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Live feed Big Brother Canada Monday April 4!

Betty swears she doesn't know what's happening (with veto) They both get excited, saying "imagine if Josh stays too!" Betty is trying not to get her hopes up.

Hermon found some of his clothes frozen in plastic container. "Someone will pay!"Hermon shows Betty his half defrosted clothes. She said, "I guess that means no more pranks for you" Hermon-It's not over until I say it's over.

1 hour until the POV ceremony! BB gives them the warning.

Marty is outside practicing his speech as well as going through scenarios. What a beautiful day said Marty, Day 38, the day Marty blindsided Hermon. Translator needed. But I heard Hermon, Betty, & Josh. so, I think Marty is just telling Gino the plan. Marty doesn't mind making this move. He wants to make good TV and for this to be an epic season. He hopes Jess is watching because Hermon was shitty to them during his HOH.

Marty & Hermon talking about it looking like it's early outside. Maybe there is a secret power. Maybe BB has something up their sleeve. Marty is telling Hermon that Jess reminded him of his sister. Their relationship was exactly how he is with his sister. Loves them but sometimes, they'd get so mad at them. Marty & Hermon both love being there, They can't believe it's been 38 days, They're hoping they get a jury announcement this week. They'd both be happy to make that milestone. Marty tells H about Kev, saying in past seasons the prize money goes up. Marty is a pessimistic person by nature. Hermon is also, when he tries to manage expectations, like at work or before vacations. Anything can go wrong, so he's not on vacation until his flights landed and he's in his room. Marty doesn't think Betty has a secret power after how upset she was after the veto comp. Marty thinks she might have won money. Betty is a really smart player, Marty says. Hermon agrees. Hermon is 95% positive Betty has a secret power. Hermon heads inside with no clue he's going OTB. Marty is going to get some sun. Thinks it's only 8 or 9 am.

HG's getting ready for the POV ceremony

Marty practicing his speech when he puts Hermon up. Not personal, strictly game, loves him, he's a good friend. When Jess was (inudible) Betty joins him outside.

Marty tells Betty he's taking Josh down and putting Hermon up. It's not personal, it's strictly game. Betty hopes Marty knows that she was serious when she apologized yesterday. Betty-Did you tell him? M-No, I'm not telling him B-Ok, I won't tell him either. We'll just try to make sure nobody flips out after Marty tells Betty he's going to throw something in his speech for Jess.

Hermon is teaching a new hand shake to Josh for them to use. Poor Hermon has no clue

Betty practicing her veto speech. Hermon & Heleena talking about her family. Betty-They'd be stupid to keep Herms over me, right? I think so but, IDK, We'll see Goes back to veto speech.

Marty, I've thought about what we talked about. It hurt me when you said that stuff. I'm down for it. There's a new move planned for today. Summer-if it's what I think it is and it's someone ur putting up to make your game a little easier. I hope that's the case. Marty & Summer confirm their deal moving forward. Summer leaves happy

Gino & Hermon playing pool. Gino is low key warning Hermon without really saying anything that could risk his own game. G- Have you spoken to Kev? He says he won't use it but ... I'm actually kinda nervous, I'm getting paranoid too- H- I'm nervous too, gotta accept it for what it is and wait.

Marty thinks something is going down today. Probably Betty's secret power. Summer has no idea. Marty says he wants to talk to Summer again. Marty-If I have to put up 2 replacements if Betty uses her power, it's no problem, Hermon, then Moose Summer promised me her vote Haleena-We still have 2 days, it's too early to put stuff in her head. Haleena-You will have a time to say it. Now isn't it. Says it's ok to ask for her vote but, tells Marty not to give her names. Marty-something is happening, I can feel it! Some kind of twist. Summer says they're staying loyal even if there's a second renom. Marty called to DR so convo gets cut short

Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

Big Brother Canada 10 is nothing if not unpredictable. We’ve had nominations change every week so far (minus the Chain of Safety Double Eviction). Players who have felt completely safe found themselves on the block and the new target. Players who thought they survived eviction, found themselves blindsided during the live vote.

Big Brother Canada 10 is really living up to the “expect the unexpected “ motto. It looks like this Big Brother Canada 10 week will be no different. Someone who thought he could dance his way to another week may see himself dance his way back onto the block.

Josh Nash and Betty Yirsaw may live another day in the Big Brother Canada 10 house as Kevin Jacobs worked his magic and got Martin “Marty” Frenette to do something that doesn’t benefit his game but works great for Kevin’s game. He gets to win points with an ally and get out his biggest threat.

