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Live feed Big Brother Canada Monday April 18! (movie1)

Marty tells Hal he wants to talk in half an hour or an hour. He says everybody together. Hal asks what he wanted advice on. Marty says he figured it our. "I was kind of a tough decision but I came up with this on my own." Marty says Kevin asked me (Static noise couldn't hear what) It looked kind of suspicious. I want to go hash things out. Hal tells Josh Marty is on a power trip. He said he figured it out on his own. He said they'll chat later. Josh-It's going to be Kevin Hal agrees. She says she's so pissed off.

Marty has a meeting in HOH with the F5(G/Jace/Hal/Kev) he is naming off the people they’ve gotten out. He says they would go down inBBCAN history with taking out 6 people before F5. Kev says Josh goes & then we just have to win HOH & we’re in F5. Marty talks about having doubts & having cracks. He says we can’t turn on each other at this point & we have to stay strong together.He says he spoke individually with all of you & I’m gonna trust my gut & it’s telling me you guys are telling the truth.This is all I have. He’s making each member say they’ll vote to evict Josh & they’re 100% & they won’t be turning on F5. Marty tells Canada we heard it today that nobody is turning. Marty says it sucks for me to put 1 of us up. If Sum didn’t have safety then she would be replacement. Marty says each week we will have to do this & someone might have to go OTB. Marty is making them random pick different gummies to figure out who’s going OTB. Kev laughs as G gets picked to go OTB. Kev thought he was the wild man in the group. Jace saying if anyone flips I’m gonna punch someone in the face. G looks shocked. Marty is asking for them to pose & hold to the cams. Marty tells G that we just have to stay together. Sounds good? They do a handshake together & say 5 & leave. Marty says that was entertaining to himself & he wasn’t expecting that. Marty says he truly believes that was the way to do it & he trusts his grandma(?)

Hal is celebrating alone& silent screaming & telling BB she loves them because G is going OTB instead of Kev & she says are you kidding me? I’m shookth right now! Hal says this man is insane & does her makeup. Josh comes in & Hal tells him G is going up. Josh wants to pee himself he can’t believe it. Hal says Jace is pissed & she looked right at Hal/Kev & said if you 2 flip I will punch you in your faces! Josh leaves. Hal asks herself how to act? What do I do?

Gino finishes his breakfast & goes to $. Kev comes in & tells him that was tough but he’s got his back. Kev says I’m sitting here about to puke & you’re the most calm man ever. G says he is calm they have the numbers. Kev says that was…. G says f&@k it I’m wearing this

Gino asks Summer to talk in "their usual spot" Gino tells her he's going up. He's pissed right now at Marty. He has the votes to stay but if he has her vote it shows she's more loyal to him than Josh. If he wins HOH he's going to put up Marty and Kev.

G playing pool alone after telling Sum he’s pissed he’s going OTB & she was going to be the pawn. He wants Marty/Kev up if he stays! He knows Betty will vote to keep Josh but hopes he has Sum’s vote. He is pacing downstairs now

G/Josh in KT. G tells him he’s going up next to him. Josh doesn’t believe him. Josh says no I don’t believe you. Say it in my eyes. G says it’s me Josh. Josh says wth & he is speechless & has nothing to say. G says same,same. Josh sighs & asks did he say why or anything? G says he pulled us 5 options in a room & I’ll let you after. Josh says this game is f&@ked! I’m sorry BB I’m trying not to swear. He’s making eggs while Sum sits on the island where G is too. Josh asks that was today? G says it was this morning. Josh asks how he feels? G says not good obviously. Sum knew something was up cause he was being followed by the cams. Bb says stop talking about production. Josh thought Sum was saying THEY were following him around too much. She says no.

Sum/Josh talking about mega bed & the sleepover in Expedia together. Sum was convinced a power was going to rise from the ground for them but it didn’t.

Hal/Sum whispering in KT about taking the shot against G. Sum says G told her he has the votes to stay tho? Hal says we will talk later. Sum says please don’t tell me you have debt to repay? Hal says no & gets her food.

Sum/Betty in $ & Betty says if Marty does this? BOSS! BOSS! Sum agrees. G wanted to know where Sum’s loyalty it at & he told her he’s putting up Hal/Kev/Marty if he wins HOH. Betty wants G to talk to her about it.

JL and Kev say they can't believe it Kev asks if she's good JL says yah bc they have the numbers. She says Marty is out of his mind. JL says it was a cop out from Marty bc he didn't want to get blood on his hands with the group. He should have made a decision. She says it's not her game though it's his. "He's a man of surprise. Should have seen this coming."

Summer tells Betty its GIno. JL told her. JL said he has the votes to stay. Summer says is she that dumb? Betty says to remember it's Monday. They both can't believe Marty might get Gino out. Summer tells Betty that Gino told her if she votes for him to stay he's putting up Hal, Marty and Kev if he wins HOH.

