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Good Saturday morning BB-Lovers

For most of this Friday, we have waited for the next Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily to arrive. After all, these are meant to be a replacement for the live feeds this season! It’s a chance to see raw clips from the house in a format that bears some similarities to Big Brother After Dark.

On Thursday, the first edition debuted after the second episode of the show, and there were some good things about it we did see a little bit of strategy talk, plus a number of players. The frequent advertisements were a little frustrating, but that was expected. The same goes for the product placement throughout the house.

Today, the first major issue with the Digital Dailies (beyond the fact that they aren’t live feeds) reared its head: There is no specific time in which they come out. One of the things that has long been frustrating about Big Brother Canada in general is the lack of transparency. There have been long feed outages in the past without much clarity on when they will return. Now, viewers are waiting around most of the day, unsure as to when the Dailies are meant to be posted.

If this is going to be a replacement for feeds, there does need to be some sort of order to it! Even After Dark had a designated timeslot every day back when that was a thing. This seems to be totally up to the discretion of the show. We understand that it may be taxing on production to deliver content at the same time every day, but to paraphrase an iconic Big Brother Canada phrase, they signed up for this the moment they switched over to this format. You have to do something to show loyalty to your viewers. Keeping them in the dark just isn’t it.

Just think about it this way back in the live-feed era, the first 24 hours were nothing short of pure joy. Without them, and with only two and a half hours of footage from earlier in the week to comb through, it’s near radio silence. It’s just not enough, and once again it feels like a complete abdication of what Big Brother should be.

Do you think there is any way to make these Big Brother Canada – Digital Dailies work?

Let us know below, and also come back for all sorts of other updates.

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