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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/15/23) (3)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/15/23) (3)

Daniel Doesn’t Want To Play The Middle

Daniel opened up to Anika about his worries that she and he are becoming disposable in the game. Neither of them are in any real alliances, so he knows that if the divided house wants to protect someone on their team, they may get rid of them first.

They also both see that Zach and Ty are trying to run the game. However, Anika knows that Zach wants to keep her close, or she may have even convinced herself that they are working together. Therefore, she’s not in any immediate need to take him out.

Anika argued that being floaters right now is good for their game to stay out of the target line. However, Daniel really wanted to form an alliance. He mentioned them, Kuzie, Vanessa, and Dan — but Anika hates Dan, so didn’t want anything to do with him. Daniel believed that the best thing for them would be if one side of the divided house voted to keep JM.

He said they couldn’t do it because that would make them make a big decision and go into the spotlight. However, JM staying especially by a split vote would keep the house aiming at each other and not them.

Everything he said makes sense but Anika may not have been the right audience. Also, her wanting them to stay floaters is also a good idea because for now, they seem under the radar.

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