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Live feed Big Brother Canada Friday March 4 !

Marty- is telling Stephanie that she's safe for the week. He wanted to win for his letter. Stephanie says that when she fell that was what she was most disappointed about, no l Stephanie assures Marty that to return the favor of being safe, she'll do whatever he wants if she wins the veto. He tells her to just have a low stress week, put her feet up & relaxetter from home.

The rest of the HG's are waking up, showering, small talk etc.

Kyle/Tynesha saying that sometimes they walk into a room & they hear silence that’s a quick way to get out! Kyle mentions the other side of the house is not gelling like the Savage 7. He laughs at calling them the other side of the house. They laugh & agree

Kyle- says based on the way the 7 talk & the reasons why they want to win makes him want one of the 7 to win.tynesha agrees that some want to do a shopping spree&buy bottles.She expresses at her debt is really bad from being young&she wants to put money away for Sienna

Marty is running around organizing the House Meeting

Marty to Hermon & Moose...meeting in an hour so, I have time to talk to everyone. I didn't realize noms were today. Hermon-that's what I was trying to tell you, that things happen fast

Kevin tells Jess he thinks he might be the target. Feeds cut for a bit. Back to Jess telling Kevin they are by themselves & their a random vote so people might come up to them but Kevin has never wavered. Jess wonders if the 2 of them should play up they're not together

Jess-I can't wear a poopy diaper all the time. Kevin-I don't know what that means. Jess says it means they can't be crying all the time. They have to go change their pants and put on a face.

Jess tells Kevin its very obvious to them that Hermon made a boys club. Feeds cut.

Marty mentions in the kitchen what he wants to talk about is that people can go in his HOH whenever they want if he's not shower, meet, etc.

Gino tells Jess he thought they were sassy in a good way. Jace (who is also there) asks during the comp? Gino says yah. Jess asks how he would behave if Hermon talked to him the way he talked to Jess? Gino says he would have been sassy too.

Marty is telling Kevin that he made that deal with Steph to not put her up or BD her but she was one of his targets. Kevin asks who he's putting up. Marty says Jacey and Jay. Marty says he offered Jay an olive branch but he never came up to him to talk.

Marty tells Kevin people were telling him to put up Jess. Marty says why would he? Jess isn't targeting him? Kevin tells Marty if he wins POV he won't use it. Marty says he appreciates it.

Marty tells Kevin he wants to talk about people being able to go in the HOH when they want. He says during Hermon's HOH only a certain group of people were in there.

Gino has warned JL that as of now, she's going OTB against Jay. JL wants Gino to push Jess instead, but Gino points out that Jess is already a big target - they'll go soon, Marty doesn't have to do it.

Marty and Kyle are checking in - they feel good with Gino as a 3. Both are wary of Moose. A DR leak is heard - a female voce congratulates Marty - they also won the second HOH of their season.

Jess is now in HOH - they implore him to not put them up, if they're a replacement - they go home. Marty points out that Jess' name came up a lot right after he won. Jess thinks they have a respectful relationship and that they can go far - even F2. Marty doesn't want Jess to go home on his HOH. Stephanie was his target, but he gave her his word - so now he has to keep it. Jess respects that and notes he did so well in the comp.

Jess asks if Hermon wanted them up again? No, he didn't bring them up. Jess needs to say 2 things.. 1- thank you. 2- you said it's me or Kevin going up as replacement. Kevin isn't playing with anyone. If Jess goes up, that's a number for Marty going home.

Jess tells Marty that if they can't win, they want to see Marty win. They're the oldest in the house, had to leave partners and lives at home - it's more than just an experience to them.

Jay now in HOH - they just want to make it to jury, and if Marty could just tell them what's up? Marty confirms that he loves Jay, but they haven't talked enough game and Jay will be going up. Jay asks if Jess is going up as well? Marty confirms it's not.

Jay points out that if they go home now, they're going home to nothing.. no job etc. Marty points out that it's the same for everyone. He counts his per diem, everyday. Marty knows that if Jay stays, Marty is probably going up, but it is what it is.

Jay heads to the BR, Kevin is there -Jay tells him they're going up, and at least Marty was transparent about it and it's not a BD. Kevin gives them a hug. JL comes into the room - Jay tells her about noms.They don't know who the 2nd nom is but they don't think it's JL.

Marty is telling Stephanie that she's safe for the week. He wanted to win for his letter. Stephanie says that when she fell that was what she was most disappointed about, no letter from home.

