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Why Betty Yirsaw Deserves To Win Big Brother Canada 10!

Now that we know Betty Yirsaw has made it to the final three Big Brother Canada 10 players, it’s time to discuss her game. Yesterday, we took a look back at her ride-or-die Josh Nash’s game.

Now it’s all about Betty. As always, we’re looking back at the final three players’ games, so expect the final member of the final three’s game on Thursday morning.

Betty may be the ultimate Big Brother Canada underdog. To most of the house, Betty wasn’t an important figure throughout the first few weeks. In fact, it’s almost a miracle that she wasn’t evicted in the first three weeks of Big Brother Canada 10. It’s not like Betty didn’t try , but she just didn’t have the game currency to make a big dent.

She often tried to control the game but her lack of competition wins didn’t help people take her seriously. Unlike Josh, she wasn’t in the Savage Seven. Her biggest alliance at the beginning was with Summer Sayles, Haleena Gill, and Tynesha White in the Mandem, but their loyalties were elsewhere. Betty found herself on the block a ton of times. She has been on the block five times and most of those times she was the intended target, and not a pawn.

Betty basically fought the entire game alone. She thought she had allies, but all of them saw Betty as more expendable than their other allies. Betty thought she had Josh’s loyalty, but then he betrayed her by nominating her and risking her eviction in the triple eviction.

One of the best moments from Big Brother Canada 10 was when Betty pulled off her Veto victory. It was such an exciting moment for Betty and the viewers because Betty had been fighting so long for a competition victory. It was euphoric to then watch her save her game and get off the block just when she needed it most.

Betty versus Martin “Marty” Frenette was a major storyline all season. He constantly put her up, and she constantly found her way off the block or out of danger. Betty always stood up for herself. She confronted both Moose Bendago and Kevin Jacobs throughout the season. Betty’s fighting spirit made her entertaining and may win her some points with the BBCAN10 jury.

However, Betty’s chances of winning the game don’t seem very good when sitting on the block next to Josh. Josh has won more competitions than her, had more strategic moves, and he had more influence in the game. Even if some members of the jury vote against Josh because they feel played by him, there may be enough players who vote for Josh to win.

Betty’s biggest game weakness was her emotions. It often led to confrontations and blinded her when she should have nominated Haleena and Kevin instead of Jacey-Lynne Graham and Josh. However, one of her strengths was her intuition. She was one of the only players to see what kind of game Kevin was playing early in the Big Brother Canada 10 game, but she eventually forgot about his manipulative ways until it was almost too late.

Betty has been a scrappy player who has been the underdog almost all season. No one could have predicted that she would have made it this far. It wasn’t simply luck. She fought her way off the block, tried to make strategic decisions, and had a pretty good read about the other houseguests and what moves needed to be made at what time.

She also is a player that benefited from the messiness of others. If Kyle Moore’s chaotic week never happened, then Betty would have probably left in week three. If Marty wasn’t so easy for Kevin to manipulate, she could have been gone one of the times that Marty nominated her, and if Kevin and Haleena hadn’t been dazzled by Josh, she could be leaving at the final four.

Sometimes a great Big Brother Canada player also has a lot of luck on their side along with persistence and heart.

What did you think of Betty’s Big Brother Canada 10 game?

Join us tomorrow for more Big Brother Canada 10 finale

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