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Live feed Big Brother Canada Monday March 14!

Kyle just asked to speak with Jess. They asked if they could pee 1st. Meanwhile, Kyle goes outside to see Hermon. "You had to clear head too?" Awkward laugh Kyle-It's a big swing He thinks he might throw up Hermon-Have you talked to Helena yet Kyle-not yet. Kyle-Do I make jury if I do this? Hermon-It's only a couple weeks away Kyle-I need you guys to win this next HOH They start going over prices & color of doors. Kyle-It is a big swing, but if we get Josh out this week, we're steamrolling to the end with 4 Hermon-Yeah They discuss knock out comps & not to pick each other. Hermon-I know you're tight with Jess but, I don't have that. I put her up so, that's not something I can build Kyle's name for the 4, is "The Shed". Hermon & Kyle are speaking about how Jace reacted to the BD plan. She was ecstatic, almost like we're doing it for her.

Kyle & Hermon go inside Kyle head to Expedia & starts to meditate with an already meditating Gino. Gino-are you ready? K-As ready as I can be. I'm probably going to throw up right after G-It's going to work out. All we need is Haleena & she'll probably come through for us Kyle-We all signed the same paperwork Gino-We're going to have to win this HOH Kyle-Hard. Kyle-we can't leave a guy like Josh in here. A bio student? I think he has to be something else. He's too strong too smart. Gino_i've wondered that too K-Yeah, this is the move, we just gotta get Heleena. Gino shot Kyle's "The Shed" name for the 4 alliance down

T & Hermon are chatting. T wants Hermon to talk with Moose. She tells her about the convo She, Summer & Moose had yesterday. How she forgives him but won't forget. Hermon asks if Heleena would keep Betty to stay? T-yes. T-Do you ever talk game to Heleena? Hermon-Not a lot but, I think we're good. We need Heleenas vote. It's a big swing this week. We need her. I mean big, I was up all night thinking about it. Have Betty talk with her about it after T leaves

T is outside by herself eating breakfast or her fork. hard to tell. She needs to talk to Kevin. Things are going to be chaotic today. Wonders if she should tell Steph or not. Kev joins T outside T-are you solid? Yesterday, I had no patience for the bullshit. Today I'm better. T-How ya feeling? Kev-My heart hurts, my heart hurts a lot for the ppl I care about in this house T-Well, I will say this, you are super super good with our side. I'm not down with that boys just picking ppl off thing. Kev-It's boring T-Yeah. T-yesterday, I was really upset about ppl using Sienna (daughter) to get to me. I feel like the way you talk about Sienna is genuine Kev is crying. Kev-You need to stop talking about Sienna T-I know, I learned that yesterday. Kev-I'd be so honored if you were the one who voted me out. T-Kev stoppppp Kev-I'm so full of anger towards so many ppl in here, esp aftter yesterday. A LOT of anger Kev is still choked up. T is giving Kev a pep talk. You need to win HOH so I can see pics of his wife You need to win HOH to get revenge on whoever you're feeling this anger towards. Kev-I can tell you what I'm upset about doesn't involve you. If I've ever asked you about Sienna & you didn't think it was genuine.. T-not at all! Not at all! Kev is struggling talking to T. He seems to want to tell her something. He' just angry. He's going to use the anger to fuel him They look at the walls to see the different colors on the walls & kev suggests a possible comp. Kev head inside. Tells T that if she has to manipulate or stab him in the back not to worry about it. Do what you need to do

Kyle asks Heleena to talk she will go to the HOH room momentarily. Kyle kicks Kev out of the HOH.

Kyle-The shot we're looking at is Josh H-No way! K-Josh will take the shot at ppl like myself or Gino. He's loyal to TeamSummer. We have Hermon, Marty, Kevin, Gino, for votes. Kyle-The thing I wanted to pitch to you is Marty, Gino, Hermon & Kev have a 4. we are looking for a 5th and that'd be you. That final 5 could give you final 3 Haleena-Have you talked to other ppl? Kyle-I need you as the 6th vote Haleena-Who have you told? Haleena-Are you just banking on your 5 & not talking to the rest of the house? Kyle-This is a guaranteed final 5 Steph & Moose are going to be the biggest targets H-Alright, I guess. It's a game. Haleena-This is the game I get it. Kyle-you're the swing vote Haleena-OK They shake on it Haleena leaves & Jess enters.

