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Live feed Big Brother Canada Friday March 4 !

Summer tells Gino that Hermon said he wants to get with the sisters because he usually goes the other way. Summer says the other sisters have men and she doesn't want him, she wants Arisa. Gino-you're into girls? Summer-I'm married to Arisa

Summer brings up names that Gino could be in a showmance with. He says "that one" when she says Jace. He says if it happens he's here for the game.

Josh tells Marty he's being honest about what he's saying and he hopes he can respect that. He likes him and if anything happens to Marty in the future it won't be him.

Marty says the only thing that bugs him about their relationship that it took so long for them to talk. He says if it was the other way around and Josh won HOH and they hadn't talked how would it look. That's why Marty talked to him before.

Josh tells Marty for transparency he hasn't had any conversation with Jay or Stephanie and that group. Marty tells Josh that he offered Jay an olive branch and it just died there. He says he would hang around them and hope they would talk to him but they didn't

Marty also says that he hasn't talked with Steph or really Jacey-Lynee. He likes Jacey-Lynee and it will be hard to put her up.

Summer is pitching to Hermon... she wants them to start some sort of drama with the Gino/JL showmance - possibly saying that Hermon is also into JL. Hermon is not about that life. Full stop. He doesn't want to do it. Summer says that's cool - she just wanted to pitch it. Hermon assures Summer that Gino's head is straight - they don't need to worry about it. Summer agrees - she just overthinks and wants to protect.

T comes into the phone room - Hermon tells them that the 7 is good. None of them are OTB this week, and 6 of them can play HOH next week. Just saying it gives him chills. T notes that there isn't another big alliance - they would know. There might be small ones, but the Savage 7 are it.

Steph, Summer and JL are in the kitchen. Summer is telling Steph that JL wanted to have a house meeting about the house and keeping it clean. Summer and Steph think it might be OK if it's just about that but Steph is afraid it would turn into a nit picking situation.

T and Haleena in the BR. Haleena tells T that she has her back no matter what. T says "the girls are good' and tells Haleena she doesn't think that they all need to talk constantly about them having each others backs and she likes that about them.

T says to Haleena that she feels like noms were much earlier last time. Haleena "yeah but they're messing with us". They both laugh

Betty, Moose and Josh in the Red BR. Moose says he's heard that people play independent games. Betty asks if he is and he says "hell no". So she says "then you're in an alliance". He denies it and says it's more like he has people he trusts.

Betty questions Moose about his alliances and asks what the alliances name is. Moose "people name they're alliances?" Betty gives him the side eye and he says "no. really?".

Marty and Jess are in the SR and Marty has his back to the "price wall". She's testing him on diff items and how much they cost. She tells him not to let anyone know he knows this stuff. He says he told people at first to stay safe but now he won HOH.

Betty finds JL in the WR and asks if she's ok? She is and is done crying today. Betty asks if this is just because JL didn't talk to Marty? As far as JL knows, yes. Betty doesn't think JL should stress and has JLs back. Betty leaves - JL tells Haleena that a lot of people have given her a hug and told her it's going to be ok. Jay got spicy at the nom ceremony - JL thinks they may blow up a bit this week, which is good for her.

Kevin tells Jay to remember all of the things Jay told him last week to help with his campaign... and if they get block brain - Kevin will help how he can.

JL and Steph check in - they go over votes - Jay has Josh and Summer but JL thinks she can work on T and Betty. Steph is wary of Betty game wise, but says she's such a sweet person. JL says this sucks that it's Jay, they're so entertaining - but they have to go this week

Kyle explains to Summer how social media will be different once they're out of the house. Random people will let you know what they think - a lot of them.

JL wants to have a chitty chat w/ Kevin - she knows it's early but she needs 7 votes. He's not too sure what's going on - JL gets that, but she thinks they have this low key bond. Kevin agrees, but he can't give her an answer until after veto.

