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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/19/23) (1)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/19/23)

Santina’s Worries And Regrets

Santina seems to realize that she made a big mistake talking out John Michael last week. She also has come around to realizing the danger of Zach in the game. However, there may be nothing she can do about it at the moment. Santina seems worried that Zach may target her, because she talks a lot about how it would be a mistake to backdoor anyone again.

She also discusses with Jonathan not backdooring anyone in the game anymore. Santina and Ty have a game talk while playing pool. She tries to make him see the dangers of Zach having so much power, but, of course, Ty wasn’t really listening.

He seems determined to getting out Rob this week. He tries to argue that Rob is an emotional player and he doesn’t want to work with someone who can’t control their emotions in this game. He rather work with someone like Zach who is all about the game.

Ty also argues that they need to get Dan out next week. This weakens Zach a bit and allows them to take out another strong player not on their side. Santina says that she really wants to win the next HOH. Ty makes sure that she wants to win to take out Dan. Santina says yes, but I think she may want to make a move to get out Zach.

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