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Big Brother Canada 11 Finale Recap!

Big Brother Canada 11 Finale Recap!

It’s finally time to witness either Daniel, Ty, or Claudia win Big Brother Canada 11. It’s been a whirlwind ride for them and for us, the viewers. They have had to overcome many obstacles. Ty was at the bottom but climbed his way to the final three. Claudia had people constantly underestimating her game, but she maneuvered her way to the end. Daniel started the game feeling like he was seen as disposable, but he ended it as a key to so much of the season.

This Big Brother Canada 11 finale should be an exciting end to a fascinating season. A season that took a route less traveled to mixed results. We had plenty of fights, triumphs, sad moments, great moments, and all things that make BBCAN such a special reality TV show. Now we celebrate its end with a 2-hour finale episode.

Let’s begin this final Big Brother Canada 11 journey.

The live audience returns for this BBCAN11 finale. We then get a look at a recap of the season. We get a look back at the final three’s games. Then a series of what has happened in the game, from fights to bonding. They also focus a lot on the showmance between Claudia and Ty.

BBCAN11 Final Head of Household Competition Part 1

Who will win the first part and automatically advance to part 3?

In the Little Mermaid themed competition, they must dig for coins to stack. The houseguest to stack 30 coins and keep them stable wins the first part of the HOH and advanced to the second round.

If their stack falls, they must start again. They also need to use a rope to balance them.

Ty and Claudia are pretty close, until Ty loses all his pieces. This puts Claudia way ahead. She’s down to her final two pieces.

Claudia wins part 1 of the final HOH!

BBCAN11 Final Head of Household Competition Part 2

Who will win and face off against the winner of part 1?

For part 2, Ty and Daniel are asked several questions about events in the house. They then must navigate balls to the right answer. They then must hit a buzzer to find out if they are correct and can move to the next round.

The houseguest to complete it the fastest wins this round.

Daniel starts off well but then gets stuck on one of the questions. He then struggles to land his ball in the correct spot.

Ty continues to struggle to aim his ball in time. He also misses a question but quickly realizes his mistake. He also then struggles to figure out the same question that Daniel struggled to figure out.

Ty wins the second part. He beats Daniel by about 16 minutes.

BBCAN11 Final Head of Household Competition Part 3

Who will become the final Head of Household? And who will he or she evict?

For the final part, Claudia and Ty must answer questions about the members of the jury. They will be A or B questions. It will be seven questions unless there is a tie breaker.

Question 1-They are both correct.

Question 2- They are both correct.

Question 3- They are both correct.

Question 4- They are both correct.

Question 5- Claudia is correct.

Question 6- Ty is correct.

Question 7- Claudia is correct.

Claudia is the final HOH!

Claudia evicts Daniel. Ty and Claudia are the final two.

The BBCAN11 Jury Roundtable

Where are the jury members leaning going into the finale? Who already has their votes and who needs to fight for them?

Kevin Jacobs hosts the jury roundtable. The houseguests are sad to see Anika come to the roundtable. She immediately comes in hot. Anika doesn’t want Ty to win. She also wants Claudia to come to the jury next. Anika also confronts Kuzie about telling Ty everything about their alliance. Kuzie defends herself, then Santina jumps in a bit to say Kuzie is right about it being part of BBCAN, and they get into a bit of an argument.

Jonathan is very pro-Claudia and Shanaya isn’t sure about her changing sides. Anika defends Daniel. The others aren’t sure his exact moves. They said Ty won a lot of competitions but Jonathan wants to see his humility.

The BBCAN11 Question and Answers Segments

What will the jury ask the final two houseguests?

Dan asks Claudia about her worst game move and how she recovered from it. She talked her social game and then comp wins.

Jonathan asks Ty if he played with integrity and humility. He believes that he has.

Santina asks why he better represents the season better than Claudia. He said he has a good social game and comps.

Hope said what did he do besides winning comps. He argues he had a good social game.

Kuzie asks about her broken promises. She said she had to put herself first and was loyal until she couldn’t anymore.

Shanaya asks if evicting her was strategy or forced upon her. She basically says a little bit of both.

Renee asks why did he make a final three even though he trash talked her. He said it was true.

Anika said what strategy was bigger betraying friends or using Ty as a crutch. She points that she got herself to the end and took him to the final two.

Daniel said he wants to hear his social strategy that got him here. He basically says that he listened to everyone. He then acted accordingly.

Ty’s speech talks about his history. He also talks about his comp wins and social game. He also talks about dismantling the Girlie Pops and The Crown.

Claudia’s speech talks about being underestimated. She says she had to break these bonds to get to the end. She mentions being the final female standing. She also says she got herself to the end. Claudia also mentions that she never tried to quit the game.

BBCAN11 Pre-jury and Post-Votes Conversations

What will the houseguests discover now that the season has ended?

John Michael, Amal, Roberto, and Vanessa come back to talk about the season. Amal calls them a fun bunch. John Michael said he enjoyed the female power. Arisa credits him for starting all the drama.

Rob says maybe he needs to return for another try. Vanessa says Hope made the biggest impact because he got Zach to leave.

We then gets a recap of the season. This includes crying segments, showmance segment, and a fights montage. Arisa asks Ty about whether he will go see Claudia in her hometown. He doesn’t give a straightforward answer.

The Final BBCAN11 Votes To Win

Dan S voted for Ty.

Jonathan voted for Ty.

Santina voted for Ty.

Hope voted for Ty.

Kuzie voted for Ty.

Shanaya voted for Claudia.

Renee voted for Ty.

Anika voted for Ty.

Daniel voted for Ty.

Ty wins BBCAN11, 8-1

BBCAN11 Canada’s Favourite Houseguest Results

Who did Canada vote as their favourite houseguest?

In a surprise move, Arisa announces the Canada’s Favourite vote before the winner of the season. Jonathan wins it!

Are you happy with tonight’s results? What did you think of Big Brother Canada 11 overall? Let us know in the comment section.

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