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Live feed Big Brother Canada Friday April 15!

Betty-Let's have a really good day today Josh agrees Betty asks Canada to save her boy Josh and then maybe they can pull out a double. Betty tells Josh she asked JL what she thinks about her and Gino after this. JL said its an experience in her but they live different lives outside the house and in different cities so it probably won't work. Betty says she always roots for the showmance to survive Josh-every season? Betty-except for Beth and what's his name Josh-you didn't like them Betty-eh. She says her favorite was season 1 Jillian and Emmett. Josh-Who is going to make up all the songs now? Betty says all the funny and loud people are gone. She says it's only Kevin left he needs to step it up. Summer is also there. Kevin-Summer is funny Josh-Oh yeah, we have Summer. I forgot Summer-Wow. Josh tells Betty & Kev how he would propose to Daniel. At an Italian restaurant overlooking the water. Ring would be in the bottom of the wine. Summer-I wonder what this social experiment is bringing out in us? The best or the worst? Josh-I was proud of myself for hanging on that wall. I wanted to give up in the 1st 2 minutes because it was so hard Summer-Me too.

Gino and Marty in HOH Speaking French mostly. Gino says he'll hear that people were saying to BD Marty. Marty (french)...making things up...(french) It sounds like Betty is Marty's target amongst the French. Translator needed for Gino/Marty convo. Gino left HOH.

G-I just talked to Marty J-What'd he say? G-To kick our feet up (Laughs) but, we're fine J-We're doomed! OMG, he said that? G-Yeah, but, we're good J-Someone has to tell him to stop saying that!

Kev and Hal talking about eviction. Kev-should we go with this lame ass final 5 (Marty, Kev, Hal, JL, Gino) Kev-If we take out Betty, Josh will be loyal to us They decide to take out Betty Kev-it's probably best but it's so boring

Marty-Tell me what you see Kev-Explains the last week and and that there's an eviction before finale. So, he needs to worry about getting through the triple and should set yourself up. Kev is going through situations using candy instead of names so, it's hard to follow. Kev-So, I think it's the best thing to do is to take out Betty or Josh but, it's hard with next week Marty-I want to tell you a couple things. 1st, I have your back, 2nd-Do not insult my intelligence! I saw you walking back and forth on the thing. Marty-Don't insult my f##cking

intelligence Kevin I know you & Josh were talking game, don't lie to me. It's fine if you have something. Marty lays it clear to Kevin that last time he got rid of Hermon for Kevin and Haleena so this week he’s playing for Marty, so he wants Betty gone.

Betty asking HG's if they'd come back and how hard this experience has been. Betty asks what are some goals after they get out Josh would do a web series with Daniel. He was nervous in front of a camera before this Gino wants to be a model in the UK, they are tatted up there.

Summer/Marty last 30 seconds shown on feeds Marty telling Summer she should be proud of herself for doing as well as she did during the comp. "Up there for over 2 hours, be proud of yourself"

Haleena listens to some of Marty's music that reminds him of the game Hal-Congrats on your hattrick, I know you wanted it. I thought it was Betty or Jace, they were solid, you & Josh were going back & forth Marty-See the bruises? I had to keep switching Feeds in HOH cut

Summer-It's part of the game, you pitch Betty to go OTB Then Gino & She go back & forth on Montreal Vs. Toronto. Summer/Gino talking about the French language and where it's at in Canada Summer had French students live with her, she can't remember what part of France they were from. Gino-You would've put up me & Marty. Then probably Jace Summer-I wouldn't put her up. Do you think she's ur secret weapon or something? They talk about the comp. Summer-When is this nomination ceremony? Kev-Not for like 6 hours Summer-seriously? Kev-we have to get Wendy's done 1st. Summer-What was Moose's pitch to you, tell me G-He was trying to make us feel good with him but, he was the only person I was afraid of winning. I know he said he would put us up Sum-I'm not getting rid of my 2 for 1 deal.

