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Live feed Big Brother Canada Friday April 8!

Jace-Congratulations! I'm so proud of you Gino-Better than last one eh? Jace-Yes, who you taking to Wendy's is the tea Gino-I think Moose & Betty Because, I'm not putting Marty up initially. Gino-I'm going to tell Moose he's not the target and put Summer up next to him Jace-Yeah because if he wins veto, you can say that was your plan all along then I can take out Moose next week Gino-Yes Jace leaves Moose enters to congratulate him.

Gino went to get cleaning supplies for the HOH.

The house is very jovial. Practicing runway walks. Except for Marty & Kevin who aren't on cams. They were in their beds when feeds came back

Haleena-I need you to tell Gino something Jace-Ok, going through middle man? Haleena-I don't deserve Wendy's Jace-You're too hard on yourself Haleena-It makes more sense for Betty, esp if she's going OTB Jace-You deserve it, I'm advocating for you. Haleena-Please, I need you to be a sister right now. Betty busted her ass in the comp, I didn't. She's going up. I competed like shit, I don't deserve it. Betty or Moose deserve it more Jace-You deserve a cheeseburger too, you're being too kind Haleena-No

Kev-You ready to kiss a showmance asses? Josh-Yeah Haleena-I'm sorry you guys Betty enters, then Moose they are noting how quiet the house is without Hermon. They keep waiting for him to burst in the door.

Summer heading up to talk with Gino. Stavros-Oh you're still cleaning? Summer waits outside the HOH to talk to Gino. Jace-He's got u waiting in the que? Summer-I know, this is the thing with HOH's it's not that I feel like I don't need to have a meeting with him, that'd be a dumbass move but, I like to get them over with

Summer & Gino expressing concerns over putting Halenna up because she'd pick Marty for HG choice. He wants to make sure that who's OTB won't pick Marty. The jury house will be so awkward with Hermon & Marty together alone. S-Would you consider me as a pawn? G-I'm trying to figure that out. Moose offered. S-I don't want to be a pawn right now. Summer-There's this weird thing going on with Me & Marty. I feel like I'd probably land on him if I had to spin. I feel it in my soul. Gino-Moose, I'm hoping Moose offers, that'd be huge Summer not giving in. Summer doesn't want to be a pawn this week. Summer is trying to get out of the habit of giving up on comps. Gino tells her she needs to keep going because anything can happen. Gino is concerned with who is up next to Moose because ppl have already mentioned his name. He worries he'll go home if he's up Summer lists her strengths. Gino wants Marty backdoored with a unanimous vote. Haleena is already pissed at him for saying that she was in a final 3 with him & Kev. I'll tell Kevin that everyone else is voting him out, and it's best for his game.

Gino meeting with Hal He's going over who's with who in the house. He says Moose is more alone with T and Hermon gone but he has connections. Hal says Summer has connections with everyone. Gino says that's why she feel safe with everybody. Gino says feels like she doesn't have to win bc she feels good with everyone. That's why he wants to put her on the block so she has to win a comp. Hal comments that Summer wasn't upset when she lost on buzzkilled as much as Hal was. Hal continues that the she doesn't have people cushioning her (like Summer). She wants a win and fights for it. It bothers her that people are saying she's not trying when she is. She has "the fire". Gino asks if she thinks it's a good move to put up Moose and Summer Hal says she thinks it is. She says Betty is an easy move but he can gain her trust by not putting her up. She doesn't think Summer will hold it against him for being a pawn. Hal mentions Marty has ruffled some people's feathers. She says and Josh is a good player Gino says he's trying to rebuild with Josh Hal says yah that's what she meant. Hal (out of the blue) - Also you said that you were dyslexic Gino-I'm not diagnosed Feeds cut

