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HOH Nominations!

Jess nominated Moose and Hermon for eviction.

They decided to instead nominate another strong male physical player, Moose Bendago. Hermon is Jess’s main target but they wouldn’t be devastated if he left before Hermon.

Big Brother Canada 10 is turning into the season where nominees win Vetoes, so we should almost expect Hermon or Moose to win the Veto Today. If one of them comes off the block, then it’ll be interesting to see who Jess nominates either as the new target or someone they hope will stay over whoever remains on the block.

Are you happy with Jess’s nominations? Do you think Hermon, Moose, or someone else will win the Veto Today?

Join us Today to find out who wins this week’s Big Brother Canada 10 Power of Veto Competition.

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