Yesterday in the Big Brother Canada 10 house, the stage was set for Marty to blindside Hermon Nizghi by nominating him after Kevin takes Josh off the block. However, will Marty actually go through with this plan?

Find out below by seeing what happened during this week’s Big Brother Canada 10 week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony.

BBCAN10 Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Kevin used the Veto to save Josh. Marty named Hermon as his replacement.

Things aren’t looking good for Hermon’s future in the Big Brother Canada house, but it’s not over until host Arisa Cox says that a player has been evicted. This week comes down to whether Kevin or Hermon can influence the house most.

Herms thinks this was a dumb move - Josh won't be happy, this is a slap in the face to Gino. Herms asked Hal if she knew, she said she didn't - she's such a liar. Herms doesn't think Summer knew, Moose agrees. Herms tells Moose this is a very different feeling, being BD. Hermon thinks Marty thinks he has Kevin/Haleena/Gino/JL. H/Moose don’t think Summer knew. Moose says he would need to BD Marty. Thinking about putting Kevin/Haleena as noms. Or Marty/Haleena. Hermon says he’s not thinking of next week yet. Hermon says if Marty shoots he better not miss b/c he’s coming for that ass. Says Marty can’t tell him to dance or not. He’ll dance on Marty’s grave when he’s evicted. Hermon talking to cams about how Marty is trash! Blamed Josh/Betty for his actions, bang tables. Hermon has some words for Marty - mainly that he's trash.

Summer tells Josh she knew this morning that the veto would be used but was told to not tell Josh. She thinks Marty wanted a reaction out of Josh. Betty asks Josh if he knew? He didn't - Marty just told him he had a plan. Summer notes she doesn't want to study w/Moose. Summer thinks Kev had to use it - it was already written in the stars. She picked him to play and she wanted both of her ppl to stay. Betty notes Gino didn't know and he is shook.They go over votes - Summer thinks Marty may have to break a tie. Josh doesn't think they can count on Hal's vote. Summer: "this girl". Summer asks what they think Kevin will be like as HOH? Josh thinks good. Summer agrees - he'll take some shots. Herms telling Gino that he's got his and JL's back - it's obvious who he's going for next week. He points out that Betty is gunning for the showmance. Herms wants to make Marty's week a waste. Herms- Marty wouldn't put him up unless he he had the numbers. Gino points out that Marty and Summer had a long talk and Marty wanted to bring Smarty back. Herms doesn't think Sum pitched his name - neither does Gino. Herms thinks Josh knew and gave a good performance. Hermon tells Kevin he can look at him in the eyes - he understands why Kevin did what he did. Hal/Marty in HOH. Hal telling Marty about how Herm thought he knew everything happening&that it was a revenge week for Marty. She talks about his ego being hit. Marty tells her about his chat with Herm after POV speech. Herm thought they were good with the 1 week deal. Marty says you told me that you’re going for Hal/Kev that are 2 of my closest people that I love.Hal says you said that?Marty says that Herm told him he backstabbed 3 times in this game.Marty kept saying it was game move&Herm is a gamer.Marty refused to tell the cam. Hal tells Marty about Herm telling Kev to look him in the eye. Marty says Herm did this to him&he couldn’t trust him anymore. He’s shooting for people Marty is close with.Marty wanted revenge until he used his head instead of his heart. Marty says I hope the F5 are strong going forward &then Josh said he would vote too.Marty wants to put things in the past with Betty/Josh. Hal says Josh told her Herm is always at 10.Herm was telling Hal he knew what was going to happen but clearly he didn’t.Marty agrees. Marty tells Hal that he promised G F5 & he says she is his F2. Hal says people are picking up that they’re close but she doesn’t think they’ll separate them before the showmance. Hal wants to distance herself more from Marty coming up next week before they get split

Hal retells Herms telling Kevin to look him in the eyes. She was just trying to sit there and eat her sandwich. JL thinks that Kevin/Marty are closer than they think. Like F2 close. JL points out that when Betty popped off she said Marty has had deals with everyone who's left.JL/Hal confirm that they are each others F2 even though they haven't said it out loud. JL points out that Summer asked JL earlier if JL was willing to cut Gino - JL brushed it off because she knows Sum would go right to Gino

Josh telling Hermon that Marty came to him & Betty letting them know he had a plan for both of them to stay. Says Marty came to him later & told him that he was BD Hermon. Says Kevin was undecided. Hermon says he’s not mad or anything. He’s gonna campaign. Hermon says there are 5 ppl he cares about in the house. He’s going for Marty/Kevin/Haleena. If he stays there will be hellfire. Wants to try to get 5 votes to show Marty he doesn’t run the house. Josh says he wishes he was still otb. Betty joins Josh/Moose/Hermon. He’s telling her about how Marty said he has to put him up b/c Kevin/Haleena are his 1 & 2 in the game. Talks about how Marty had promised him safety as well, but went back on it. Summer joins the Squad. Hermon pushing that Haleena/Kevin/Marty have a F3 is his best bet of staying. Gino/JL have already seen how those 3 choose each other, & Josh may start to bd e his own doubts.