Kyle is telling Josh that he is putting him up bc he is strong. Josh says he wants them to come to a place where they can help each other. Kyle says he has others who can help him and they're not as strong as Josh. Josh says he wishes they could battle it out. Kyle says if it was last season and he had a chance to take Tychon out during week 3 he would take it. He says he bets people and that season wish that. He says he needs to take out the queen. Josh says Kyle won't be his target for putting him up if he stays. Kyle says he wishes Josh had yelled at him Josh says he's never yelled in his laugh. He mentions there's still 30 minutes Josh leaves.

Kyle-I have the numbers locked in. Jess-ok, are you going to tell me or just let me find out with everyone else Kyle-I think you deserve to know It's Josh Jess-Really?

Kyle tells Steph she's going up against Josh not Betty Steph what? what? She says that would have been her move next week Kyle says he knows it's his move Kyle says he has the numbers.

Steph tells Hermon she doesn't know how to campaign against Josh Hermon says it's a different campaign Steph asks if they can talk about it after Hermon says yes.

Kyle tells Betty that she is not going up bc he doesn't think she's a threat to his game. Betty says he doesn't have to tell him who Kyle says she does bc it's someone she is close to. It's Josh. He says he doesn't expect her vote.

Kyle tells Jace it's done when she comes in. Jace asks how it went Kyle says he was nothing but the sweetest person Gino comes in He tells him the same thing He says he stuck his head out and he needs their vote The all say yah Kyle says Betty offered her vote

Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

Moose used the Veto on himself. Kyle named Josh as his replacement.

For the rest of the week, it will be Josh versus Stephanie, who will be evicted? I think this week will stay chaotic and unpredictable to the very end. The Savage Seven will definitely go down in infamy now as they had an easy road but Kyle swatted it away this week. We’ll have to see which one of the smaller alliances becomes the ones to watch.

How do you feel about Kyle’s HOH reign?

Kyle Moore’s Head of Household reign has been anything but predictable. First, he broke up the Savage Seven by nominating one of their members Moose Bendago. He also nominated another potential ally with Stephanie Paterson. He alienated himself with nearly the majority of the Big Brother Canada 10 house by the way he handled this week’s Head of Household week. It would truly be a miracle if Kyle manages to survive next week let alone make it to the jury.

Kyle was set to stay true to his word and nominate Betty Yirshaw for eviction after Moose won the Power of Veto Competition. However, Martin “Marty” Frenette highlighted that Josh Nash is a strong player and it would be smart to take him out now instead of Betty this week. Kyle didn’t need much convincing before he was ready to try to take out yet another former Savage Seven member.

Kyle informed Josh this morning that he would go up in Moose’s place. Once again, Kyle may not get what he wants with this eviction. The house will be very divided this week on whether to take out Stephanie or Josh. Kyle is definitely in major trouble going into week four and he has no one to blame but himself.

Jess & Summer convo Jess-You've seen how Steph treats me. Summer-Yeah Jess-It's terrible, I feel like I'm back in high school. I feel personally attacked by that nom Summer-It's been really hard for me not to say anything. Summer-Let's just say, I'm technically working w/u Jess-Yeah Summer-Hermon, it depends on which way he goes Jess-I feel like Steph is manipulating 1st she wanted Gino, now Hermon?

Summer checks the door to make sure nobody is listening Jess-The second I met you I fucked up. I'm sorry. I think if Summer won my ass would've been up. I'm not having 2 queer, indigenous,ppl go back to back Summer-me either T comes in.Summer-We need Betty to calm down Jess-idk what I did yesterday to make her mad at me T-Oh, she's mad at u too? Summer-I think Kyle told her b4 T-No it was Haleena Jess leaves. Summer-Me, you, Jess, Haleena, Herms T-No, not Herms, he might go the other way. He said if the votes were there he might go the other way. T-How do you know that he knew? B-He said something yesterday. Then he told me if I need to blow up to blow up at him T-Then he's not a vote with us Summer-So, you, me, Jess, Moose They can't find the votes going through HG's to see. T-That's it, we're going to tell Kev he has to vote with us or he's over there at the freaking bottom. We're going to tell his ass, I'm sick of this manipulation shit.

