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Live feed Big Brother Canada Friday March 18!

BB-Good morning HG's it's time to get up for the day. Lights turned on. Kevin already knocking on HOH door. Kyle's waiting in the pit (for awhile) Gino & Jace could care less at the moment

Marty is in the shower. Jess & Kev waking up, as is Gino but, starts to spoon with Jace

Kev is in charge of changing mic batteries. again. Summer in shower. Marty, Jess in bath getting ready. T comes into bathroom as well.

Kev asks Marty why he's volunteering to go OTB Marty-I'm not volunteering, I'm just going to tell them I lied & apologize, that's who I am Kev-I want u to be here a long time Marty-what else can I say to those guys? I double-crossed the guy. I'm going to suck up. Kev says he's going to try to keep Marty off the block. Marty felt coldness from Gino.Kev is making eggs. Marty wonders why things always go in the same order.

Kev heard the rooster go off and wondered who it was directed to Betty joins the kitchen crew.

Gino-let's get this fucking day started! Let's GO! Time to make people nervous. Heads to the kitchen and says "good morning everybody"

Gino & Kyle are talking about the luxuries of the hoh room. Betty making coffee. Kev cooking breakfast

Hermon & Gino convo H-I value our relationship outside the house. I didn't think it was a 9-2 situation G-Yeah, that really surprised me. Marty straight up told me what he did & I was really upset. H-I just want to apologize. It wasn't a conspiracy. I just didn't want. to vote the way Kyle wanted me to in that moment. I didn't think he respected me, he treated like a dog, like I worked for him. So, It doesn't reflect how I feel about you. That's why I pulled you & told you 1st Gino-Yeah, I respected that Everything got blown up. Gino-I'm playing a solo game now. I'm not going to play with the numbers. I'm going to play like that. I can tell you that you're not going this week. Gino-My trust level with everyone is zero. I hope you can understand. I can tell you right now that you're not going home this week or my target. H-I was down with the plan, it was the execution that was terrible. Gino- I have 3 questions Why do you deserve to be here? H-I can be a good ally, I have good relationships in the house to help you. G-Who don't you wanna see go home this week? H-I'd say Marty G-Beach or Snow H-Hermon G-You're in the bathroom, there's no TP.G-what do u use in that situation? Hermon laughs, serious? Uhhh my head! They both laugh Hermon thanks him for the chat & leaves

Betty-I'm sure ur game has shifted after yesterday. I know your a loyal guy. You have to think of longevity in this game. It would be easy to put me up. Long term, you need ppl who are going to share information with you. I feel like I could be that person. Gino-I have not trust with anyone. I'm going to try to win HOH & comp going forward. I'm readjusting this week, that's the game. Gino-I need the win this week. I called it Betty-You can gain that respect of the house back, let's just say for example you put Kyle up, I'm not suggesting it, I know you'd gain respect back from ppl in the house. Putting me up is like, are u serious?Gino-I'm going to tell whoever's going up they're going up. Right now, I just want to talk to you. Betty-I almost won, I could win next week. I promise I wouldn't put u up. Gino-Why do you deserve to be here? Betty-I'm a hard worker a strong woman. I didn't think I'd even get on here. I got a fire "I can do this" I want to make my family proud. She started to tear up Gino-Beach or Winter? B-Fucking Beach all day buddy! Gino-If you're in the bathroom & take a #2 & there's no TP what would you do. Betty-I'd, this is gross, but I'd get some water from the sink and rinse. If there's a bucket I'd use that & hopefully find a loofah or something Gino-you got 3 points on that,

G-What was your thought process about yesterday? Moose-You winning? or G-No, everything. M-I was surprised by the vote numbers, I really thought I was the deciding vote. I was feeling a way toward Kyle & the house was as well Moose-how are you feeling? G-I was shocked. G-I have no trust left with anyone in the house. I'm going to start playing solo, that's how I've had success in life. The alliance falling apart, it blew up. That's what happens when you have too many ppl. I'm working on rebuilding my relationships this week. Moose-I had a similar week as well. You know my trust was broken, deep trust broken, as well. But, there's ppl like Marty out there. You're not alone. It was nice to get a break yesterday. G-Why do you deserve to be here? Moose-Ya know, I won that veto because my back was against the wall, I can do that for myself & for the ppl I'm fighting for. Also, I had this job where my boss wouldn't see me, and I'd try to advance & he'd just say shove it. M-I want to humanize athletes. Mental health behind why. I've done a good job of getting them to put their guard down. This is more my life goal I want to stay here for as long as possible. I didn't see this as a broken thing. Like with Marty & You. Kyle's a diff story. G-Best answer yet. 2 points for that one. Feeds cut for the rest of the convo

