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Live feed Big Brother Canada Monday April 11!

Sounds like the feed outages could be of a secret power or task for a secret power coming into play! Gino and JL talking about someone earning it, a red ribbon found in the couch. Don’t know if it’s been found but speculation is that Marty could have

Jace-It's interesting that the week I called you out for having a secret power, one was released in the house Gino & Jace-are debating the wording of the announcement made. They said earned it? Gino mentioned the red ribbon under the couch. Jace speculates Marty has the power. But, will never admit it. Gino will chat with him later.

Jace-Must be nice being HOH the same week you get a special power. (She's trying to see if Gino has it or not) Gino-Well if you're going to do it, might as well do it all the way.

Kev-If it was me, I would've used it to stir shit up. That was a hell of a pitch Moose-at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. I don't care I think it was Kevin Kevin comes back Kevin-it wasn't me. Moose says they know for a fact it wasn't him, Summer or Hal - Josh swears it wasn't him. Either way it sounds like it wasn't used.Josh wonders if they were going to have to nominate 2 ppl right away. Because they said "gavel eviction" Kev thinks it was found in Expedia beach. Because it was "earned" Haleena-It had to be used this week

Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

Haleena did not use the Veto.

Haleena has broken the streak of the Veto being used every week this year. Currently, Moose is on his way to join his buddy Hermon Nizghi in the Big Brother Canada 10 jury house. However, there is always a chance of a Veto flip.

The Big Brother Canada 10 Live Feeds were down for the majority of the day on Sunday. Therefore, the viewers missed much of the action. The feeds then went down pretty early in the day. Going into this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony, it was still a bit of uncertainty about this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony, but we could assume what could happen during it.

The Big Brother Canada 10 Live Feeds were down for the majority of the day on Sunday.

Therefore, the viewers missed much of the action. The feeds then went down pretty early in the day. Going into this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony, it was still a bit of uncertainty about this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony, but we could assume what could happen during it.

Head of Household Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos entered this week with one goal: backdoor Martin “Marty” Frenette. He thought that the best way to achieve this would be to nominate Moose Bendago and Summer Sayles. Then have the Veto used to save one of them. He informed almost everyone about his plan, and those he didn’t inform found out.

Basically, everyone knew about this backdoor but the intended target. Gino’s plan seemingly is going to fail miserably today. One of the few players who couldn’t win this week’s Power of Veto Competition to ensure that the plan happened, won it. Haleena Gill won the Power of Veto Competition. Kevin Jacobs and her want Marty to stay because he’s good for their long-term game.

It would have been truly a shock if Haleena used the Veto. Not using the Veto also puts Gino in a lot of trouble if Marty wins the HOH next week because most likely everyone will tell him so that he returns the favor by backdooring Gino next week.

Hal asking Josh what the menu is for them when they’re off slop?He plans to make a bacon potato hash with blueberry pancakes & fruit salad & if BB has a problem with that they can speak to him.He says BB knows how bad it’s been &he can’t do another day on slop

Moose is trying to figure out where and when the power was found - it must have been Expedia when most were in the BY - Hal says she was in there most of the time but there was always someone in there with her.

Summer needs her mic pack off, but it's on her bra and doesn't want Gino to get in trouble - he says it's no problem, and fixes it.

Summer asks Gino who he thinks found the veto? Marty. Summer agrees.

Marty/Sum outside by HT. Marty tells her he knows G would put him up but he wouldn’t do that cause of his character & he already turned twice. Sum doesn’t get it &wonders if it’s cause they have a F4?Marty says no it’s broken game wise & he would be embarrassed if he did. Marty can’t wait to watch back &see himself like a beat up dog trying to ask Hal what’s going on. He says now she didn’t use POV cause he saved her in the chain. Marty says Herm was there when G turned on Josh too so he told Josh the truth too. Marty doesn’t like lying&the guilt eats him alive I don’t know if you’re noticed & Sum says she did. Marty says it was eating at him for pitching Josh to Kyle & he’s not made for this game.Sum says that’s interesting you really value G.Marty says he felt that with G/Kyle. He says it sucks & it’s more than game to him. He will have G’s back&he knows he won’t. Marty knows it’s not a good game move & Sum agrees but she won’t judge. He knows when he goes home everyone will wonder why he turned on G! Marty is not stupid cause as soon as he doesn’t have power he could be BD.He needs help going forward.Sum says she wants to go forward but 2 people need to stay protected for her.Marty knows he has had issues with Josh/Betty but once they have power they can prove to him. Marty says if Sum/Betty/Josh can keep him safe next week & he can build trust. He wants to do a 1 week thing if he wins too he has to prove. Sum wants to win & prove too. Marty broke enough promises & he won’t be making anymore he can’t keep. He knows it’s BB but still. Marty says he was so out of his mind after the chain & she will see. He thanks her for the chat & she mentions it’s raining& goes to leave. She agrees it was good & hopes to move forward. Marty says he won’t forget if they keep him safe next week & she thanks him

