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Good Friday BB-Lovers March 9, 2023

Here are the photos from the Season Episode 2

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother Canada 11 had a lot of big moments, but also the surprise exit of Amal Bashir from the house.

What happened here? Well, let’s just say that the exit was sudden, and it was also equally stunning. Almost unprompted during the episode, executive producer Erin Brock came over the PA system in the house to announce that Amal had left the game due to personal reasons. She made it clear that she would not be speaking further on the matter, and advised the houseguests to respect her privacy on the matter. The game moved on shortly after that.

In some ways, we feel like this message was to viewers just as much as the players in the game. We do think it becomes easy to associate what’s happening in the game with what happens for these people outside the game and honestly, that’s not fair. They don’t owe us anything in regards to their personal lives. Amal’s presence on the show was so minimal that it’s hard to even have that much more to say on the subject.

What we can say is this: Amal was a huge fan of the show going in, and we think she really loved Big Brother Canada and the overall franchise. She also had such an interesting backstory and would have been fun to watch throughout the season. This must have been a hard decision, and we hope that there could be a chance for her to come back down the road.

Now that we’ve said all of this, we will operate under the same statement that Brock said on the show — unless Amal comes out and discusses her exit further, we’re not going to speculate on it. We’ll just assume that she made the best decision for her at this time and we will be sending her all the best.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for all sorts of other updates down the road.

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