Jess asks Hermon to talk Hermon-Everything feels off, even talking to Moose felt awkward. OK, I didn't even see the Steph thing coming, then it went to Moose. I went from being very confused to the Moose thing. I must be playing the game wrong. I gotta check Moose. Jess-I'm always scared that I'm a bdoor b/c I won that veto. I watched 1, non-binary, indigenous person leave last week & now I'm going to watch another queer, indigenous person again? I assume ur voting Josh out? H-It's leaning that way unless something drastic happens. Hermon-Is there any way you'd change your mind? Jess-you think I'm a swing vote? That's why this rogue vote is so important. I'd like to take them to the bikerack. Jess-This sucks because I feel like owe the ppl that kept me safe my vote. With Kyle & Marty. Hermon-I understand.

Betty is calling Kev out for saying he didn't know about the renom. Pick a side! Kev-Well then I'm coming for you Betty-You're coming for me? You're coming for me? Kev-Yeah, if you're coming in to yell at me. Betty-All I've done was ask you 1 simple question & you couldn't answer me! I'm going to tell all the guys in the house that you told me to keep lying so they wouldn't know about us. I'm going to tell all of them! Betty is heated.

Jess asks Betty if she wants to be alone outside. Betty-Kinda YES! Betty to cams-This game is fucking wild how u going to put Josh up? I can't believe Kev said he's coming for me! Kevin is in hallway to outside pacing Betty I was trying to help you-Everyone is lying. Betty-If Kyle thinks he can just put up Josh, you know what, I'm voting out Steph. Byyyyeeeee

Betty-Why is everyone telling me how to play my game Kevin is following Betty everywhere she goes Betty-Why are you following me? Kev-I'm allowed to be here.

Kev grabs Kyle to tell him about Betty Jace is in the SR so, she hears as well I told Betty that she can use my name if she blows up.

Kevin is hiding between beds. He says to cams There are no 2 sides, there's 1 side & a complete dumpster fire!

Sino sighting. S-You had a cigarette? G-Yeah, I just had 1 S-How could you??? Gino-How are you doing? S-I know it's a game, I'm ok, but, I know he's coming up for me also So, I you're going to vote against the honeybunch? G-Yeah S-I understand you have to keep ur ppl.

Summer-I'm ok, I have to learn to detach myself Jace-That's what we were just talking about! Summer-I can't take it personally, We just met 17 days ago Convo changes to brown tomatoes Kyle enters, then Gino.

Josh & Marty have convo Marty-You're good at comps. Just ur wingspan Josh-My wingspan? they laugh Marty-Yeah, it's going to be hard to beat you. I would love to work with u but.. Josh-Hopefully you're willing to take that leap & work with me. I would want to take you.

Summer comes to check on Josh She tells him he is going to stay. Josh-Really u think so, u think we have the votes. Yes, me, T, Betty, Jess, Haleena, & Moose. We need 1 of the boys, Kev, Moose, or Hermon. Do you think Jace would?Summer & Josh laughing because they think it's a really stupid move. Then they refocus to votes

Marty- "I wanna be truthful to you. I feel if you win next HOH, you are coming after us & I was more scared of you than Betty. So last night I suggested to Kyle to put you up" Josh: "Ok" M:"If you stay & next week I win, I'll put up Moose or someone else instead of you

Hal- I want to tell you guys something.. but this might shoot me in the ass... T: want me to tell you something? We used to be in a 7 person alliance w/ Kyle. S: It's dead. Haleena tells them Kyle asked what her relationship was w/ S&T, Josh and Betty. Hal makes it clear - she wants Josh to stay. T lays out where the votes are - Hal says she'll try and get Kevin as well. Summer notes Kev needs to prove himself.

Summer and Kev talking - he wants to be sure T isn't in some other big alliance. S notes she doesn't care if she is, as long as she has my back. S points out that Kev is w/ Marty, Kyle, Gino. K agrees w/ that but points out there's a reason S knows that. Kev tells her to only trust T in this house.

Kevin and Summer think they can make this happen - Kev plans to blame Jess for it, because of Jess gets to F2 - they win. Kevin: lets get those arrogant and idiotic people who put their own alliance members up.

Steph is pitching to Haleena - she notes that if she were to win HOH next week, she would put up Betty and Summer.