G-I feel like I have guilt by association at this point. Summer-Yes u are G-Your not on my radar. I've told you that many times. I feel like there's a target on my back Summer-Yeah by association. Summer explains that Gino is also a threat because "Physical threat" even though she doesn't believe in that. His tattoos & strength can be perceived as a threat. But, also by association. G-My trust in everyone is gone. Summer-I told you I wasn't going to vote for a friend G-I was trusting the HOH & that he had the numbers. Summer-Because of ur relationship w/him, I'm almost afraid to tell you, you know me I'm a butterfly The "honeybunch" is destroyed. G-You're not on my radar. Unless you do something stupid Summer-I'm not going to do anything stupid. I obviously wanted to keep you & Jacey in the loop but because of your association, I just couldn't Gino-I've talked to Josh, I'm taking him to Wendy's. G-Why do you deserve to be here Summer-My spirit, My spirit is ready for whatever BB has to throw at me Gino-Who do yo not want to see go? Summer-T, I would shed some tears if she left Gino-Beach or Winter Summer-Beach Summer-T & Marty actually, don't want to c go. Gino-this is a situational question You're in the bathroom & take a #2, no TP what would you do? Summer-Hop in the damn shower! Gino-Damn right you do. You got it! I'm waiting for someone to say they'd use the carpet or something. Betty said, she'd use a bowl of water

Tynesha-I know that Marty, you know there's been talks that he kinda wants to work with other ppl & you know you want ppl & I think I can be that person to bring you that info...I'm so nervous!! I thought from the very beginning that we'd go as far as we could. Gino-I've lost trust w/everyone. I'm going to play solo that's where my success in life has come from. I feel like I'm a target, that's why I gave this HOH my all T-Maybe, I don't know if it's be a tit for tat thing G-I've been listening. I take things in like sponge. Gino & T talk about how they were just brought into the alliance without discussion T-When ppl discuss my daughter, I feel like ppl actually care about me & I let my guard down. I've made some mistakes. G-I have some questions, because you seem like your stressed. Gino & T after the "Why do you deserve to be here" Clip coming. Gino-"Why do you deserve to be here? T-I hope this next question is lighter G-It is, u get 2 points for that one actually. Family is the most important thing Beach or winter T-Beach for sure G-I want to live with the palm trees T-I see it happening for you. Gino talks about how laid back Greece is. That's why Mental health in North America is so important. There it's not. He wants to end up living in Greece. Travel & freedom are the most important things to him. G-Bathroom #2, don't have clothes, what are you using? T-Let's see, I'll use cleaning products that I have in there, flush, and then jump in the fucking shower G-Yessss! Shower is what I was looking for T-Try to be present in your HOH, take it all in. Enjoy it.

Andrew get the fuck in here right now, I have papers to take care of. Gino's way of calling Kevin in. Kev-From a place of love. The only ppl u can trust are Jace & Kyle. Everyone else is a pathological liar Gino-Yeah, I feel like I got played. Jacey-Lynne as well. I have no trust left with anyone in this house. It was important to win HOH. G-I'm reanalyzing my entire game. Kev-How do you envision getting to the end? G-I'm not thinking too far in advance Kev-I'm dropping the bit. I think Jace & Kyle have your back & you can trust them. Starts talking about last season Kev-u have a lot of runway left. Kev-I want to get as far as I can. Now that Steph is gone. I need a showmance in the house. It's part of the experience. It's amazing, it's also, ppl are looking your way. If I win a HOH, it doesn't make sense for me to go after U & Jace. Kev-I think everyone in here is lying their asses off except for Betty Kevin is telling Gino about Jess & her probing questions bothering him & they discuss Kev's comps losses. Kev-If your not acting in a self interested way, I can't trust it. G-I have 0 trust now in this house. I saw alliances didn't work. K-I truly believe Kyle has your back. I think Kyle & Jace have your back Again, Kev needs a showmance in the house! A long showmance. Kev-The people I would be going after are the ppl I don't know what they're up to G-Why do you deserve to be here? K-I'm an underdog, that's why I didn't lie about my job. Week 1, nobody talked to me, Week 4 I fought my ass off, I'm not a target. I need a showmance. G-Who do you not want to see go? K-You or Jace, Summer or T. I'm very confused about Jess G-A lot of ppl feel that way, they have that issue Sun or Winter? Kev-Winter, I'm being real. I love Aruba but I took a trip to Iceland & it was the best trip of my life. Bathroom question Kev-At home? G-Yes, I have a bidet. Kyle explaining Yesterday was really rough. Not just for me but for the ppl surrounding me. To hear after, that this was a shit show of an HOH & Kyle was drunk was power, is nonsense. I was absolutely played this week!

