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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/19/23) (2)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/19/23)

Rob Ends His Potential Showmance With Shanaya

We don’t know what happened over the last few days but Ty and Zach have seemingly made Rob public enemy number one. Even his friends, such as Jonathan, discuss how hurt he feels by him because they are friends and Rob apparently orchestrated something that hurt Jonathan — it’s all very confusing. Santina seems to be the only one considering trying to keep Rob, which she shares with Kuzie.

Ty also mentions that even Shanaya has some issues with Rob. Then we see Shanaya boldly telling Rob that she feels like he has been playing with her feelings for him. He apologizes if that’s how things seemed, but he lets her know that he isn’t interested in having anything romantic with her. He just wants to be her friend. Rob makes it clear that he’s not looking for a showmance. He also doesn’t want to fake something to stay in the game.

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