Hal is telling Josh that she hasn't heard his name out of anyone's mouth but she has heard some people saying he's a strong guy and an athlete. Josh says he (Kyle) needs to go so bad if he goes at the hands of this man he will never be the same Hal no don't say that. Josh its not going to happen Hal says its not and she trusts him and asks if he trust her Josh says he does Hal asks him not to screw her over Josh says he won't Hal asks if he's heard her name Josh says in the 1st week Hermon didn't know who to put up Hal, Jess or Mel.

Kyle tells Kev he trusts their alliance and they need to come up with a name that's bugging him. Kevin says he's a disaster Kyle says he isn't this game is tough

Josh and Hal saying it looks bad Josh says its not a race war Hal says it isn't at all Josh says its just the optics Hal says Steph she has for sure have Jace, Gino, Marty, and Hermon. She thinks one can be flipped. Josh says he gets to Hermon and Moose together Hal says separately Josh agrees he says and Jace will be hard Hal says he can't go home yet.

Kyle suggest the flip-flop four as an alliance name to Hermon Hermon-Oh my god. huh. the FFFF.

Someone (can't tell who) suggests they go around and tell their favorite child hood memories Hermon shares he and his brother used to play cops and robbers and hit each other with sticks and then go pay basketball. T used to go to a festival in Montreal called Jump Up and they would be the first at the door. He would buy her an outfit for it. Jess' family got their grandparents a dog on Easter they hid him for a couple of days. Their grandpa was grumpy but they became friends. Hal remembers her having to go to the BR somewhere& she didn't want her little brother to come in&when they came out her brother is missing and her mom was hysterical and Hal was laughing. They found him with a clown. Hal was laughing& told him she's mom's favorite now.

Summer to Herms and T: but ya, he makes me sick to my stomach. Kevin was watching her make noodles and she lost it. Earlier Summer told Kev to get the fuck out of my room my guy!

Betty confirms to Josh that he has her vote - he isn't going anywhere.

Josh tells Jess he's stressed - they understand but they know this will work.. "it will be sweet poetry". Josh: do I act sad? Jess: yes. Jess and Josh agree that they'll have to act really sad this week and won't be able to spend a lot of time together. Josh says he's strong enough to get through these next few days.

T just realized it's only Monday... "We have TWO MORE DAYS?!"... The joke about always mixing up Kevin and Kyle and Summer being pissed off at one of them. T knows that Kevin is playing them... Betty is happy she's finally come to the realization, she just needs summer to get there. If Betty won HOH she would put Kyle/Marty up with a Kevin BD. Betty goes into her Kyle voice and they start cracking up.

Summer: so I can't cuss out Kevin?! Herms: you can, you just get be stewing on it for days. They chat about needing the 6/5 vote - Herms points out that they can't say anything to Marty.

Summer and Kevin having another spat... Haleena: see, you're communicating - this is good. Once Summer leaves Kev tells Hal they're faking their fights. He also notes Josh staying isn't great for his game, but he's down because it's funny. Hal fills Kev in on the 7, in return Kev tells her about the alliance he was pulled into yesterday w/Kyle, Jl,Gino etc.

Haleena is nervous about the Josh vote - is it too soon? She's not 100% she trusts T. Kevin notes that this isn't a great game move, but it's a good person move and it's fun. Hal points out they want to win, but that they're also on the bottom of either side. Hal does not trust Herms at all - Kev agrees, he's everywhere ... but then again so are they. Kev wonders if they're all just really bad at this game. Hal: will it be hell in this house if we keep Steph? Kev: it's already hell.

Josh: If Kyle wins this game it's a hate crime and I'm calling the government. Jess: I'm rewinding time and not coming here. Summer: I'm just going to keep lying to him... You aren't slick

Haleena has a feeling Steph will stay this week - T is playing everyone. Did Kev believe her crying earlier? Because Hal isn't sure.

Jess reminds Kev/Hal why Steph needs to go - Jess and Kev should be OTB, Hal is underestimated. Those 3 boys are aligned and never choosing one of us, there's 2 showmances budding - Herms is falling in love, JL is in Gino's arms. Kev: you're making a great case.

Hal/Marty check in - does M really think those boys are going to bring him to F2? No he doesn't, but he's just trying to move them along. M makes sure H is still with the plan? She says she is.

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