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BBCAN10 Week 2 Nominations!

BBCAN10 Week 2 Nominations!

Marty nominated Jay and Jacey-Lynne for eviction.

Marty has been using his HOH power to not make too many waves, except with his nominees. Marty has been telling everyone that he wants to get out Jay or Jacey-Lynne this week. He would prefer to take out Jay, but he doesn’t trust either player.

Marty also has an eye on Stephanie but he made a deal with her when they were the final two in this week’s Head of Household competition. If nominations stay the same, Jay will likely leave the BBCAN10 house. However, many are starting to worry about a potential budding romance between Gino and Jacey-Lynne, so she may not be completely out of the woods if noms change or stay the same.

Jess may also see the block if nominations change but Marty told her that she was safe but she still seems to have some conflict with a few of the BBCAN10 players who could try to shift the target to her. We’ll have to see what happens with tomorrow’s Power of Veto competition.

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