JL tells Kevin that Summer is considering voting Herms out because she doesn't want to be lumped into a showmance. JL thinks it might be a good idea to make small jokes about Summer/Herms being together during the week to drive it home with Summer.

Hermon talking to cams. Says it’s not over till it’s over. Says you have to be confident or you’re just on the block. Haleeena comes in. Ge waits for her to leave to finish. Hermon would love to put Kevin/Haleena otb. Says if he’s a/ you he’s w/ you. Hermon would be loyal to Moose/Josh/Summer/Gino/JL to the end of they all vote to keep him.

Summer tells Josh she's leaning towards keeping Hermon bc its strength in numbers and they need a strong team. Josh-she tries Summer asks not to tell Betty. Josh asks what Jace and Gino would do.Sum says they would keep Herm. They want to work with Sum and Josh and Betty is in the way. She asks if Josh was the mastermind behind the Gino flip plan bc Betty said he was. Josh says everyone asks who is voting what.Josh says Marty brought up Gino first bc he said he already has a big target on him bc he didn't give Gino the chain of safety. Then he says there wasn't really a mastermind.

Hal tells Betty before Herm even got on the block she was going to vote to keep Betty and that is still the same. Betty says a lot changes Hal says it won't change Betty thank her & tells her that Herm has said that he's coming after Hal so be mindful of that.

Summer says to get info from JL she needs to be working w/ her. Josh says they don’t have to like ppl to work w/ them. S says she’ll miss Betty, but someone is trying to get rid of all the strong players. S says Kevin is a mess & all over the place.

Josh asks Summer who she wants to see go Summer says Marty, then Kevin, then Haleena, then she'll have to deal with Jace and Gino, then Moose feeds cut away.Right before feeds cut away Summer said she just wants to be at the end with Josh.

Marty and Herms hash it out in the pantry. They both understand it's a game...yadda yadda yadda...Marty wants to be friends with people after.After Marty leaves Herms says he wants to put Marty at ease so he doesn't campaign to hard to get Herms out.

Summer tells Gino that Marty told her he wouldn't put her up if he voted his way and if she keeps him safe if she wins next HOH. Gino says they all now who the target is next week and he can't play. Summer says he needs to go through the Backdoor.

Summer tells Josh and Gino that it's obvious from chain of safety, Hal and Kevin are tight. Gino agrees.

Summer repeats to Betty that no matter what, she has promised her vote for Marty. Summer says this is like her and T being up this week - Betty is surprised Sum holds Herms in the same place T was. Summer tells her Betty gave a good pitch and she's leaning her way.Betty points out that it's obvious Summer doesn't want to vote Herms out - Summer just wants to give Betty a hug but it's clear Betty doesn't want that right now. Betty says she's not mad, but she's allowed to feel like what the fuck is going on?! Summer knows that Betty told her she didn't have to feel some type of way about a Betty/Josh duo, but at this moment she does. Betty doesn't get what change since this morning? Summer points out that her thoughts change all day.Betty tells Summer that she has been on her side and has never said her name. Summer appreciates that, and notes she has promised Marty her vote but needs to hear all sides. Betty notes that Herms must have a good pitch because Summer was talking differently earlier. Betty doesn't know what Herms told her today... like does he love her or something? Summer says no.. she basically told Herms that she wouldn't be voting for him. Summer points out to Betty that if Marty were to win another HOH, it would be the two of them OTB. Betty notes that Marty can't win HOH next week... but is that what it is? Herms has offered her safety? Summer doesn't deny it - she (Sum) hasn't won anything yet. All Summer asks of Betty is that Betty doesn't tell Marty. Betty: what that I'm going?! I think he'll notice when I leave. This is wild. Summer: I just need him to leave me alone. Betty: what is happening. Betty tells Summer that it's only Monday - but T thought she was staying and Thursday morning she wasn't. Betty: so in this instance - you're Haleena last week telling T she was safe. Betty tells Summer she understands why Summer doesn't want her to say anything to Marty - but Betty needs votes, and if Summer isn't voting her she needs other channels.