Gino tells Hal he trusts her and Kev. He told everyone he's going up. He told Summer to try and get her as a safety vote Hal-gummy bear? are you kidding me. Gino-yah. It is what it is. JL and Gino hug JL says she's so upset Gino says it's okay. He shouldn't have been the nice guy he should have been that guy.

Marty tells Kev they should do the gummy bear thing every time so they don't fight. Marty says he knows Gino and them are scared Kev says they'll see this week. Marty says they'l see when Josh walks out Marty says this needs to keep between you and I. He tells him he's not on the outside. He promised Gino to final 4. He would vote out JL. Marty-everything happens for a reason. I wanted Betty out, but, she won. So, if Josh goes this week maybe, next week, he would've won. Next week if it's a triple we need to work with someone else Marty called to DR

BBCAN10 Week 8 Nominations!

Betty used the Veto to save herself. Marty nominated Gino as her replacement.

Big Brother Canada 10 has returned to form with the Power of Veto being used this week. We’ve been treated to almost an entire season with the Veto being used to save one of the nominees. Last week, Haleena Gill was the first houseguest to not use the Veto during the Power of Veto Ceremony. This was also only the second time this season that a nominee did not win the Veto.

This Big Brother Canada 10 week has restored the Veto pattern. Nominee Betty Yirsaw won the Power of Veto Competition. Obviously, as the Veto winner, Betty plans to use it to save herself. This means that Head of Household Martin “Marty” Frenette found himself in a very tricky situation. He’s aligned with two powerful duos, Kevin Jacobs and Haleena, and Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos and Jacey-Lynne Graham.

He would have to possibly anger one pair of duos by putting someone on the block. Marty really wants to repair his relationship with Gino after betraying him twice. He also has no clue how close Gino was to backdooring him last week. Therefore, Gino seemed completely out of the running for a potential replacement nominee.

Canada also took Summer Sayles out of the nominee pool by giving her Eviction Protection Insurance. This left Marty with three potential replacement nominees Haleena, Jacey-Lynne, and Kevin. Both Haleena and Jacey-Lynne played a major part in keeping Marty from going home last week. Jacey-Lynne didn’t use her Secret Veto, which also prohibited the backdoor plan and Haleena didn’t use her regular Veto.

This made it easier for Marty to make up his mind about nominating Kevin. He also knew that Josh and Kevin were pretty close and by nominating him, he took away one of Josh’s potential votes to stay. Josh made it even more obvious of his closeness with Kevin by completely sobbing during Kevin’s secret fake self-eviction mission.

However, in typical Marty fashion, this morning he woke up with a new plan. He gathered Gino, Haleena, Jacey-Lynne, and Kevin in the HOH room. He said they were a five so it shouldn’t matter who went up. He then made them draw for gummy bears. Marty, however, did give Gino the opportunity to not be in the running for nominations because of their history. Originally, there were only three gummies (two yellows and one red). Gino agreed that he wanted to be an option so a third yellow gummy was added. They all picked.

Gino got the red gummy bear and now became the replacement nominee.

Did the red gummy bear really determine Gino’s fate this Big Brother Canada 10 week? Read below to find out.

BBCAN10 Week 8 Nominations

Betty used the Veto to save herself. Marty nominated Gino as her replacement.

Currently, Gino should be very afraid. Marty believes that Haleena and Kevin will vote out Josh over Gino, but Kevin could easily use this opportunity to keep an ally and break up the showmance. It may be too tempting of an opportunity to not take. We’ll have to wait to see how this week plays out but neither Gino nor Josh should then think their place in this game is safe this week.

It definitely going to be an interesting week.

Haleena-Like with Gino, are you dumb or are you stupid. Kev-His math was terrible! They are going to murder us! Hal-Did you hear Jace, she said she was going to punch us in the face if we turn on her Kev-Let her! Then she gets evicted. Josh tells Hal she needs to work on her relationship w/ Betty and Summer this week. Hal wants to but thinks they may not like her. Josh assures her that it's not about liking, they think she's indecisive - so work on that. Josh says it’s amazing we got Jess/Herm/Moose/G that’s like the 4 strongest people out. Josh says someone is going to do the dirty work. He was so stressed last night & was tossing & turning. Josh tells Kev that Jace said he’s walking around all smug. Kev says let’s see how it plays out but I swore on the wedding ring & Jill said I could do it once oh well! Kev would rather go 4-1 & take their chances when Josh suggests 3-2 vote.Josh tells them that Betty/Sum are upset with them cause they never make any decisions. Kev says he loves that. Josh won’t tell them Kev/Hal are voting for him. Kev says Betty will tell him she knows he won’t vote out Josh but Kev will say he’s undecided

