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Digital Dailies Highlights Saturday (03/18/23) (3)

Digital Dailies Highlights Saturday (03/18/23) (3)

Some Camera Talks

Daniel talks to the camera about wanting to target Dan and Renee because he believes targeting them is one of his safest moves to not hurt his relationship with Santina, Zach, and Kuzie. He does worry that taking out Renee will hurt his relationship with Hope, because Renee and Hope are close. Daniel knows his position is weak in the game and wants to work to build some alliances.

He wants the bigger alliances to think he’s working with them, but strike against them later. He mentions knowing that there are girls and guys alliances, and that the guys are also targeting each other. He got this information about the men targeting each other from Vanessa and may use it later down the line. He doesn’t want to blow up anyone’s game yet.

One of the few times we saw Dan on the feeds was when he talks to himself about reassuring as many people as possible that they’re safe so they don’t go after him next week.

We also see him reassure Rob that he’s safe this week. This may mean that Rob won’t be his target at all, but we don’t know because we got no real game info from Dan.

Join us maybe tomorrow for another Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies.

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