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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/15/23) (1)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/15/23) (1)

This Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies showed a lot more important game conversations. The house seems to be already ready to divide, and the players are trying to figure out their place in this game. It was a day of Digital Dailies full of valuable game information.

However, there still isn’t enough context to truly understand what’s really happening. We don’t know why these alliances are forming, how real they are, and what this all means for Big Brother Canada 11 going forward. We still have a lot to figure out, but let’s dig into the highlights of the Wednesday Digital Dailies.

A Real New All-Women’s Alliance?

Renee, Santina, Shanaya, and Claudia discuss forming an all-girls alliance. They wanted to get all the women involved but worried about Anika, especially because of her growing bond with Zach.

Santina also started to regret her decision to backdoor John Michael. After Santina’s powers as Head of Household were over, she noticed that Zach moved on to the next person to give his attention to. She started to realize that he may have used her just to get her to do this move.

She also realized that she also gave him an opportunity to snatch up Dan and Anika as pawn pieces. She hoped that by guaranteeing that they wouldn’t go home, they would be loyal to her. However, instead, Zach maneuvered the situation to work in his favor.

Santina seems to have been right to regret her decisions because Dan and Anika definitely seem under Zach’s spell. Shanaya, Renee, Claudia, and Santina discussed maybe flipping the votes to take out Dan instead of JM. However, they worried that this would divide the house making it impossible to work with the men.

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