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Digital Dailies Highlights Friday (04/21/23)

Digital Dailies Highlights Friday (04/21/23)

Not much has been going on in the Big Brother Canada 11 house. At least not much of what we’re being shown, because the Digital Dailies very much limit our access to the house’s activity. Nevertheless, it definitely seems like it’s been a boring week (post-Fatal Feast) in the Big Brother Canada house. It may be that way going forward with only seven houseguests left, especially because the seven will become five on Thursday with the BBCAN11 double eviction.

Additionally, we only have about three weeks left of the season. Things are quickly speeding along to the end of the season. On Thursday’s episode, we saw Renee become the Head of Household. The houseguests wrote Renee off as someone not likely to win a competition, but they’ve wanted her out of the game for a while, including her Girlie Pop members.

It will be interesting to see how people approach her this week. On the Digital Daily from Thursday, we only saw one game conversation. It was between Renee and Kuzie. As the frontrunner of the season and one of the biggest threats left in the game, Kuzie is obviously worried that she may be out next.

She basically asked Renee if she was going to be her target or go up this week. Renee reassured Kuzie that she wouldn’t hit the Bock. She also said she didn’t want her out of the game. Ty is Renee’s target.

Renee said that Ty will be one of her nominees for this week, but she isn’t sure yet who will go up next to him. Kuzie also tried to inquire about whether she could go up as a replacement nominee. Renee didn’t give her a definitive no there, but Kuzie hoped for the best.

Interestingly, Claudia, Shanaya, Anika, and Daniel noticed Kuzie approached Renee to talk. Daniel was a bit annoyed that Kuzie has already started working. Clearly, he’s worried that he may go up especially if Kuzie pushes for it.

It also seems like a true final four plan is brewing between Claudia, Shanaya, Anike, and Daniel. They talked about it previously, but we weren’t sure how serious they were about it. It looks like this week, Kuzie may be in danger, especially if Ty wins Veto. It seems that Daniel and Anika may be more willing to take her out this week than they were last week.

If I had to guess, I believe Renee will nominate Ty and Daniel, with Ty being her target, but Kuzie will be the backup plan if Ty wins Veto. Renee mentioned taking Anika on the Wendy’s date, so that to me makes me think Anika may be completely safe this week. Renee said she wanted to talk game with Anika during it.

Per usual, the Veto will really determine who becomes the target, but I think as long as Ty remains on the Block, he’ll be the first person evicted during the double eviction. However, if he wins Veto, Kuzie may be in a lot of danger.

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