it was a long day and a lot of stuff happened and he was really surprised and they made a great game move. He applauds it as a fan. Arisa asks Marty about the gummi bear and Marty says he was worried Jacey and Kevin could flip and he was trying to make it fair. Summer says Josh will not get her vote and she wishes Betty the best of luck.

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