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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/21/23) (2)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/21/23) (2)

Jonathan Is Not Feeling Great About His Position

Jonathan ranted to Renee a little bit about being frustrated with the game. He also mentions believing that he will be next once Rob leaves. Renee disagreed and didn’t think his house position was as bad as he believes. Jonathan also confirmed to her that Rob had his vote but only to not have 0 votes. He thinks she’s safe. She completely understands and feels like Rob is to him what Hope is to her. She’s glad they found each other.

Jonathan also talks about his fears that he has become public enemy number one and that some people are already spreading lies about him.

Eventually, Rob joined this conversation and there was a bit of a pity party between the nominees. Both said they weren’t campaigning hard today because they believe everyone is kind of tired of it. They also said that the house will decide whatever they will decide and they can’t do too much to change it. Neither of them feels secure either way about the votes.

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