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Live feed Big Brother Canada Friday March 25!

"Good Morning HG's it time to get up for the day." Josh is told by BB to change batteries

An interesting convo between Jess & Josh. noteworthy that Josh protects says he’s protecting Betty & Haleena above the others. Or he could totally BS to stir Summer & T away from a possible exposed alliance. Kev-I remembered who you remind me of from home-Remind me to tell u later Kev-If you need a 3rd nom, I stopped asking myself who would hurt them the most. (Moose & Hermon)

Betty getting in every minute of sleep possible

Kev cooking breakfast asking Moose how he was a bed mate. Moose rolled him out of bed at 1 point. Josh starts breakfast as well Summer, Gino, & Marty are in bathroom showering, brushing teeth, etc.

Moose, Hermon, & Josh are very quiet making coffee, etc. this morning

Jace & Haleena are complaining about Betty acting such direct questions. H-Next time she does it, I'm throwing it right back! Does she do it to you? Jace-not really, she asked if I felt comfortable this week. H-She kept asking me if I feel safe with Jess winning

Full bathroom this am

Summer-Hermon is playing both sides & we're catching on, sir. He's not winning comps. Not that I've had a chance to prove I can win, either. T-You did really well at the Santa's workshop comp. Summer-There may be a point where I'm sweating, hopefully not until the end. Summer-There are conversations we're not apart of. Why does he ask me to throw a rogue vote to blame it on Jess, sorry, I don't fuck with ppl like that. Kevin does that same shit. Kevin comes in, Summer leaves. Hermon-when something is inevitable my head just goes to, "it's all good." I've been thinking about the outside world lately & texts blowing up my phone. T-Why do you think you do that? Feeds cut. Feeds return T-I think you wouldn't be the target though. It's just because you put them up. My worst fear is to not get a chance to fight.

Jess tells Betty that they felt distant last night. Gets Visine for Betty. Betty didn't want to show to much excitement because that can be a detriment. She's excited for Jess & to see her husband. J-How are u with Hermon? B-We aren't close strategically but we are close. To be honest, if he was on the block, there's probably a 0% chance I'd vote for him I have to be honest. J-That is my concern B-I don't know who Summer or T would vote for if it were Moose/Herms. Betty would definitely vote for Moose over Herms. She never knows where his head is at. Jess-Herms chose to go against me day 2, and since has not wanted to work with me. J-anyone else who is a detriment to your game besides Marty? Betty-Marty, Jace, & Gino 100% He put a plant in everyone's ear to get Josh out, then wiped his hands clean. He told me to kick my feet up. Marty probably goes around telling a lot of ppl they're safe. Betty thinks it'd be a good idea for the 2 of them to get something with Josh. Not that she doesn't believe in the sisters, but, it'd be good to add a brother

Jess-the corp has noticed your a talented musician. We'd like to work with you in the future on a possible jingle. Jess-So by you saying my name. Are you making my decision for me? Moose-It depends on who it came from & in what context. I often say that you're a competitor. Same with Marty. Jess-My issue is optics. If half the house is expecting me to put you up & I don't, that won't look good. Unfortunately for you, you have a big target on your back. Moose-do you want me to say that I don't think Jess can win again to ppl? Jess-There's in no taking a target off my back at this point Moose repeats, Jess is strong, comes through in the clutch. Up until week 3, I thought Jess should be gone. My rhetoric is the same. editorial What is Moose doing? Moose-I know Betty has a secret power, it's no secret, she just reconfirmed it downstairs. Put me up as a backdoor to get rid of the power. Jess-I'm not backdooring you, Moose. I will give you a chance to fight, if I do put you up. Jess-Obviously there's a lack of trust, if my name is coming out of your fucking mouth there is a lack of trust. Moose-They're just running with that narrative Jess-If not you, then who? Moose-Good question, IDK, ppl that put u up, ummmm, ummmm. Moose-Who knows, Jace and could be strategizing all the time. You don't know. Same thing could be with you & me. I consider Gino a threat, he wins comps, same with Marty. I'm looking at ppl who have strengths I want Summer to stay, she still has to prove herself a bit.

Jess & Moose hug. Jess tells Moose they will make Moose privy to noms if he is going up.

