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Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/8/23)

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/8/23)

John Michael “JM” Sosa told Kuzie that he fears that he may be Santina’s real target. The way their conversations have gone has made him worried about her trying to take him out. He also seems to be talking a little too much, because that has gotten him in a bit of trouble. He told Kuzie that he would play hard and call out Santina for breaking a promise by nominating or backdooring him. He spoke about really wanting to win the Veto.

Apparently, Zach got upset by JM pledging to win the Veto. He may have also mentioned using it if he won. This made Zach just generally uneasy about him, but JM tried to smooth things over and backtrack on the Veto conversation. We don’t know Santina’s plan yet, but it is starting to seem like JM may actually be a backdoor target for her if the opportunity presents itself.

Kuzie gave Santina some information about her conversation with JM. Basically, she warned Santina that JM would call her out for nominating him if she does this. In this conversation, it seems like Kuzie was trying to gain some trust with Santina and also either help JM from going on the Block or push him closer to it. I couldn’t tell which outcome she wanted, but I assume to try to make Santina rethink the possibility of nominating or backdooring him.

Santina seems to be firmly in an alliance with the men and trusts them. They are likely using her to further their game, but she seems more serious about this alliance than them, especially if none of them see the Block this week.

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