JL tells Kevin that she wouldn't put him up - he's happy to hear that because no one talks to him. JL: aww, I'll talk. Let's talk. Kevin talks comfortability in the house starts tearing up, which makes JL tear up - they agree that this game is mentally exhausting.

Kevin wants to give JL a hug, but he's not a hugger. They decide to come up with a hug alternative. JL wants Kevin to know that his name is not the one coming up for replacement. She asks if he needs anything before she goes? Kevin: no, I'm just emotional as always.

Marty is explaining to Hermon about his talk with Jay earlier - he told them straight up that they're the target. He's pretty sure he turned and said something to the camera mid way through. Hermon thinks that's wild.. "how the fuck are you man?!".

B asks who JL thinks is in the guys alliance? JL isn't sure, B notes that it's so hard - are the guys just talking or working together? B notes that JL and Steph are tight, and that's good. B is happy they're talking, but warns JL to chill, because she can be loud.

JL is campaigning to Betty - B wants to know who JL is thinking when it comes to targets? JL isn't sure, she hasn't talked enough game but she knows that it won't be one of the girls. The guys seem to have something going on so the girls have to stay tight.Betty feels comfortable talking to JL and if JL is promising Betty would be safe if she won HOH, then she's good with that - but don't lie. There's so many things they could do in the game if there's no lying.

Kevin and Josh are chatting - mainly about Kevin's feelings post eviction. Kevin thinks he had the worst breakdown last night in front of everyone and it was embarrassing. K: how do you get me to open up to you? I want to be a better listener.

Kyle, Gino and Summer are talking relationships/sexuality - Summer wonders if she opened the door to explore past cis men would she find the one? Kyle says he LOVES WOMEN - if you identify as woman, biologically a woman.. anything - he loves them.

Summer jokes about learning to not plan so far ahead in the game. She's going to pop off and tell the person there's a BD plan for them, but in 30 days!

Steph tells Josh that he's good with her. She's making an effort to talk game with people as she heard that it's a reason people are scared of her - they don't know where her head is at.

Betty is talking to Summer in the Red BR. She says JL came up to her & said she thinks the girls could do something & tells Betty she's intimidated by her. Betty tells Summer "is it because I'm a black girl". Betty says she kept her mouth shut & she would be proud of her

T and Jay are talking in the BR. T asks them if they have ever had a problem at work with how they identify. They say being a server they are not going to explain it to everyone or correct them but they do put they/them on all of their applications.

Kyle, Moose, Gino and Steph are in the phone room silent. They are meditating. Steph says mindfulness is important to her and she likes to spend about 30 min before bed meditating. Moose and Kyle leave the phone room and Steph and Gino lay down next to each other.

Steph asks Gino when he started meditating. He says a few years ago and he sometimes does it 3 times a day. Steph says meditating is a big part of what she does with the kids she works with. She also likes to work out more at night then during the day

Steph tells Gino she wants to sleep in one of his sweaters. He says she can use the green one. She says she always gets what she wants. Steph says she's sometimes too nice to people and it doesn't always go well. She needs to work on that.

Jay and Josh talking in the SR. Josh tells Jay that he thinks the noms will stay the same unless he wins POV, he will take Jay down. Jay asks that if they pick HG choice could they choose him to play for him. Josh doesn't say yes but says Jay would stay against. JL

Josh tells Jay that he doesn't know if it's a F2 but he feels they have a close connection and if it were the 2 of them and someone else he would take Jay to F2.

Josh tells Jay he would prefer they not tell anyone that they have Josh's vote. Josh says that JL is a strong girl and then asks Jay if they can meet in 30 min. Josh doesn't seem to want to get caught talking to Jay alone. Jay thinks they can get 8 if he can get Moose.

cams 1/2 down for a while and lights out on 3/4 now. There's some general chit chat with lights out but no game talk. We will see you again in a few hours! Sleep well BB-Lovers

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