Stephanie assures Marty that to return the favor of being safe, she'll do whatever he wants if she wins the veto. He tells her to just have a low stress week, put her feet up & relax

Jessica is questioning Marty on who he's putting up. Marty is saying that Jess is not on his radar. Jess says, that "he couldn't have said the same thing to everyone else" Jess-I don't want to be the replacement nom Marty-we can talk about it

Jess-If I'm gone this week & next week, Stephanie wins.... Marty-I know, she'll put me up Jess-I need you to think about that right now. I can offer you that deal. I need you to hear me on that Marty-I painted myself in a corner Jess-If you put me up as replacement...

Marty doesn't want to spend all his time in the HOH room. Jacey is trying to get a meeting with him. He is evading. Haleena approaches as well. Marty says he asked for door stops so, he can keep his door open. Marty leaves. Jacey & Haleena wonder what he's going to do

Jace is annoyed that all the guys have taken up the weights. Marty rejected Jace for a chat in the HOH & Jace tells Haleena he’s so funny for doing that because he could’ve just spoke to her in that time. They whisper about what he’s gonna do for noms

Jess & Kyle hug it out in the kitchen. Jess thanks him for letting out his emotions & doesn’t have toxic masculinity & he’s happy to be on this stage to rewrite the narrative. He says it was one of the best days of his life yesterday listening to Marty’s letter

Jess tells Kyle she will always hold space for him & then she gets called to the DR. Cams switch to Haleena studying outside & going over comps/days

Gino and Josh are chatting.. they think today has been good so far. They wonder when HN's will start - both think slop will be just fine. They're not sure if noms are happening soon or if they're just going to be locked in the BY. The BY is locked now - so scratch that.

Jay and Hermon check in - Jay hopes that Hermon will have their back - Hermon will. Jay points out that Hermon has the boy's ears and Jay has the girls. Jay knows that voting to keep Melina was a bad move, but they just wanted to see if something could happen.

Hermon asks about Jay's relationship with JL? It's good, but it's obvious that JL and Gino have a showmance budding - Hermon agrees. Jay thinks between the two of them, plus Tynesha - it would be a solid group of 3 to get to jury.

Jay is filling in Josh and Summer on the fact they're going up. Josh can't wait to hear the reasoning, it all seems so random. Jay confirms that it's not Jess going up with them - Summer is surprised, that's not the vision she had.

Josh and Summer don't think this is a good move for Marty - they all wish they got to talk to Marty today, but all chose to hang outside instead. They're trying to figure out who the 2nd nom will be 0 Jay thinks it'll be Beth, wait, Betty. Jay doesn't want it to be JL.

Summer tells Jay that sure they've had some game talk, but the number 1 reason she wants to keep them in the house is for her mental health. She thinks it's very important in a game like this. If that ends up being a problem for Marty - so be it.

Jay- I guess I need to start talking more game with people. All I did last week was kiki with people. Josh agrees - he thinks that's what happened with Melina, she started playing the game too late.

Jay walks into the BR - Kevin asks if they're ok? Jay I will never loose the smile on my face. Kevin: can you call me out on that? If I loose my smile? I only have 2 modes - super happy / sad and quiet. I need to work on the in-between.

Most of the HGs are hanging out, chatting about smash rooms - topic turns to destroying cars. Haleena notes that if you're going to slash tires, only do 3 - insurance will cover 2 and 4, but not 3.

JL is pitching to Marty. They agree that they need to get to know each other better. Marty says he still has some people to talk to. He says it comes down to who he has spoken game to. She asks if he's thinking of putting her up and he says she's in for consideration.

Marty tells JL that when it was just him and Steph left in the comp last night he was hoping she would drop, but she didn't. He tried to make a deal with her but she said she wanted her pics. He says him and Steph never spoke game so she will be a consideration too.

JL asks Marty if he would be interested in a deal. He's not answering her straight away. It takes her several times of asking. He finally tells her "in the future but not right now". JL is crying. She asks if she would be the target. Marty "this is a hard question."

JL tells Marty that she knows she can be loud. He tells her it has nothing to do with that, it's just that they haven't really talked game. He hopes that if she goes up and stays that they can build something going forward. He's trying to keep his word to everyone

Jay is pitching to Marty. Cams go down for a good portion of their convo. When they come back Marty is telling Jay that Steph is safe because Marty made her a deal last night. Marty says he wants to play an honest game. Jay says they love these convos.

It's Haleena's time with Marty. They both agree that they like the change in power during the game and not a steam roll. Marty tells her he has an open door policy and everyone is welcome anytime. He says no one spent time in HOH last week "because that group was here"

Haleena tells Marty that JL and Steph weren't happy that he won HOH. She says JL is influenced by Steph.

Marty is now saying to Summer that he DID make a deal with Steph last night and he's honoring it. If she comes for him then Canada was watching and she's deceitful. "I don't want to play that kind of game".

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