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Live feed Big Brother Canada Friday April 22!

HG are waking up

Betty, while lying in bed, waking up-"this is like a dream come true"

Kev tells Haleena & Josh, that the attempt to make a mega-bed last night, made it clear it's not allowed.

Haleena is scared to go home. It's going to be hard for her to adjust. I'm cut throat in here but, in the real world? Who knows what's out there Josh is quietly pondering in his bed

Shout out to my family. I was put OTB, I would've rocked this with him all the way to the end, Knowing he Josh) would probably beat me. Betty reading her letter and looking at her pics. "This place is fucking hard" Betty "This is wild, so fucking wild!" You tried to use me. She's having a dialogue with herself She wants to clean the HOH & have a cup of coffee. Betty-Dude (Josh) makes me look like an idiot on TV.

BB-please stop talking about production after Kev discussed them getting some items of Summer & Marty's Kevin is eating breakfast, Jace is making coffee. They discuss how well they slept. Neither slept well

Jace wants to do a morning show tomorrow. Featuring Kevins "Morning Report"

Who called the HG's gen pop? I can't remember. Betty joins the HG's in the kitchen. HG's wonder if the feeds are on. Haleena is not out of bed, So, naturally she gets the rooster.

Jace is venting as well as putting points together for her pitch today. Haleena enters. Hal is convinced she's going up. Thinks that noms will be Hal vs Jace Hal vs Josh, they don't know. possible Kev. Jace debates if she could pitch Josh/Kev instead.She worries Betty/Josh could team up & come after her.Or should she push girl power Hal/Betty/her?She wants to know how Josh/Betty are doing now.Jace says why not be honest?Just call out all 3. They all know what they did. JL wants to tell Betty she doesn't want to work with Hal or Kev ever again. She says her goal was to work with her and Summer if Gino stayed. They wanted to wait until Josh was evicted to tell her but the mentioned it to Summer. They (Kev/Hal) had a big say in Josh going on the block both times. The week that Hal voted out T and Betty started being mean to her is when Hal snapped and started saying they had to get Betty out. She says there's no reason for her to go on the block today if Betty uses her head. She needs to tell her this information first before that.

Kevin & Betty talk about Gino's eviction & the gummy bear math. Kev-after I gave him the gummy bear math, he started going hard.

Josh B hasn't looked at me or said, "hello" or said a single word to me. I think Jace is still mad at me too Hal-Hal asked J how her 1st night was without Gino. Jace slept in here last night Josh-Ohhh nooo, I'm going up for sure. Hal disagrees, We need JL to stay OTB

Betty is praising Kevins game. B-You PLAYED Marty, friggin Marty.

Kev says to Josh and Hal they need to get Jacey-Lynne on the block Hal tells Josh that JL wanted Betty to go home.

Josh mumbling to himself. Mostly silent lip moving but I did catch "I don't care"

Hal tells Kev that Josh and JL are going up Kev asks who the replacement would be JL asks Hal a question so she can't answer. Kev-So she's putting up Josh? Hal-yah Josh comes in talk stops. Hal comes back Kev so if you or me win we don't use it. If one of them wins, we save whoever goes up. He says that's why it's good Summer went. Hal is know stealth whispering about her talk with Betty last night. (can't tell) Kev says it's less strategic at this point and more comps Hal says she feels guilty bc the vibe isn't like "it's just a game" and she feels bad enjoying it. Kev says if this is it, he's so happy they got the full experience Hal-I agree. Kev says if he doesn't win HOH he's okay with it. He'll read Jillian's letters when he get home

Josh/Hal. Hal asks if Betty & him have spoken yet? She’s guessing not. Josh tells Hal we didn’t even say good morning so no

Hal and JL are making a curry while Betty and Kev are having Wendy's.

