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interview Claudia Campbell on finale choice

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

interview Claudia Campbell on finale choice

Claudia Campbell officially holds the title of runner-up for Big Brother Canada 11, and it comes after one huge decision. After she won the final Head of Household Competition, she chose to take Ty to the final two, who subsequently beat her with the vast majority of votes.

Why do this? Well, it has a lot to do with alliances in the game, plus the perception of what she thought about the jury. In an exit interview today, the last remaining member of the Girly Pops alliance goes through her decision-making and more. I’m sure that Daniel was not practicing his speech in front of you, but I’m sure you knew some of what he could mention. How much did it play through your head that there were certain people he had on the jury? Was there a Crown factor to some degree?

Claudia Yeah! That is the reality of it. We sit there and count those jury votes and go through every possible option. The fact that The Crown was mostly on the jury definitely weighed on my mind, absolutely.

Now, conversely were you thinking a lot with Ty ‘I’ve got this vote over him or that vote over him’?

Yeah, but it’s really hard to know what the jury is thinking. People who watch the show, they are seeing the full picture of what is going on and we don’t have that. We only have what we know. There were votes [on the jury] that I thought ‘I hope I have this person or that person.’ I knew that I was going to have to go to the final two and sell my game, and I’m still proud of how I did finish it out and speak on it. I counted my votes versus Ty, and I really didn’t know how it was going to end up. Some of them did surprise me (laughs), but ultimately I wanted everyone to sit there and be objective.

Were you surprised that some of the people on the jury held a lot of things against you, including some lies that you told?

No! I knew a lot of people were going to question if I was loyal, or some of the decisions I made. I was expecting that. We come into this game alone and we have to think of ourselves first, but it does put us in positions where you have to make hard decisions.

But, I had to adapt in the game as I did. I think that those decisions got me to the end, but I never wanted to hurt people. You care about all the people in the house so much and you go through a lot together. It sucks to see anybody leave the house, let alone my Girly Pops. It was really hard.

Give me the one thing that you did in the house you are the most proud of, and that you’ll be bragging to people on the street about.

For me, it is my comps. I think people underestimated me and doubted me, this small, five-foot-nothing person from PEI. I think that being able to have the comp wins when I did … it started with Get a Grip. I’m so proud of how I did in that comp, and being able to move forward from there, I am so proud about it.

What do you think about Claudia’s big final two decision on the finale of Big Brother Canada 11?

Be sure to let us know right away! Once you do just that, remember to come back for some other updates.

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