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Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 5 Recap!

Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 5 Recap!

Big Brother Canada 11’s Thursday episode ended with John Michael leaving the game. After being blindsided by Santina’s nomination, he fought hard to stay in the game. However, it seemed like there was no real hope for him all week because Zach decided it was his time to go.

There wasn’t much pushback from this decision, though some players tried to keep JM around. With John Micheal gone, a new target will emerge. But first…there has to be a new Head of Household. The HOH competition started at the end of Thursday’s episode, and the houseguests had a grueling endurance competition ahead.

Let’s get into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 recap.

Kuzie isn’t happy about being forced to vote out JM. She wants to play her own game and not vote with the house. Renee and her say that a woman needs to win to not let the men take over.

BBCAN11 Week 2 HOH Competition

The houseguests had to continue to grab balls as they slide down to take shots. The player with the most points after an hour became the Head of Household. For days, Rob and Zach have known that they would eventually have to go to war. Depending on who wins this HOH, the war may begin sooner rather than later.

Different houseguests take different strategies. Dan decides to go for the middle ones because they’re worth more. Rob knows he’ll be seen as a threat no more what, so he goes for the win. Hope decides to focus on accuracy so goes for the easier scores but scores more baskets. Daniel goes for the 30s to take less trips.

Dan is a long distance marathon runner so he believes he has the best stamina. The three top finishers are Dan, Ty, and Rob.

Dan is the new Head of Household!

Hope believes that Dan doesn’t like him and he’ll be on the Block. Renee tells him not to get emotional.

Dan doesn’t know if he should take out floaters or big targets. Originally, he wanted to take out floaters to keep targets in front of him in the game.

Zach tells Santina and Ty not to worry because Dan trusts him. He talks about going big fish hunting. Ty and him talk about taking out Rob. Santina says she’s okay with it. She’s not here for a showmance. She’s here to win.

Jonathan and Rob talk about Zach potentially using Dan to get him out. They say they need to get people on their side.

Hope feels like he let everyone down by not winning HOH. He talks about with Kuzie how John Michael shouldn’t have left. Hope asks Dan to put him so he has a chance to play in Veto.

Renee doesn’t want the guys to run this game. Daniel talks to Anika about them being in the middle, while the boys have each other’s back and Claudia, Renee, and Shanaya being close. They need to get Dan on their side and make sure he knows he can’t be with the guys.

Zach knows that Rob has the potential to become a threat to his game later, so he wants to take him out before he becomes more powerful than him in the game.

BBCAN11 Week 2 Nominations

This current HOH has the crucial decision of who to nominate. He or she can play it safe by going for those in the middle or taking a strike against a big player. Who will this HOH nominate for eviction in week 2?

Zach pulls out some gummies to try to convince Dan to take out Rob. Hope starts to have second thoughts on going up and talks to Dan about it. Dan says that just because Renew was on the Block with him last week doesn’t mean she gets a pass. He thinks she’s strong socially but they’re not together in the game.

Dan nominates Renee and Hope.

Other Stuff

Dan gets his Wendy delivery from Chris from BBCAN8.

Claudia admits that Ty and her like each other but he doesn’t think they are together in the game.

Big Brother Canada wouldn’t be the same without some fluff thrown into the action, including showmance stuff.

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