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Digital Dailies Highlights Saturday (03/18/23) (1)

Digital Dailies Highlights Saturday (03/18/23) (1)

Dan may have one of the easiest week in Big Brother Canada history because Hope wants to go. Hope shares with Rob that he’s ready to leave game. He doesn’t feel like he fits in and he has someone back at home (his girlfriend, we assume) that he could come return to.

Hope tells Rob that he even already asked Dan to nominate him this week. Hope seems very much set to leave. However, later Renee kind of gave him a little bit of a tough love pep talk about watching what he says to people because it doesn’t just hurt his game but everyone that might want to work with.

Later, we are shown a clip of Zach, Rob, and Hope. Zach and Rob encourage Hope to win the Power of Veto. It isn’t clear if he’s an actual nominee already or they’re assuming he will be one. Hope’s moods seem to change from conversation to conversation, but he seems to be the most genuine with Anika, Daniel, and Rob. Therefore, we believe that he does want to leave, but whether that changes is yet-to-be-determined.

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