Hermons turn with the HOH. Jess hopes he wasn't too disappointed about Wendys. H-I'll get plenty of Wendys outside the house Jess-Last week wasn't a vote to keep me, it was a vote to get someone out. You see the difference? Hermon-Yeah, I understand that. H-It pains me to say, but, Marty. J-Y does it pain u to say that? Were you working together at some point? H-Yeah, we were. Then he went sideways. I don't like that instability J-Is that irreparable? H-It'd take a lot J-I'd be lying if I said, I wasn't considering you. Jess con't-for us to call a ceasefire and then you still come at me after that ceasefire. I'm not going to bullshit you Herms-I appreciate it J-Our mutual love for Josh doesn't make us good

Jess wants Gino to mend his relationship with Marty. Thinks that Jace, Gino, Jess, & Marty work well together moving forward. Jess asks Gino for the ppl that gave him their name last week. Moose, then Gino pivoted to his plan of backdooring Kyle last week. Jess tells Gino to act petrified of going up. Gino-if that's how u want to play it, ok Jess-I hope this convo makes you happy on many levels. Jace and I have had a connection since day 1. I love Jace. My respect for you was already up here, now it's even higher. Gino-I like this sounds good J-Is there anything I can do for you? G-If you talk to Marty, Jess-I'll do anything to build that bridge! You need each other not only in this game but, also in life! But, it's also to your benefit to keep ur relationship hidden.

Jess-you need to get in with Gino asap Kev-He wants Moose/Hermon gone? Jess-Yes Kev-then I'll start trashing them. We should never take that shot, Jess-Everyone else is going to shoot that way. Kev-You're getting very good at the game Jess-I always have been Kev-Are you taking Summer to Wendy's? Jess-Yes Kev-Smart Jess-everyone is close with Josh but Josh isn't close with anyone. Him being close to Betty is what I needed. Kev sees a lot of his wife in Jess, from day 1. Kev-We have the heart, they make the heart symbol.

Kevin shares the story of his friend who is battling illness

Jess asks Kev what questions to ask Tynesha, Jess is very intimidated by her Kev-IDK, she's really good. She'll walk out of the room & you'll think she has your back but, she doesn't Jess-I've been saying there's a group for awhile now Kev-Summer, T, Josh,?

Moose stops into the vaca room to talk with JL. He is trying to get her to pitch to Jess that they need to put up people who are actually playing the game and "not the ones sitting around eating chocolate spread all day". Hal warned her that this would be his pitch

Moose is sitting with T in the bathroom while she gets ready. He's telling T she should tell Jess that she's good with Hermon which will keep Hermon safe because Jess won't think they have the votes and wants T to push Moose as a bigger threat in the game to shield Jess.

T is pitching to Jess exactly what Moose told her to. She tells Jess that her and Hermon are close but she's there to play for her daughter and that Moose is a bigger target in the house. T says all she has in the game is her word. Jess makes it clear that Moose and Hermon have been talking about them for a month. They tried to offer Hermon an olive branch and he didn't want it. T says that if they take the shot and both come down somehow she will try and get them to leave her alone. They're asking what puts them on that list of people that T doesn't want out. T says they've never waivered on what they want and that's integral to T's game. She also says they can bounce things off of each other and no one suspects them. Jess asks T how she wants to handle talking to Moose and Hermon after this pitch. They go back and forth with "what do you think?" They finally agree on saying that Jess wouldn't budge on their decision and it looks like Hermon and Moose are going up.

Jess is now talking with Hal. They tell Hal she's smart and beautiful. Hal tells Jess that Moose and Hermon are scared. She lets Jess in on the Moose pitch (T just pitched exactly Moose's pitch just min ago). Hal tells Jess that the people Moose and Hermon are pitching probably aren't coming for her, Hal believes they aren't. Jess tells Hal that several people pitched Hal because they don't feel Jess and Hal have a relationship. BB calls an HOH lockdown in 10 min Hal says a lot more people will be hurt by Herms going home. Jess stands firm that they both need to go up.

We've gone to speed pitching due to the HOH lockdown. JL is in there now. Jess tells her that her and Gino should always be scared because of the showmance. They says their convo with Gino went well and she can check in with him on that. Jess wants JL to work on Kevin. Jess says that they are both targets. JL says the targets should stick together and Jess agrees. JL is spilling the beans about the Moose pitch as well. Their convo is over and Jess tells her not to smile too much.