Hal-Question, if you win veto but, you use it on someone else, you can still be put OTB? Kev-If you're OTB & you use it on someone else you stay OTB Day 49 Haleena! Kev is studying the price wall tells Haleena to get 2 burgers at Wendy's. He wished he would've had more

Marty is taking Haleena to Wendys Gino has some vitamins as Kev studies wall Summer also gets some vitamins Kev asks what her vibe is S-it is what it is Kev-You're going to be replacement? S-Yes Josh interrupts, Summer leaves

Kev-He gave me a hard time during our meeting Josh-about what? Kev-I'll tell you later, he's just having a hard time Josh-Something I did? Kev-He's just having a hard time Josh-Oh, I'll talk to him

Haleena, Kev, Summer eating while studying wall Feeds 3/4 came back for 30 seconds. Gino was explaining to Jace that there is no "kick your feet up" translation to French so Jace thinks when he says it, it means "don't kick your feet up"

Summer wants to see the jury house but not go to the jury house. Kev-are you sure? I can make that happen for you They guess where it's at Kevin says he can be home in 20 minutes, just jump the wall.

Betty & Josh are searching for a power. They were both told they were going OTB. Betty taking her feet through all the sand in the beach room Betty-Why can't Belaire save 1 on of us? Josh-They will.Josh-Marty said that he wants you to go home Betty-What? He told you he wants me gone? Savage! Savage! He's just openly telling people that? What a psycho! mimics Marty "I want Betty to go home" Fuck you.

Betty is going through Expedia searching for power Kevin tells Gino that he's cranky today. Josh still voicing that he hopes Summer wins veto and uses it on him or Betty - Betty doesn't trust Summer like that, she thinks Summer would be loyal to Marty. It's hard because it isn't game related - Marty just doesn't like Betty as a person. She's tired. Betty hopes there's at least one viewer out there wondering why Marty is putting her up again, and not even as a pawn - as the target. Josh notes Marty told him he would be happy with Josh winning the game - Betty then why is he putting you up?

Josh asks Summer to get them safety from Belaire Direct. After the clip, Summer tells them that Marty has already told her she'll be the renom.

JL is crying - she's homesick, they've been in the house forever and these people are nuts.

Summer - I'm so happy Canada came through for me.. thank you.. Perfect timing.

Betty says being OTB is a full time job and you just can't just be running around telling people what you're not going to do.

Gino and Marty in the HOH room eating dinner and speaking French. Betty, JL and Josh in the Expedia Vaca Room. They are talking about previous votes and who they think voted which way.

Kev comes walking out of the HOH bathroom. He tells Gino and Marty that if Betty chooses Summer maybe there's a way go get Josh to choose Gino (for POV I assume). He then says if Betty doesn't choose Summer he can get Josh to choose him over Summer.

Josh asks who Betty will pick for POV. She says either Summer or Kev, Josh will pick whoever she doesn't. She wants to know if she should ask Hal if she would use it on her if she picked her and tell her to just be honest. Josh says she should ask Hal.

Kevin is quietly soaking in the HOH tub while Gino and Marty still talk french on the HOH couches.

Summer comes in and now Betty is throwing names out in 2's and asking Summer who she would rather marry out of the 2.

Summer has won safety for the week! Gino tells her a Canada's vote is the best one to have.

Betty tells Josh she needs him fighting for $100,000. He says he really tried on that wall. She wants the universe on their side just one more time. "It's just you and me buddy". Betty says there were 2 weeks they didn't win but still came off the block. Betty says that no matter what she's happy knowing that one of them will still be there in the end. Josh says Marty didn't even look happy to win HOH. Betty feels so bad that she couldn't win for them and it was heartbreaking because she knew they were going up. Betty says if one of them win tomorrow the house will be shaking in their boots. Josh- "I just don't know what we did wrong". Betty asks if he means that they keep getting targeted. Josh says yes. Betty says she just won't cut deals with Marty. Betty describes Josh as quiet "You have petty moments but you're not a petty person". She keeps throwing out names by 2's and is asking Josh who he would want to play the game with out of the 2 names. He doesn't want to play anymore because it's mean to the HG"s. Betty asks Summer how tight she thinks Kevin and Marty are "Is is just a protection thing?" Summer thinks it's just a protection thing. She says Kevin is a shit starter and he doesn't see himself going far in the game. "He's the one to disturb some shit". Summer says if JL is the replacement Kev will vote her out 100%. Summer leaves. Josh and Betty decide they still want to pick Kev, Summer or Hal. Betty would pick Summer first. She's going to talk with Hal about the Veto though.

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