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BBCAN10 Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

Haleena did not use the Veto.

Oh, what a twist that would have been if Haleena stabbed her closest ally in the back. However, that’s just Big Brother Canada fan fiction. Now the week comes down to who Kevin believes is better for his game. Josh’s devotion to Kevin makes it highly likely that he stays over Jacey-Lynne. With Jacey-Lynne out, only Betty really stands in Kevin’s way of making it to one of the final two spots and essentially winning the game.

Jacey-Lynne will have a lot of work to do if she plans on saving her game. If Jacey-Lynne leaves, Betty needs to secure that final Veto or convince Haleena and Kevin that they need her in the final three.

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