Herms is pitching to Gino - but it's much more of standard here's what I've done in the game and how I can help you situation.Betty comes outside and tells them, sorry but I need some air. They talk about how the vibe is always weird these next two days.

Summer is telling Josh about the Betty convo - how she related her to Haleena. Summer says it's not the same thing, she's allowed to be undecided. Josh agrees.

Hermon tells Gino he will make it clear who is targets are with his speech on Thurs. He's not going to pitch to Hal/Kev - he doesn't trust them and just doesn't vibe with them. Herm would be a shield for JL/Gino going forward, and will go for Marty next week. Gino tells Herms that Betty is going for the showmance - but people shouldn't look at it as a negative right now, F5 sure.. T was also trying to go for them, that's what happened last week.

Betty retelling to Josh - Josh points out that Summer needs to look further then one week out.. he also thinks Betty needs to work on JL/Gino, possibly offer them safety. Betty asks if she can offer safety from Josh as well? Josh says she can. Betty: she told me she's being manipulated by Marty to keep me. Josh: is she ok? I'm going to tell Summer, yo, if you don't do this, I'm going to put you up before anyone. That's hurtful. Betty breaks down a bit and says her feelings are just hurt right now.

Hermon says to Gino he thinks he can get four, maybe five votes to stay. He wants Marty to know if he stays that he just needed four, but he can GET five.

Josh is trying to make Summer realize that she needs to stop saying she needs a man to bring her further in the game. He's trying to help her realize that she can do this - she doesn't have to play like Tychon. When Summer thought she might go up she acted so immaturely. Betty tells Josh that Summer wished it was Betty who got off the block because it would have been easier to vote Josh out. Betty: if I do get out, you need to tell Marty it was her (Summer). Maybe I'll just tell him, I have two days.

Herms tells Josh that his pitch will be against Marty and his subordinates Kev and Hal. He will call them the body of the snake. When he starts his pitch to them he'll ask if there vote can be changed? If the answer is no, he'll move on.Herms tells Josh that his speech on Thursday will be violent and it's going directly at 3 people - the other 5 or 6 of them will be ready and fired up for HOH.

Summer asks Josh: so did you break her heart too? Josh: ya, you broke her heart. Sum: what did you tell her? Josh: that we just need time to think.. Summer wonders what she should do.. she leaves and tells Herms she hopes he'll still talk to her tomorrow.

Summer, Betty and Josh hanging out... it's as awkward as you think.

Sum/Betty going over things again - Betty can't understand it, she thought they were riding. Sum gets it, but this is hard for her too. She doesn't want to be compared to anyone. She needs to think who can keep her safe longer. Betty points out she can keep herself safe.Betty tells Summer that Herms knew that Summer was going up - Summer notes that was before Marty was HOH... Betty: but still. Wouldn't you want to know if you're the target?Betty jokes that she can't do the same emotional, cuddly things Hermon can do with Summer. They hug... Betty whispers in Summer's ear: I love you.

Summer finds Herms... She wonders if he has a F2 with Moose? He swears he doesn't. Summer tells him that Betty said he was in a F3 w/ Moose and T. Or was it a F4?Herms: can she protect you? Absolutley not! Am I a bigger target? Yes! Have we both been loyal to you? Yes! Summer says this is the problem. Herms realizes that he's going to have to remind Sum about all of this constantly.

Betty tells Josh that JL told her yesterday she was trying to get Kevin to use the veto and she didn't want Betty or Josh to go. Josh is surprised. Betty tells him they can't trust Summer anymore.

Kevin comes in and Betty tells him that she needs to put in the work. She can't tell him why, but she needs to work the whole group. She's going to start w/JL. She notes to Josh she's telling Kev everything, he's her guy.Haleena came in - Kevin nearly bolted until he saw who it was.Betty hopes she doesn't go this week, but if she does.. she's going to hunt Kevin's wife down on the internet and wish her the happiest birthday ever! Betty then recalls saying she hated Kev and he was a slime ball.. Kev: wait, all I heard was the slime thing.Kevin asks if Betty is close w/Summer? Betty tells if she doesn't want to divulge too much, but it's going to be work getting Summer's vote this week. She trusts Josh/Kev the most. Kevin tells her he's going to work his ass off this week to make it a 6-1 vote.Having someone in her corner like that makes Betty emotional.

Josh filling in Kev on the day - Kev thinks it's fine, he'll get the showmance. Hey he may even get Moose. Or they'll be totally fucked and need to win HOH. They need to win HOH either way. No matter what Herms has to go or we all loose. Josh agrees.Kev tells Josh they need to take Gino out soon, maybe next... Josh is good with that.

