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Live feed Big Brother Canada Friday April 29!

Haleena said that last night was too much. "All the running they had to do all over" Betty-and Josh has weak ankles. She's laughing.They get the rooster alarm Josh asks if they had 3 or 4 bottles of champagne last night? BettyIn what world do you wake up, see your housemate, and spend all day and night with them for 2 months?

Josh had then said Betty is smart, he has to make it look like he's not throwing. Kevin said Betty doesn't think anyone is throwing comps though. Kevin said "one of us is HOH, specifically me, and then one of us will win the veto" like that is the game plan. He then talked about how Josh is doing some sick stuff today.

Kevin & Haleena discussing what if Josh doesn't throw it to them. Kevin thinks Haleena will be safe either way. If we get screwed, well played

Kev/Hal in BR whispering about Josh throwing the final HOH & Kev says that’s crazy,nobody’s done that before. Hal thinks they’re gonna dress up as Wendy’s servers & they mentions Chris’s mom from BBCAN8 Kim & wearing her nametag maybe too

Haleena thinks it's going to be a 3 part HOH

Kevin-We have to make the final 4 interesting, not boring. That's the main thing. If we don't get Betty out this week. she will win.

Kevin & Haleena are discussing possible comp. They think it's going to be putting balls in a thing. Haleena tells Kev that if he wins he has to put Herself vs Betty to be fair to Josh. Yes, she told Kev to put herself up. Haleena says she would put Josh and Betty up if she won HOH. She and Josh haven't had final two talks. Kevin says so you got to take Josh to Wendy's then.

BBCAN10 Week 10 HOH Results!

Josh won Head of Household!

The Ghosts are finally getting a bit of their own medicine because Josh tricked them into believing that he would throw the HOH Comp. Josh is likely to nominate Haleena and Kevin for eviction but it all comes down to the Veto.

Join us later to find out who the current HOH decides to nominate. Are you happy with the results?

Kevin says he's very frustrated with Josh. Josh asks if he's THAT frustrated. Kevin says he just wished Josh said beforehand he was going for it. Kevin says he's glad, happy he did it, but how can he not be a little skeptical right now. Josh says he doesn't think his win changes anything. Kevin says it doesn't, and then Betty joined so the convo stopped. Haleena is letting Josh know it's ok (he's in the shower). She says it's ok, be happy. Josh asks if she's sure she doesn't feel some type of way about it? She says if she wanted to vote him out, she could've and didn't. She's glad he won. Kevin says he's having some stupid thoughts, like going up to Betty and telling her if he wins veto he's evicting her to throw her off for veto. Kev says he's so mad, because he saw this coming. Haleena is trying to reassure him it's ok.

The Ghosts know they got played. Hal points out that they're in it now, and they've made a lot of people feel this way - it's their turn to feel it.

Kev telling Josh he thinks a Kev/Betty nom makes the most sense. Betty is above all of them right now in jury, and Josh is above Kev. Josh doesn't think that's true. They start running numbers of jury votes before Josh is called to DR.

Josh got his HOH - he tells B it's Kev/Hal going up. Double hi-five! B tells him not to worry, she's still fighting for herself. B suggests he take Hal to Wendy's. Josh wonders what Kev was saying to JL/B pre eviction. Betty notes it was Tues that Kev started flipping. Josh/B now talking scenarios - what if it was B up? What would Kev do? Betty point out that Kev always says he only knows a percentage of ppl's game - but what about Kev's game? Josh thinks everyone has been playing Kev's game, they just didn't realize it.

J counts numbers against Kev in jury - B tells him that she would never vote Kev to win. No matter who Josh is beside, B will be voting for Josh. But please don't evict her for her vote. Josh says he won't and can't. B doesn't understand why K/H can't be happy for Josh.

Kev tearing up with Betty, she tries to remind him how far he's come. Kev asks if B wins veto, can they talk shortly after? He doesn't think there will be a lot of time between veto and eviction. B tells him of course. K reiterates he looses against her. K telling B that he's down because his sliver of chance to win this game is gone. B reminds him that there's still comps to come, but then apologizes for positive toxicity/validates his feelings. K tells her that his game was too hidden and he looses against all of them.

Betty is telling Josh that she is telling them she is cutting Josh but it's not true. Josh says he's doing the same Betty thinks Kev will cut Hal if he thinks the jury will respect the fact that she has never been nominated. Josh is planning on putting up Betty and Kev. They think this will help Kev and Hal that Josh/Betty are still coming after each other and maybe Kev will vote out Hal if he comes down bc she has never been nominated.

Kev Can I f*ck with your head a bit? Josh sure Kev asks who is going up? Josh says him and Betty Kev says cool. Why? Josh says to not mess up Hal's record Kev says it's not so that he makes sure he's in the final with Kev and if Betty wins she takes out Hal. Kev says he's down to go up. Josh but against Betty or Haleena Kev says Betty. It's offensive to the the three of them if he's up against Haleena. Josh says he's good with him and Betty going up Kev says Okay he's cool. Then asks what's the reason Josh says it's cool that she hasn't been on. He says they jury they have would think more of going on the block once and took herself off rather than never going up.

Kevin tells Haleena he wants her to have the perfect game so he's willing to go up in her place.

The Monitor says "Power Of Veto Today" Josh sees it & shows Betty. Betty needs coffee. Josh asks Kevin if it's true & Kevin tells Josh he can't be around Betty & yells "Let's go!"

Haleena tells Kevin to stay away from Betty because he's starting to say mean stuff.

Josh tells Betty that one of them have to win this veto to guarantee one of them make it to the final 2.

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