Betty tells Hal that a fire has been lit under her - having Jace and Josh in this house makes her feel like it ruins her/Hal/Kev's chances to make it to the end. Both agree JL has excelled at comps - but they have too. Betty talked to Kev and she wants a F3 of B/H/K. Betty points out that Josh got stuck w/ too many F2's and he chose to cut Betty - it's cool, it's the game. She assumes Hal had one w/ Josh and Hal swears she didn't - but she's pretty sure he had one w/ Moose. Betty agrees. Hal hope it doesn't come to it, but if it does - she would rather her go up if the veto is used. She doesn't want Kev to go up. Betty doesn't want it to come to that, so they'll figure it out if they get there. Hal thinks Jace/Josh shot makes sense cause how can you keep them together? Betty asks Hal what she thinks about girl power going forward? Hal doesn’t know how close Jace/Josh are & Jace doesn’t seem mad at all at Josh.Betty doesn’t want to put Kev up. Hal says are we working together? What if you talk to Jace&tell her to do a girls alliance & my target is Josh & Betty wants to rock it out with the girls. She thrives under pressure. You take yourself off,Josh goes home if you stay OTB too.Betty says Jace is competitor. Betty says she can’t win HOH next week so if Jace still wins POV then Hal/Betty will be in her good books. Hal says it’s so intense we’re playing with peoples lives. It’s so scary & real. Hal doesn’t want Betty to make too many promises. Hal says we can take out Josh or Kev. If Jace stays next week you’re still cool with her. Hal knows Jace feels some kinda way about Hal not going up. Betty wants to give Kev the heads up she’ll say his name to Jace. Hal thinks it’s fair game for F3 with Hal/Kev. Betty calls it the season of underdogs. She’s been trying to play honest. Josh/Kev have a F2 & that’s why he protected Kev. Hal says Josh/Sum had 1 too, Josh had some many F2!Herm?Moose? Hal wonders if Jace has 1 with him. Betty tells her not to say anything & Hal won’t. Hal thinks Josh won’t tell Jace if Betty tells him she’s targeting Jace. Betty says he seems like he can keep secrets really well.They laugh. Betty doesn’t want to put Kev up. Hal explaining the nom plan that Jace could cut Kev if he’s up against Josh. Hal finishes up her talk & warns Betty everyone wants to talk.Jace didn’t believe Josh would go up. Hal told her she didn’t know. She hopes Josh comes to talk to Betty too. As soon as Hal leaves Jace asks if Betty is taking meetings?