JL tells Gino that Kevin asked about a final 4 with him and Hal. He told her that Marty was pissing him off. He also said but he doesn't think this is the week to get Marty out. He says Marty has been following him around. JL tells Gino she told Summer that she's not going to tell her to stop flirting if that's part of her game and Summer said she would be more respectful just like in the real world, once there's a label on something. JL says Summer said she thought they could benefit each other. JL-I'm sure you do (sarcastically) She thinks Summer will make it to the end and she hates it. She thinks she's throwing comps. Gino doesn't but says that's why he wants to put her up to show if she can win. JL tells Gino that Kevin said if they get out Marty then G is next. She says he obviously doesn't know they're working with Josh and Betty. She asks how the Betty talk went. Gino tells her good. He told her he wanted to build trust, her & Josh aren't an option. He's putting up Moose and Summer and BDing Marty.

Betty-I just can't believe Gino trust us Josh-I"m so happy. We actually like.. Betty-laughs Josh-This makes slop so much easier. I an actually make it through slop now Betty-I know. Betty thinks it's wild that people think the two of them (her and Josh) are going up and no one is telling them. She says Summer knows and he might tell Marty.

Gino meeting with Marty in French

Gino is discussing his noms with Kevin, discussing Summer. Kevin notes it's kind of disgusting she's not trying in comps. Kevin says Gino's name is also Summer's favorite to throw out even when it doesn't make sense. Gino explains to Kevin why he's not putting up Josh and Betty. Mentions they could be renom options. Kevin says sounds good, just have to make sure Josh doesn't use POV. Thinks Summer is not actually gonna bring fire and flames. Kevin says he knows there was a lot of talk about himself/Haleena/Marty...he feels Marty is shield for Gino, once he's gone you're next. Kevin asks if anyone pitched Marty? Kevin says no but he knows they're thinking it. Kevin says if Gino gets to the end he's winning the game, but it'll be hard to get there which is why Marty is useful. At final five they cut Marty.Now a smart player would think "huh, Kevin sure doesn't want Marty to be evicted" but IDK if Gino is thinking that.

Kevin confirmed nominations will be tomorrow. HGs are hanging out and cleaning.

Kev/Moose joke about a F4 w/ Marty, Betty and the two of them. Kevin thinks everyone in the house is smart enough, fairly athletic, but all equally bad at the game... everything's a disaster. Talk turns to Kyle's game and trying to take out someone you know personally.

Summer tells Kev she's mad at herself for giving up in the HOH comp bc she got one question wrong and gave up and went for the not slop card. Kev asks (through pointing to Marty's bed) if Gino was thinking of putting up Marty. Summer says she doesn't know. He asked her what her value was to him in the game.

JL tells Hal how Kevin told her that Marty is following him around everywhere and it's like Jess. She says he asked how she felt about a final 4 with JL, Gino, Hal & Kev Hal says she would be down for that. She wonders if anyone would even take them (her and Kev). Hal&JL have been talking about Sum. She doesn't help around the house, doesn't have a fire in her to win comps, Hal brings up Sum saying she wants to make it to BB awards. Hal wants to win a comp she doesn't care if she gets to the awards Lots of Lit-tra-lees in there.

The purple room gang hanging out and having general chit chat. Moose is trying on some new pink shoes. General chit chat happening in the Expedia room as well. No game talk in the house right now.

Betty says that in 27 days from tomorrow a winner will be announced. She feels like T left so long ago. They ask Summer if she made out with Hermon. She says she only kissed him twice but he was going for more so she didn't follow through. Moose is telling Betty about how he was working with Kyle, Marty and Gino and how he stayed away from them to keep it secret but Kyle took it as he was talking to others in the house.

JL and Gino are in the HOH room. Gino falls in bed and says "A comfy bed!". he tells JL he had a really good day. His rose for the day is new undies and his thorn for the day is "what I'm about to do".

Summer says she's sleeping naked again and goes under the covers to get undressed.

The HG's are all in bed. The purple room is silent. The red room is talking about whale watching. God only knows what's going on in the HOH room. . We're calling it a night since they are all just waiting for the lights to go out. We'll be back in the morning again!

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