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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/16/23) (2)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/16/23) (2)

JM Is Likely Leaving Tonight

John Michael talked to Santina about possibly working with her if she keeps him in the game. Santina, however, has no intentions of keeping him. She consistently mentioned not wanting to go against the house. According to Santina, the house wants him gone. John Michael later in a conversation with Kuzie points out that Santina can influence people to keep him if she really wanted to.

John Michael also believed that he had five votes and just needed one more to stay. However, Santina’s unwillingness to keep him seemed to inflate his hopes. Santina also told JM that she just didn’t see them working together as a possibility because she would now always fear that he would try to get revenge on her for the backdoor plan.

JM was genuine about trying to work with Santina if he stayed because he firmly believes that Santina was influenced by Zach to make this move. He knows he would need her as a number to get out Zach. Daniel and JM had a game conversation where JM warned Daniel that Anika and he may be next to go home.

Kuzie, Daniel, and JM also talked about how Dan didn’t really campaign to stay. He offered them nothing or said nothing valuable to them. This convinced them that he was already working with someone and not here to play hard.

Later, JM just kind of vented his frustration to Daniel about this situation and how he did want to work with the women plus Daniel, but Santina took that away by nominating him. Hearing JM talk also made Daniel frustrated with Santina. JM also gave Kuzie permission to vote with the house if the votes aren’t in his favor to stay.

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