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I) The Houseguest who finishes last in the HOH competition will be an automatic nominee for eviction.

II) The HOH will still nominate 2 Houseguests for eviction – resulting in 3 Houseguests on the block. All Houseguests besides the DEADLAST nominee are eligible.

III) All 3 nominees will compete in the POV competition. 5 Houseguests will compete in total.

IV) The 2 nominees named to the block by the HOH will pick who the final 2 competitors in the POV competition will be. The DEADLAST nominee will not get to pick a player.

V) The veto winner has the ability to pull any of the three nominees off the block. If the DEADLAST nominee wins the Veto they can take themselves off the block.

VI) If any 3 of the nominees are saved from the block (including the DEADLAST nominee) the HOH will have to name a replacement nominee.

VII) Each houseguest will vote to evict 1 of the 3 Houseguests on Eviction Night. Whoever has the most votes will be evicted. In case of a tie, the HOH will vote to break the tie.

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