Betty/G in BY on blue sofas. Betty says it’s a dumb situation & this guy is not a player bro. G says he has Jace & he says Hal hopefully too cause Jace & her talk.Betty says she doesn’t think Kev would go against him either.Betty is being real with G she can’t lie to him. G totally understands cause Josh is her #1. He will be speaking to Kev soon. Betty says let his mind chill first & then. G says it’s just Sum & obviously she’s tight with you/Josh. Betty says she’s wild bro, she was gonna vote me out you never know. G says ya Sum is an independent player. Betty says Jace was pissed! G agrees & says he’s been trying to stay calm. Betty says he’s the calm 1 out of them 2. Betty suggests he do a HT session. G thought she meant HOH tub & he doesn’t want to. Betty laughs. Betty says watch now Marty will be upstairs the whole day after this move. Betty says she’s getting Marty out no matter what he’s first to go. She wonders why anyone would want to play Marty’s game right now?? She tells him to chill & he hates the 2 days between

Betty/Josh on BY blue coaches. Josh says everything is going so smoothly but wonders about a triple? Betty says once Marty is up even if it’s a triple& he doesn’t win POV? She says see ya never maybe. Big facts! Sum comes to sit down. Betty says G is a calm person & he’s genuine & that’s why he would win this game. She wonders why he would agree to put his bear in? Too nice. To protect his girl? They laugh. She says I got my man at home. Sum says he was trying to bring up the nice nice business now. Betty says they really need HOH. Sum wants a trivia, she hopes it’s something with the mind. Josh thinks a puzzle. Sum says there was a poker chip HOH& she says the closest day comp was before/after.Betty says if she wins HOH she’s had the full experience without winning. Sum says she would love to win & BBCAN Awards with a nice dress. Betty wonders if they get to see them? Sum says in jury. Betty wants G to cuss out Marty &a Josh says he wouldn’t. Betty says G is sucha nice guy. She can’t believe she’s made it this far, isn’t it wild? Sum says it’s beautiful,they could win. Betty says she’s just trying to make it to next week &fight. Betty says she knows her personality & either you like her or you don’t. She only took work off til April 26th. She said people did come for her but she’s still here! Betty says hearing from Ian& tells her she’s a strong woman & she makes her want to keep fighting.Betty says it brings her pure joy that Canada loves her & voted for her. Josh agrees & Betty says she’s so grateful for meeting Sum & she hopes her channel blows up after this! Sum thanks them. Sum says most people she’s close to are still here & includes Hal. Betty says Sum has helped make this house fun &light.

Kev/Hal agree they will take each other down with the veto if they're up in the triple. Hal wonders if Josh will cut Summer before them? Kev has faith that he will. They start figuring out what they will tell JL about voting Gino out.Kev/Hal agree that they got lucky today. Hal why would Gino agree to it? He's dumb. Hal thinks if they told Josh/Betty that JL had the secret veto last week, it will show them where everyone lies. Kev agrees - he thinks Hal should tell them Thursday morning. Unleash it into the house - Hal agrees, she'll blame the leak on Marty. Kevin thinks this will be it when it comes to his relationship with JL in the house. It's ok though, he needs an enemy. Kev tells Hal she'll have to hold him back from saying mean things to Marty going forward - he can't tell me how to vote, he can't just blow up on me.

JL/Gino talking about the plans going forward - JL thinks majority of the house would put up Kevin/Marty in the triple. JL thinks if you put Kev up in a triple, he's gotta go. JL thinks Summer looks stressed and that she's thinking - this won't be an easy vote for her.Gino: I should have said no, it would have been 2 to 1 odds, not 50/50. JL tells him to not dwell on it, she can't believe how fucked Marty is for even suggesting it.

Gino/Marty talking french in HOH - Marty is explaining how this won't end up with Gino going. Kev thinks his has a F2 w/Marty, but Marty never agreed to that. Gino explaining what he'll say to Summer to secure her vote. Gino will use the gummy bear in his pitch "wtf". Marty tells Gino he can tell people that Marty has Kevin 100% and it's a locked vote against Josh.

Josh tells Betty that Kevin is being weird, it's creeping him out. Betty tells him not to tell anyone, but Marty told Kev he can't even talk to Josh this week. But don't call it out, they need this week to work.

Summer/Betty check in - Summer thinks Kevin will be voting Gino out, Betty does too but they're not going to talk to him about it. Betty points out that Marty will be in gen pop all alone next week.

Summer asks Hal if she knows where her vote is going? Hal's pretty sure she does. Summer notes that she has not promised Marty to vote his way.. Plus she's a petty pawn. Gino broke her streak.

Marty says when he's out of the house he won't read the negative stuff. Josh doesn't think there's any negative stuff about Marty out there. JL is down to read it all, she thinks it will be humbling.

Marty tells JL the the bears were the only way to stop the bickering between the 5 - he trusts all of them and this was the only fair move. Marty knew Gino would put his bear in because Marty would have done the same. If Kev flips, M's game is done but M knows he won't. Marty points out that he's hinted to Kev that he'll take him to F5, even though he won't. But as long as Kev doesn't know that, he'll be loyal.

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