Everyone staring at the new wheel. Jace pulls Betty for a chat in BR cause Jess used to chat back there. Betty brings a stool. Jace says it’s too quiet outside. Jace says things are effed but that’s fine. She warns it’ll be extremely rambly. Jace is laying out the facts. She explains Betty is the only person she would show loyalty to & work with. She says Kev/Hal were Marty’s minions & they were with him the whole game. They were mad Marty effed their game up by saying they were his 1/2. Jace says Kev/Hal will do whatever they can to get forward. Jace says Marty didn’t make those moves alone. Betty asks if her/G were working with him? Jace says after he lied&voted G out. Jace says she’s kept her word & she’s loyal to a fault. She stuck to the plan & she got played & it happened again. She knows Kev/Hal are like. Jace says Kev/Hal are trying to snake their way thru by getting close to you& use their relationships with you. She says they’re shady/snakey & they lie to your face. Jace says this is why I came to you before the vote cause I knew something like this could happen. She said she woke up this morning&doesnt want to work with Hal/Kev. She has loyalty to give since G is gone. She doesn’t know how Josh/her are. Jace asks her to keep her off the block so she can win comps. She wants 2 strong women in F2. F3 could be Josh/Betty if they repair or Hal/Betty with Jace girl power? Betty is thinking of both options for sure. She loves what Jace is saying. Betty asks about BD Josh. Jace is happy she asked, Hal brought it up to her yesterday. She says she swears she never heard of that plan & she thinks Marty made up that plan to tell Hal cause he was scared he would go up&she was close with Josh. Or using that as an excuse. Jace thinks Hal is just saying it now as a reason for why she turned on her & voted G out. Jace says there’s no reason for her to lie & she never wanted Josh out. Betty says interesting that’s wild. Jace says Marty fed that story to Hal. She’s getting fired up. Betty says it makes sense what you’re saying. She’s just thinking of her end game. She wants to go to the end with women. She feels grateful to have accomplished so much. She feels G/Jace were playing her. She wants to make sure Jace is being honest. Jace/G thought Betty/Josh were playing them. It was NOT a plan. She says you will watch back & see that. Betty wants to know if Jace had the secret POV & Marty told her that. If Jace did then Betty feels played. Jace says Marty was making up lots of stories. Betty wants to give Jace the opportunity to tell her if had the secret POV. Jace says it was her & it wasn’t to BD Josh. G didn’t want to put Marty up cause he would be nice. Jace regrets not using it.Betty was not being played & Josh wasn’t the plan. G thought everyone would flip on him if Marty left. Jace says that effed up that he told you that before he left. Betty says he was trying to blow up her game before she left. Jace says she didn’t want to tell anyone about it but she told Marty cause he won HOH. Jace used the power to keep herself off the block even tho it didn’t work out the way it supposed to. Jace was surprised Betty knew about it but she’s fine telling her about it. Betty says she thought it was Marty & he said it was you. Jace says they were paranoid. Jace says it’s very frustrating that he told anybody but maybe it’s meant to come out & she’s ok with being honest & if you have any questions. Betty says I want someone out of this house that played me. I would be lying if I said you weren’t an option. Betty says if Josh doesn’t go,my HOH will be a fail. She says no one can stand next to him in F2 & win. Betty is playing a woman’s game & doesn’t want Jace going home cause of her. Betty says Josh goes up & goes. Jace wonders about Hal? She says Josh/Hal are tight too. Jace explains that Hal hasn’t ever been OTB & after Betty Hal is Josh’s person. So if Josh comes off, Hal/Josh could flip & take Jace out if she’s up with Kev. Jace knows Betty doesn’t trust her. Marty had speculation Betty/Josh/G/Jace were working together. Betty doesn’t want to promise but she doesn’t want Jace to leave this house&she wants Josh out cause he has F2 with everyone. Betty says everyone in jury was played too& she was played for a long time.Jace says Hal/Kev vote together & if 1 of them goes OTB they can split. Jace says then you can break the tie too if we do 1-1. Betty says that’s a good point.Betty says she had blinders on against Josh & when she was put OTB.She says it’s a boys club in jury.She says she sounds like a psycho feminist. She says it’s unanimous for Josh to win. Betty will feel better about her game if Josh goes. Betty says if I put you up or not, Josh going matters to me. She will feel defeated if he doesn’t go. Jace says Hal/Kev have rode Marty’s coattails. She says you were OTB cause of them too, don’t forget. Jace keeps saying Hal/Kev will ALWAYS vote together. Betty says you think they will save JOSH? Jace says she doesn’t know but if she’s OTB with Josh, they will keep him. Betty says Jace will win POV & she’s a competitor. Jace thanks her for that but she’s after Hal/Kev. She says Hal/Kev both have F2 with Josh & they will save him over Jace OTB.Betty says she wouldn’t be surprised if Josh had something with everyone.Betty is gonna think about it & she hopes this stays between them. Betty says Josh has to go home whoever sits next to him. Jace says she will vote the way Betty needs her to so Betty can break the tie & she will not be voting with those two. Betty thanks her & Jace leaves. Betty says to herself 1 of Josh/Jace has to go home, it’s sucks. She says she’s basically talked to everyone. Betty says Jace swore on her fam, like yo chill. She talks to her picture frames & says she’s making a big decision today & she’s trusting her gut & laughs. She says dude! (COME ON BETTY! THINK ABOUT WHAT JACE SAID ABOUT KEV/HAL/MARTY