While Gino is hard at work in the HOH. Kyle is also busy explaining to Josh why he put him on the block. He had 6 ppl telling him to do it. A lot of it was Hermon & I know Hermon was behind this. Hermon is doing a lot.

Hermon, Jess, & Hermon were rehashing Kyle's mess of a HOH. How they were treated.

Jess-Idk what Marty is going to say but, obviously he has a lot of information. Kyle kept me safe last week, even though I voted against his wishes, I still owe him that Haleena-Same.

Marty-I lied to him, I think I'm going on the block. Jess asks if Marty discussed Kyle's HOH with Gino, and how he wasn't happy with the trajection of it. Marty-Not really no, I talked to him about other stuff I'll fight for veto

Hal hopes they can build trust going forward. Why does she deserve to be there? She's an underdog, yes the money would be great but she wants the title of winner, being a visible Punjabi girl on tv which there are not a lot of.... Gino rewards her answers with a treat. Hal tells Gino that it wasn't her responsibility to tell G/JL how the vote was going and her reasoning for flipping on the HOH was because Kyle couldn't keep his target straight. Gino tells her that he has trust issues stemming from outside of the house. Hal gets it. Gino asks who she wouldn't want to see go up? Josh... he went through it last week.

Jess notes that they would not have put Gino up this week - they know which two they would have put up, Herms being one of them as he's playing the middle hard. Jess will always be a target in front of Gino. Jess tells Gino that she knows Gino doesn't like liars/rats and if he sees them like that, they respect it. Jess knows their name is in a lot of ppl's mouths, and if Gino wants to take that shot - so be it - but they've always been real w/Gino. Jess points out that they knew Gino would do well yesterday and points out others were surprised. Jess explains her vote this week - Steph almost beat Marty the prior week, and they had no relationship. Jess thinks other ppl owed G more information then they did last wk. Gino apologizes to Jess if he's ever mis gendered them - it's something he hasn't been exposed to. Jess tells him not to apologize, it's a learning experience. Jess asks why Gino wants to be here? He didn't know much about the game but the process sounded so intriguing.

Kyle/Gino in HOH - Kyle notes that Kevin is more tapped in then they thought. Right now Gino is thinking Marty/Jess nom - possibly T. Kyle thinks it's Hermon who has been playing the middle and pitting people against each other - Gino thinks it's Jess doing it. They are smart, so smart. Jess was the only one who kept eye contact with Gino during his chats.

Jess and Herms are going over what they experienced last week. Jess says they felt shitty having to lie. Both agree that they've been playing the cards they have, but Jess knows their social game is lacking, but they're enjoying learning more. Jess respects Herms and his boundaries.

Marty venting to Hal about how paranoid Jess is - earlier they came into the room but he never heard the first door close. That's suspicious. He tells her he talked to Gino and there's no hard feelings there - it sounds like Marty may be on/going OTB?

Marty and Hal compare notes on Hermon - they would put him up. Hal thinks they could flip Summer to take Herms out. They end it with a hug - Hal tells Marty he's got this.. Marty says he needs to get through veto first. When she leaves Marty says Hal is a good player.

T tells Haleena that she's nervous - she thinks it will be her and Marty going up. Hal confirms that Marty knows he'll be nominated.

Jess tells JL they are going OTB with Marty. JL gives them a hug and support and tells them to take this as they are a badass and they still have POV to play in. JL says she thought Marty was going up against someone else but doesn't say who.

Jess tell Marty that they are going up next to him OTB so that he's not surprised when it happens. Jess says it will give them more time to talk this week without looking suspicious.

Hal and Kyle playing chess in Expedia. Kyle stands up and asks her what was going on in the room when they came off lockdown and all went to Expedia. He says it was everyone that voted Steph out this week. Hal promises him that there was no game talk. Kyle tells Hal that he wasn't the only one making decisions on his HOH week. He now realizes not as many people had his back as he thought. He warns Hal that people are trying to use "trust" to get what they want to happen. She says she sees it. Kyle tells Hal that his trust in her has been totally shaken. Hal says she completely gets that. Hal tells Kyle that she did have his back but there was so much info going around. In the end she went with her heart. She keeps apologizing to him for her vote and says "wow. To know that people were playing me". Kyle says she's def a gamer and it's a play that she made. Kyle tells Hal that he thought they had built more than they had. Hal tells him she never smeared his name this week. Kyle says he doesn't think she did by any means. He's trying to get names out of her as to who did this to him on his HOH. Hal seems to be holding out. Kyle tells Hal that if she wants to rebuild trust and has the opportunity to show it he would love if she did so. He says he's willing to put the time in. Hal says she appreciates that and appreciates that he sees worth in her in the game.

