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Big Brother Canada 11 premiere date revealed yesterday!

We knew back in June that it would be back for a new season, but the premiere date remained a mystery.

In the last couple of seasons, Big Brother Canada has premiered on the first Wednesday of March.

The only major shift is from Monday to Tuesday. This means that Big Brother Canada fans can watch the show consecutively from Tuesday to Thursday. The TV show shifting its premiere from the first to the second week of March, likely means that the May finale will also be a week later than last season’s Big Brother Canada 10 finale, so on or around May 11.

Is it a good move to have the show packed so tightly together during the week? We do wonder if it will cause some people to fall behind and have to catch up over the weekend

There are a lot of considerations that come into play with a show like this.

It’s one of the reasons why two of the episodes are airing before the official start of primetime.

Beyond the premiere date, Global has also revealed a teaser that makes the show feel very much like Glass Onion. Are they going with an old-timey mystery theme this go-around? It certainly feels that way! We love the idea, and the production values for this show are consistently top-notch.

Is this an all-star season?

We know that this has been the real theory around the internet the past few weeks and Global has yet to say anything official on it. We hope that there’s going to be an opportunity to get some news on that soon, but honestly, we don’t really care about all-stars as much as some. There are always pre-show alliances and other things that tend to come up that dilute the game somewhat. Sure, the last time Big Brother Canada had some returning players it was great, but that was also only a half-returnee cast. We do think the presence of newbies made it different.

What do you most want to see on Big Brother Canada 11 when it premieres?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, be sure to come back for some additional updates.

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