Josh w/B - first, he wants to apologize and talk through his actions this week. He felt like he owed Kev because he used the veto on him, and w/Hal because she didn't use hers in order to BD him. When B was OTB Sum just went around saying she was voting w/ the house. Josh feels awful that Summer left not knowing why he did it. Kev/Hal promised him they wanted to keep Betty so he put her up and instantly regretted it. B appreciates it, but he was giving her nothing during the triple. She clearly had her blinders on when it came to him. Betty thought her and Josh were going to the end together - but obviously that's not happening. Josh asks why she's sure of that? Because he has F2's with everyone. Betty is also hurt that it's taken him this long to come talk to her, it's been a full 24 hrs. Betty forgives Josh, but she's playing her own game now. Betty doesn't understand why he looks so hurt? He made the decision to take out Summer for himself, not her. Betty: is this harsh? Josh: no. All he can do now is fight for her and show her actions. Betty tells Josh that him just saying she was going up with no reasoning felt like dealing with Kyle. Betty clarifies that everything she did was for both of them, but now she knows things she was telling Josh were old news to him. She feels stupid. Josh asks if there's any way they can work together going forward? Betty's not sure, but she's putting him up. B asks if J is ok? He is. He's only upset because he's made B feel this way. B thinks things might have been different if he has expressed his concerns about Summer earlier, but he didn't. Betty was supportive of the Sum move, bit Josh didn't even talk to her about that. Josh tells B he didnt think she was expendable. B: yes you did, you put me up. you went and talked to Hal/Kev and left me running around like a chicken with its head cut off securing votes. That's not working with someone. Josh regrets it. Betty thinks it is what it is.

Hal whispers Jace told her about girl power& sticking us 3 together. Betty says Jace was pitching you the entire time & said she was behind her going OTB when Marty was HOH.Betty says at the end of the day she’s rock solid. Hal says Jace has talked shit about everyone Betty /Hal - she tells her JL threw her UTB completely, and Betty had to lie and say it was Marty who told her about the secret veto not Hal. Betty says Jace told her it’s an easy decision to put Hal up but yet she wants a girl thing. Betty says Jace was bashing Hal to the ground & Hal thanks her for telling her. Betty goes back to HOH. She says to herself she feels awkward walking all over the place

Kev/Betty in HOH. She tells him apparently you were helping Marty with the noms. She says to Kev that if Jace goes up she said Kev/Hal will flip the vote to keep Josh. Betty is spilling all the Jace info to Kev who says Jace is really good. Kev laughs when Betty tells him that she told Jace that Marty told her about the secret POV. Jace told Betty she was sick of being nice to these snakes. Kev trusts Betty at this point & he’s locked into F3 with her/Hal. Betty says let’s do what we gotta do at this point. Kev says that he loves what they’re doing here. She says Kev could be f&@king her & he says he knows his credibility isn’t there right now. Betty wants to take herself to F2. She just wanted Kev to know what’s Jace is saying about him snaking his way to the end. Kev says he kinda loves it. Betty says do you??? Kev says either I laugh about it or just get mad. She’s likes to gossip & fell in love in BB & if she’s mad at him about that then. Now Kev is getting to him when Betty says Kev/Hal wanted her/Herm OTB. She hopes they win POV or her if she can play. Kev says she’s in love & she got it taken away from her.Kev thinks Jace would’ve voted him out last week against Josh.Betty says she shouldn’t defame anyone tho. Kev keeps saying it’s ok.Betty says Jace is pushing girl power. She tells Kev she agreed with girl power just incase he hears about it after.He says thanks B&I got your back.He leaves but comes back he forgot his shirt.He says he hopes she can play POV so they have better chances,she hopes so to& says let’s blow this popsicle stand.

Josh/Kev whispering in pantry. Josh says she told him she sees where his cards/loyalty lies. Josh still believes it’ll be Hal/Kev next to him. Kev says oh ya. Josh says she says I played her & she needs to play her own game & she was expendable. Kev says whoever is not OTB has to win POV to control the votes. Josh says it’s go time I mean it is what is now our cards are shown it doesn’t matter. Josh leaves

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