Marty tells Summer and Moose that the lying and no sleep this week has really gotten to him and he's exhausted. He's looking really sad today. Summer tells him he still has POV to get himself off the block. Marty wants to reanalyze his game and the HG's this week

Gino and Herm in the HOH room. Gino tells him that his trust with everyone in the house is broken but he feels that the 2 of them could still work together. He says he still respects him as a player and a person. Herm feels like the top dogs are going after each other. Gino tells Herm that Marty asked if he wins POV and HOH and doesn't put Gino up can they rebuild? Gino says they will have to see when they get there. Herm says Jess is a manipulator and is smart. He tells Gino that Jess went around pushing the vote this week.

Moose and Gino are talking in the HOH room. Herm is dancing around in there to the music. Moose is being supportive of Gino's noms and they are talking about how nervous Gino is to do his speech. Hermon asks Gino to pick him for HG's choice if he wins. Moose leaves and Gino goes over his speech with Hermon. Hermon likes what Gino has lined up to say.

Summer and Josh are talking in the red room. Summer says Kyle is the worst HOH ever but she's not going to say anything until after the POV ceremony.

Marty and Summer talking in the bathroom. She tells him that "Smarty is still intact". She tells him that she will 100% vote out Jess and she thinks he willing to vote out "one of them if they're on the block". She tells him she's got him.

Kyle and Gino talking in HOH. Kyle says he thinks Hermon has complete reach into the other room. Gino is asking him to try and mend fences with Hermon because Gino wants to keep him close. Kyle says he needs to take his foot off the gas for now. Gino tells him he needs to be able to control all of that and his mindset because they are only in week 3. They have a long way to go still. Gino is trying to run through his speech for noms. Kyle keeps brining the convo back to him and what happened to him this week as well as the convos he's had with the HG's since HOH.

Marty, Kevin and Summer in the Expedia Lounge. Summer is telling Kevin how Hal was cornered by Kyle earlier and how Kyle has been trying to get info out of Hal and Betty. She says Kyle knows better than to corner her. She feels Betty and Hal are underestimated.

Marty totally fired up. He says bring on the POV comp. "Get the f*ck outta my room".

Betty, Josh and Jess are talking in Expedia Lounge. Jess says the cams follow you around when you're OTB. Betty is mad that Kyle isn't taking responsibility for his HOH week.

Gino tells Summer that he had other plans for noms but he decided to do the softer version of those plans.

Kyle and Hermon talking in HOH. Kyle is having his talk with Hermon that he said he would have after noms. He's telling Herm that his plan was to come in and attack the middle and he now sees how dangerous the middle is after his HOH. Kyle is telling Hermon he learned a lot from his HOH even if it was a dumpster fire. He knows who he can trust. He "has his circles tight" and secured up a lot in the last 24 hours Herms says he's still a little bit cheesed so it will take him a little longer. Kyle had also said he wasn't coming after Herms if it's double. Herms says he thought he would be able to kick his feet up when Kyle won but he didn't feel comfortable. If he gets something like that (not putting him up) it would make it easier for him to reciprocate. Kyle apologizes for not apologizing in the moment. Herm you were a part of all 3 of my alliances. Kyle I know. He's excited for the week Herms-I appreciate that. Lat's get some grub.

Herms - Well I didn't expect that apology from the guy

Marty-I know there's a tiebreaker this week. He says he doesn't give a f*ck. He's going to win the f*cking POV. He says he'll probably lose Gino and Kyle and he doesn't care. Jess tells Marty their sorry that Gino's words hurt him. Marty says he's sure Canada thinks he deserves it Jess disagrees Marty says they think he's a back stabber. He hopes one of them comes off Jess says Canada doesn't feel that. Jess wonders why Hermon is in good graces with Gino but not Marty Marty says they never brought up Hermon Jess asks why Hermon was in with them. Marty says Moose, Kyle, Gino were in a room and he offered to work with them and they started an alliance. Marty continues then Moose was out and Herm in. Jess says because he won HOH Marty says yah probably.

Herm tells Gino hopefully he won't have renoms Gino says he needs to talk to Marty bc he looks upset. Could be what he said "he got backstabbed and it was a hard pill for me to swallow and that's why you're on the block" Herm says it was true Gino says it's not personal.

