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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/16/23) (3)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/16/23) (4)

Zach, The Not-So Mastermind

Everyone has their eyes on Zach, except Ty at this point, and maybe not Dan who may not even be playing the game. The only problem is that the players have talked about their fears that they wouldn’t have the votes to get out Zach. The misconception that Zach is untouchable right now may help him go further. However, if enough people get together and talk about it, Zach could be in trouble. So far almost everyone has talked about Zach believing that he’s running the game.

They all see his game but they also seem too scared to go after him yet. If Ty, Dan, Jonathan, or Zach win HOH tonight, it may be a predictable week of getting out someone like Daniel, Vanessa, Renee, and maybe even Rob. However, almost anyone else might make an unpredictable move. Hope is included as anyone because both Rob and Ty believe they can control him. However, he seems to be someone open to not sticking with the men’s alliance at least that’s what it seems from the few times he was on the Digital Dailies.

Friday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies may be the first one I’m excited to watch. Not just to find out who won HOH but to see if Zach or Rob may become the target this week.

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