Jess calls down to Marty to come up to the HOH room. They go to the BR to talk because they both talk too loud. Jess tells him they are both targets but he's good with them and that Marty is on everyone's list. Jess says Marty needs to be happy, form bonds in the house and not mention Jess too much.

Josh-if you or Hermon won the veto. We have the votes to save the other one. Moose thinks the other one will be GIno. Moose asks T if she can persuade Jess . T says she's tried but they're very set on what they're doing. Moose asks T if she heard one or two names. T says she got both-Moose and Hermon Moose says oh it's Hermon. He wonders why they're coming for him when both Hermon and Gino put them up.

Josh-who pitched it and was that the conversation. He says she doesn't have to lie bc the opinion they gave him of her was positive Summer says she's torn Josh says Gino was the only other person there so he'd be able to confirm it. Josh asks Summer if she trust Moose Summer says no. She says of the two her preference would be Hermon Josh says they both lie. He says if they are going to lie about something this dumb then they can lie about something big.

Kevin and Jess are going over numbers with spaghetti They end up with the two of them in the middle. Kev doesn't think they're in a bad position. Jess says they're good but can't be in the middle for ever. They say the vibe between them like brother & sister is good. Kev says the only person they don't intersect with is Betty Jess says they do with Betty a little through Josh. They don't know if the 2 of them want to pull them in. Jess says she f*cked up with Betty in week 1 but fixed it Kev and Jess say Marty value them so much. Kev asks if they got good info from Summer Jess says she's willing to basically cut anyone good or bad. They think Kev needs to get Jace and Gino to not question him and ask how he can be of value to them and to Summer too.

Jess is telling Josh that they like Betty. Thy know they have boundary issues & is doing their best to pick up on cues from ppl when they overstep. Josh tells Jess that both Moose & Hermon are good picks to go up. Suggests Marty as a backdoor. Josh complains about ppl. Josh-ppl being fake. "Moose is following me everywhere" "I've never talked with him hardly at all" Jess-try to be kind Josh-I think Moose is annoying everyone today though Josh-He wants me out. Jess-Sure, some ppl are just here for the books, which is mind-blowing to m. Josh compliments their technique with the boxes. Jess-well I'm the child of 2 architects so, I guess I'm a product of them. Jess-What's your pet-peeve? Josh-ppl that interrupt Josh-Nooo, there's someone whose worse than you Jess-then me Josh-probably. Josh thinks its too early to start worrying about jury vote. Thinks it's silly after Jess asked. Jess-it's ok if you & Betty already have something or have something Josh-we don't Jess-She doesn't seem like the type that would but, she did get excited when I mentioned you Josh-We're just really, really, close. Josh and Jess listening to music now Jess and Josh listening to music Jess-this is nice Josh-says it's relaxing with no conversation. Josh-who was at the window? The Pax bros were there. I think ppl will screw that up because Hermon didn't get Wendys, so it's like a week off Josh-oh, I didn't watch season 4.

Betty-I know where mandem for life but I'm down with the siblings too Summer I'm down with siblings as well. She says they have to talk to T as well Betty asks to bring Josh in? Summer-mm Betty trusts him but feels he holds back stuff bc he respects privacy. Betty says she gets that Josh wants to find out what Herms part of the convo was to put him up but she feels Moose would put him up in a heartbeat Summer-really? Betty-don't you Summer-I don't know what that boy would do Betty feels its time to drop it. Summer says she would like confirmation if Hermon is lying Betty-yah.

Kev gives Jess advice not to be mean in their speech Jess-Am i mean? Kev says no but there's a difference about looking good for tv and being mean Jess says they don't care about that. They learned their lesson from week 1 when people said they were to sassy during veto.