Herms to the cams I flip them they flip back If you're real the love coms back to you Realize real lies

Josh tells Marty he would have 6 votes to stay. He say he's curious about the replacement though. Marty says he came in to calm down. He knows he looks like a baby Josh says it was a tough speech though. Josh tells Marty not to feel like it was backstabbing. Marty was doing what the rest of the house was and it was Kyle's fault. Marty says Kyle and Gino were playing him and he wanted to go with Josh Josh promises him he won't let him go. Marty says if it's an endurance they'll have to pry him out of it. He lost 30 pounds for this. Marty to cams: I know this game here&I know if I show the whole house he's gunning for Kyle&Gino that will get him Summer, T, Betty& them At the same time Gino has a f*cking tiebreaker His emotions are in play. He could work w/them or let the house know he's against them.

Josh tells Jess and Kev that he told Marty to calm down. It's a little blip. Everyone gets put on the block. !0 out of 16 have been on the block.

Hal is telling Marty that Kyle's HOH was a mess. He shouldn't go. He'll win POV and stay and Hermon should go home.

Jess asks if it's problematic for either of them to be in a room with them (not paranoia just game) Kev says maybe they should leave Jess says they were here first. They ask them to think on who they should pick for HG choice Jess leaves

Kev asks Josh if he threw Jess UTB Josh says no Kev why not Josh what was I supposed to say Kev says we knew they would take the heat He says Hermon covered himself. Josh says Jess&Marty both can't keep a secret Kev asks if Josh would use veto on him over Marty Josh-100%. Kev says he thinks it's best for noms to stay the same this week. Josh agrees. He would rather work with Marty over Jess. He says Jess is more unaware than Marty. Kyle joins Kev and Josh Kev says Marty is heated but he doesn't know if it's more at himself Kyle says Marty told him the paranoia bug bit him hard last week and he listened to everyone. He is really feeling like an absolute idiot. He says Marty gave his trust easily. Kyle says Marty told Gino to basically put him up. He's not himself, he's not sleeping and can't play the game well. He doesn't have his support system. And know he finds himself on the block at the hands of people he could have trusted but people told him not to. Kyle-I was talking to a mental health professional and he was saying some days you walk up and you can't believe you're playing big brother BB-Kyle stop that Kyle-I can't talk about mental health professional Kev-no Kyle-I'm choosing to share...anyway..

Marty comes into the kitchen and passes by Kyle without looking at him or saying a word. They tension is high. Kyle tells him "just like you said if I need you during the night you're here, same with me". Marty kind of just blows this off and says "yeah".Kyle just stands in the kitchen watching Marty, saying nothing for the moment. Marty is trying to make something to eat. Kyle pushes to talk when Marty's ready. Marty tells him angrily that he doesn't want to go off on his so "please give me my space".

Betty, Summer and Josh are talking in the red room. Josh is so angry at Kyle "He's really testing me". He just wants Kyle gone. The girls are trying to keep him calm and tell him to rechannel his energy. Josh says he's not an angry guy.

Betty and Jess talking in the Purple Room. Jess says they have no idea where Gino's mind is at for re-nom. They don't know if there is a plan for a BD or not either. Betty says she can't talk about Kyle any longer. Jess changes the subject and agrees.

Marty, Josh and Hal are in the kitchen. Marty apologizes to them for getting upset with Kyle a little bit ago. He says he was going to give "him" the week off next week if he wins "but not after this. It's personal now". He's talking about Kyle. He won't let Marty alone Marty says he feels like Kyle is fighting for his life in the game. Josh agrees "he's trying to grasp at straws'. Marty says he's not getting into it and Josh says "I don't want to get into that conversation". He's been warning Marty to calm down and be more quiet.

Kevin and Hal are talking in the SR. She's telling him about the Kyle talk. Kevin offers to go off for her. Hal says no, she wants to keep that in her back pocket. Hal says "T is running shit". Kevin says he knows and Hal leaves the room.

JL and Kyle talking in Expedia. Kyle is telling her the game of chess is the ultimate power game and so is BB. He's telling her his middle of the road/floater tactics. She says this is a great analogy on the game. Kyle says how can he leave if Betty is still in the house.

Jess, Kevin and Hal talking in the kitchen. Kevin says Marty is in a really bad place and he's worried about him. He says the tension in the kitchen for about 2 1/2 mins was really heavy. Jess tells Summer that they may want Summer to play POV for her "You're ready to be put in and play.".

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