JL is worried that Marty is going to weasel his way into deals w/ weaker players. She says Hal lied to her. JL was trying to get into her head about the final 2s Marty has. Hal said they don't but he thinks she's a # for him. Gino says he knows they do bc Marty told him.

Hermon/Summer talking. About who will come for Marty. Summer lists Josh/Moose/Gino/JL. Summer/him are laughing. Summer says she has to factor in everything. Summer says ppl will come after their “babymance.” H says others are targets b4 her. She wants him to hit her up.Hermon thinks Summer is dead set, she says she’s not. He didn’t think he’d have to fight as much for her vote. She thinks Betty is a jury vote. He thinks he could get her to F2. H says the house will keep Betty over her. She has a 0/12 track record. Summer asks Herm if he thinks she's a floater Herm says he doesn't and he told her why. Socially she influences the biggest decisions in this game. One was the Kyle thing and also Kevin using the veto. He says she thinks he has a better social game and he doesn't. Herm says don't let Marty get what he wants. He wants to "take the power back from that f*cking psycho and let me go for his head." Summer asks what votes he thinks he has. Herms says he hopes Moose, he'll try Josh but prob not, He can talk with Gino and JL.

Betty says she was paranoid bc Josh wasn't telling her things. Josh says Marty said if Josh said anything to Betty he would leave them both on the block and then Marty went and told Betty. Betty-to me yeah Josh-he's trying to pin us against each other. Betty says if he didn't want to be a team Josh-No I was distraught. I was like let me just go home now. He was worried Marty would get people to vote out Betty Betty wanted to make sure they have each other's backs in this game. She asks if he told Summer. Betty asks what? that you lied to me? And I'm mad at you? Josh-yah Betty asks why Josh-bc she asked me Betty says it's okay if Summer is in the loop. Josh says being otb w/ Betty is the most fun he’s had. She felt alone catching him in a small lie. She says if they aren’t strong the others can come slither in. She feels closest to Josh/Summer. Recognizes her loyalty could be her fault.

Herms: Marty told him in trust he wanted to put up Summer&Betty. They made a week of safety deal to build trust. Herms doesn't tell Summer to build trust. Then Marty tells her he's BDing Herm. "Yo this guy is actually decently smart. But he's still a piece of sh!t"

JL tells Gino that Hermon really laid it down. He gave examples of how manipulative Marty is. He told her how Marty told him he was going to put up Summer & Betty and not to say anything. And then Marty told Sum he told Herm that to pin Summer against Herm. Feed cut awy

Summer tells Herms that she's rocking with him. She's not letting another one of her ppl go - Kevin thinks he's a mastermind. He can have this moment, but she's not doing it. When she leaves.

JL tells Gino it might be better to keep Hermon & split up Josh&Betty. She doesn't want Marty to win. If they let him make this move he could add getting out Hermon to his resume. Gino says the people in jury wouldn't vote for Marty. He tells her Sum was thinking of keeping Herm too. She thinks Josh would vote to keep Betty. Gino feels he could flip Josh easy. He knows Marty is manipulating him and he's done with him. He has no trust for him. Gino says if he wins next week he is Backdooring Marty.

Hal and Betty are rehashing stuff Hal says she was so upset to vote out T. She said Jess had her convinced she would go on the block. She says it was a game move and she sees how Marty is. She says even when the raised voices about the Gino vote she never said Betty did. Hal tells Betty she never thought Betty voted Gino. "I didn't either" Betty truly feels it wasn't her, Josh or Kevin. Hal says again she did not vote for Gino. She says she told Marty no on the couch but he didn't hear her. She saw Betty's face and knew it was no. Gino & Jacey-Lynne agreed if they decide to keep Hermon, they won't tell Marty AND they'll work to get him out next week.

Hal apologizes to Betty for calling her a cow. It was meant to mean she was rude not anything with body image. She says her body is great. Betty laughs and says yah that's a body positivity thing but says she has been rude.Hal tells Betty that she told T before the vote that she was voting her out and they "hugged" Betty says she didn't know. T told her Hal wouldn't tell her Hal says she did and T told her everything. They both says they don't want their games to be f*cked by each other.

JL thinks Kevin/Marty/Haleena have been playing them. Gino thinks both sides are trying, but they have to figure out which one is best for you them. JL points out that Hermon has never given them a reason not to trust him after Gino says he trust Hermon more.Gino says he really wants to be the one to backdoor Marty Jace says she wants him to. It would be a great move for his resume.

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