Gino says he's been hearing from the other side of the house his name has been all over the place Josh says he told them they shouldn't put up Jace or Gino. They should target people who had been saying their name. Gino says he heard Betty, Hermon and T said his name. Josh says Moose and Hermon said his name but he doesn't know about T. He says with POV it would be good to keep it the same Gino agrees Josh says Jess said they had a plan Gino says they're very smart Jess comes in. Haleena comes in to check on music. She had asked Josh before Gino came in and Josh said 1 more song. Gino told her you snooze you lose (joking) She leaves Gino says he and Jace were talking and the see Josh and them as final 3. Josh says he's good with that. Josh says he's fine with either Moose or Hermon going. He asks if Gino does Gino says they both have said his name. He thinks Moose would wear more comps so maybe him. He says even if T went bc she is the "head of this dragon". Josh asks who was part of the convo for Josh to go up? Gino says it was Marty, Kyle he stepped in but wasn't really part of it Josh asks if it was Hermon or Moose bc Kyle mentioned it Gino says he can't remember if it was Hermon or Moose. Josh says Kyle told him there was a 4 of Gino, Marty, Kyle and Moose Gino says yah but then Moose started acting weird. But that's all in the past. He says he came clean to Jace about all the stuff he was in. He says the 4 joining was weird and random. Josh says people are wondering about Hermon being in that meeting bc they want to know if is telling the truth about not being there to help them decide the vote Gino says Hermon is denying stuff he has done and Gino doesn't respect that. He's always in people's ears.

Jess tells Moose it's hard to nom people that haven't said their name and he and Hermon have said they're name. Moose-so you're putting me and Herms up is what you're saying. Jess says pretty much they have to talk to Herms Moose says tit for tat he hasn't put them up. Jess says he can't put them up if he's not HOH but he's said they're name Moose says he did have influence on Herms decision week 1 but not others. Jess so name names who should I put up instead of you Moose says Kev and Betty. Betty was agreeable when he said Jess name. Moose says he doesn't know if they have relationships with Kev and Betty. There are others who might not fight for them but Moose would if it comes to that Jess asks if this would make him made if he had to fight this week Moose says yes. Moose says he didn't mend with Kyle. It may have looked like that but he didn't Kyles plan was to fracture Moose's relationships with others and split the house. He may be sour about being put up. Jess says they respect that. Jess says they're being direct Moose says they have been direct with each other and that's why he feels upset about this because he felt like they were good when they talked and they're not.

Jess says they can't get over the fact their name has been in his mouth the past month since they agreed to a cease fire. They say multiple people have sanctioned this. They dont' know if they're just saying that but they don't have a lot of people to go to. Jess says they don't want Hermon to be surprised so they're telling him Hermon says he expected it Jess tells him that Moose is the other person and not happy about it obviously Hermon says again he expected it. They expect he could win veto. Herm asks if they have a target Jess says they don't

Cams come back to this exchange between Herms and Jess. Sounds like Jess asked him who he would put up as HOH and he didn't want to say. Jess is still telling him they dont' feel safe with him Herms is saying he told them he would keep them safe he won HOH. Jess tells Herm they respect him and that's why he is going up so he has a chance to fight. They says they can tell he's done talking to them Herms says he thinks they both got their points across. Herms after Jess leaves the room: He cam talks that Jess is trying to weaponize their conversation by telling people who he would put up.

Herms tells Gino he and Moose are going up. He tells him about Jess asking who he would put up after they told him he was going up. He says "No f*cking way" "So you can weaponize my conversation". Herms is now telling Josh about his convo with Jess. He says they were looking for a reaction. They said Moose had a lot to say and asked if he had anything to say. Herms said no. He says Jess then said if I'm wrong who would you put up. Herms said he wouldn't tell them. Herms continues that Jess said other people promised them safety. He says those people haven't won stuff so they don't have to follow through. He then says they tried to weaponize the convo. Josh-I'm so confused. We already had an HOH of what not to do. Herms says Jess said why do they have to ask the perfect question? They gave him grace during his HOH and he should give them grace. Herms says his HOH was on day 2. He continues they were trying to get him upset and he wouldn't get upset. He says they're gaslighting

Jess is telling Betty about her convos with Moose and Herms. They told them they're giving them the chance to fight. Betty is upset that Moose said her name. She says that's mean. She won't call him out, or does Jess mind?Jess says that will cause drama and Betty should put it in her pocket and B money needs to use it Betty says there's other people who haven't won stuff. Why come after her, he should be trying to save his own game. Jess says they don't know where they stand with Kevin Betty says they haven't heard Kevin say their name Hal comes in to listen to music (for the third time at least) Jess says yes Betty says but it can't leave the room right? Jess-3 minutes Haleena -sure (Poor Haleena)

Herms is now telling Moose T and Gino about Jess asking him who he would put up after they told him they were putting him up. Herms says he didn't say this but no f*cking way. He says Jess said downstairs they're both so f*cking mad. He says how am I mad. I'm chilling

Jess, Kevin, Betty and Hal are sitting in the vaca room. Jess is telling them all that if they win HOH to keep their plans to themselves so that the noms can't make a plan and troll you while you're standing there doing something very difficult.