Suspicious minds are working overtime in the Big Brother house.

Just before today’s veto ceremony a secret veto was unleashed in the house. None of the houseguests have admitted to earning it and none of them used it at the ceremony so it could be null and void.

“They said they earned it so there probably wasn’t a vote or anything,” said Kevin to Gino and Jacey-Lynne as they spoke outside the HoH room.

“Did they say earned it?” asked Gino.

“Yeah, I think Haleena said earned it,” replied Jacey-Lynne.

“I don’t think it was Betty being quiet with the phone. I don’t think it would be that far back,” Jacey-Lynne speculated.

“Maybe they earned it because they searched for it?” she continued.

“It could mean anything,” Gino answered. “There was a red ribbon in that couch.”

“I just think if anyone was going to find it, it would be him because he was up early,” said Jacey-Lynne of Marty.

Jacey-Lynne told Gino that Marty promised again that he wouldn’t come after them.

“Yeah, that is b—–t,” said Gino. “Just keep reassuring him. It doesn’t make sense to attack the five right now.”

Haleena, Kevin, Moose and Josh speculated about the power while sitting outside.

“That added some spice! That was a twist! It shook us up!” said Haleena.

“I don’t care that nobody used it. It was so exciting. I was going to be in this position any way. For me, it isn’t a missed opportunity,” said Moose who remains on the block along with Summer this week.

“I think it was Kevin who got it. That is why he got excited about my pitch because he really wanted to use it but didn’t. It is Kevin. He is full of s—t!” laughed Moose.

Kevin frowned.

“I am allowed to joke about it. I am on the block, bro,” laughed Moose again.

“Time will tell,” said Haleena.

“Time will tell but at the end of the day I don’t think it matters. It is a dead topic,” said Moose.

“They didn’t use it,” added Kevin.

“They didn’t use it. Life goes on. We’re still on the block. That was how it was going to be,” sighed Moose.

Moose and Josh playing chess. Moose says he's been an open book the whole time but Summer has been saying I'm not promising anything to anyone the whole time. Moose tells Josh to sleep on it and they can talk with Jace and Gino about a final 4 tomorrow. Josh asks if they would be down for that. Moose thinks they will be.

After Moose/Josh stop talking game, Summer peeks in, leaves and comes back in Summer says she heard everything. Moose says Sorry. I had too. I offered him all of his life's pleasures out of here to stay. After Summer leaves: Moose Jesus Christ it terrifies me when she does that now Josh-I know Moose-I'm like was she out there the whole time.

JL/Gino cam back - JL is telling him about either Betty or Hal pitching hard to keep Moose but then took it back a bit by saying keeping Summer would be good too. They agree sending Moose is the way to go this week.

Hal thinks Betty is jealous of Kev's relationship with Josh, Kev agrees. She also doesn't think Betty likes her very much, Kev agrees with that too. Hal feels bad about Moose leaving, Kev asks if they should flip it? Hal isn't sure.

Josh asks Marty how he's doing? Good - he had to step back last week as he was taking things personally/emotionally and had to remind himself it's a game. Once he did that, he felt much better.

Summer tells Kev that she feels good with Marty, but he's going for her people. It puts her in a sticky situation. Kev points out that you can't make it F5/4 with all of your people - you have to be a little flexible.

Kevin tells Gino he doesn't think it was Marty who found the veto - Marty swore on everything he didn't. They agree Moose should go this week. Kev doesn't care which of the 3 go next, even Summer could be dangerous. Gino thinks a girl needs to go next.

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