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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/21/23) (1)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/21/23) (1)

Big Brother Canada 11 gave us so much on Tuesday’s Digital Dailies. It set up a possible vote flip and a possible move that could hurt Zach‘s game. However, despite being longer, this Wednesday Digital Daily gave us a big pile of nothing. We won’t know until tomorrow if the votes are in Rob or Renee‘s favor to stay in the game.

From what we could gather, it seemed like the votes for this week had once again flipped to keeping Renee and letting Rob be the next to leave the Big Brother Canada 11 game. There was a lot of discussing votes but not a lot of confirming who will be walking out the door tomorrow.

Zach Wants A Break

Zach was busy on Tuesday making his rounds to the houseguests and trying to confirm that they were on his side. He talked about Santina being more emotional than he suspected and maybe wanting to play with Kuzie instead of Santina. According to Zach, Santina even started yelling at Rob at some point for mentioning her name.

Zach also talked about wanting to just have a break next week and not be the subject of so much drama. He even had a dance lesson with Kuzie as just some light fun in between all the gaming.

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