JL and Hermon are talking in the bathroom. Hermon says that he had his 8 seconds during the nom ceremony. Hermon feels that Jess thought it was disrespectful "Well I thought it was respectful that you put me OTB". JL tells him he made the most of his 8 seconds.

Summer, T and Moose are in the SR. Moose asks if he should pull Betty and Jess into HOH and hash out the conversation about Betty. Summer says she avoids the "he said, she said" stuff and if it would make him feel better than he should. T agrees.

T is cooking dinner. Some of the HG's mill around the kitchen. Hal is talking to Kevin, Betty and Jess about engagement rings, what she's looking for and the fact that she doesn't want him to go into debt for it.

Moose pulls Jess aside and says he wants to talk with them and Betty and get things out on the table. Jess asks if he wants to talk about noms and he says no, she already explained why he went up and he's good with that. Jess says "I didn't want to weaponize your words" Jess tells him OK. They leave and Moose says to Josh "Did you hear that? I didn't mean to weaponize your words?" Moose is afraid Jess will pull Betty aside so he goes to make sure this isn't happening.

Jess and Summer talking in the HOH room. Jess is very perturbed that Moose and Hermon acted poorly at the noms ceremony apparently. They wish they hadn't said anything to them prior to it. Summer is agreeing when the feeds go down again. Feeds come back to Jess and Summer again. Summer tells them if she wins POV she doesn't plan on using it and it leaning towards Moose going but will do what Jess wants. She wants Moose to go more because he doesn't see the value in Betty. Moose leaves the vaca room for a min and Josh and Gino are alone. Gino asks if Jess mentioned a replacement. Josh says no, Gino thinks it would be T. Moose returns and game talk stops.

Marty tells Jess they should be proud of themself, he's proud and happy for them. Marty wants to gun hard for HOH because he wants the vid from Kevin Robin Martin, the letter from home also.Jess asks Marty who he wants out if noms stay the same. Marty says Moose has more of a chance of winning things. Jess says more people are mad at Moose so maybe it's better he stays.Jess has now told Summer and Marty that she will tell Moose to leave the HOH room when Jess, Betty and Moose talk if Moose tries to lie about what he said about Betty being a floater and a block option.

JL is now talking in HOH with Jess. Jess asks JL if Hermon and Moose's behavior was disrespectful. JL tells them yes, that originally everyone was laughing but they all see it as cringe now. Jess- "I've had 28 days of respect, I shouldn't have given them 1 hr of respect" Jess says that they didn't mean to tell Moose "Good luck in the veto", it just fell out of my face. JL asks if that makes Hermon their target. Jess says they don't care who goes between the 2 of them.

Jess and Kevin are talking in the HOH room. They are talking about being on the website and what their standings are. Jess feels they are low. Kevin says they are in the top 5 and he's at the bottom.

Gino and Hermon talking in the bathroom while Gino is in the shower. Hermon asks him about HG's choice. Gino wants to wait until after POV and then they can chat. Hermon gets that. They will talk later.

Marty and Moose are talking in the purple room. Moose tells Marty that he mentioned Marty's name as a physical threat to Jess. Marty admits he mentioned Moose earlier in the game as well as a threat.

Marty and Hermon talking in the vaca room. Moose says if he's close to winning he might throw it to Gino to see Jess' plan implode by not being able to put Gino, then one of them gets off the block and they have the #'s to save the other. Moose also says he may pick Betty for HG's choice to show her that he doesn't think that she doesn't belong in the game. Herm says if one of my boys was up I would use the POV, if not now, when?

Kevin, JL and Hal in the bathroom. Kevin pitches that they should try and get Moose to have a house meeting for entertainment. He thinks they shouldn't be to direct about it though. They are going to see what they can do.

T takes the lasagna out of the over and says they just need to let it cool and then they can dig in. T says she's going to eat but BB calls "GN HG's" again overhead. It looks like Summer is eating with her.Jess, Betty and Hal come in for some lasagna as well. Josh originally declines some but is now sitting at the table eating lasagna with them. He tells T that it's really good.

Jess and Josh are the last 2 upstairs. Jess has been trying to get him to stay up with them in the HOH room and chat. He says he needs to go to his room because the other HG's tell him he comes in late and wakes them up.

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