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Live feed Big Brother Canada monday March 21! (movie1)

Gino-I'm trying to make my mind up btwn a big move or a smaller move. I'm going to tell them b4 the ceremony, I told Jess I'd them who they'd be up against Hermon-you're going to tell them Gino-I think I know, it won't be as messy as last week. As long as I have ur vote. Gino-It's going to be a big move Hermon-big moves are good, it's just weird promising my vote when I don't know who it is. G-It's a game

Kyle is in the DR, POV ceremony is in less than an hour. Gino said he was telling the person going up before as well as Jess.

Hg's getting ready for the day. Everyone is either having breakfast or getting ready

HG"s are preparing slop or shakes for breakfast

Summer asks Gino if he has time for her Gino told Summer he thinks he's putting him (Kyle) up

Summer asks Gino if he has time for her Gino told Summer he thinks he's putting him (Kyle) up. Summer-You also have to think about jury management too. I couldn't vote for you if you let this fester Gino-I put Marty up because he lied to me, I wanted to send a signal for ppl to not fuck with me Summer-It's going to be iconic Haleena said she'd be comfortable w/u. Summer-Haleena didn't want to align but is comfortable working with you. Betty's target goes back to Marty. I don't think Hermon would've put u up. If Kyle were to stay, you'd be going up with him in a lot of situations. Jace, I hope, starts having more game talks. Summer-I'm glad ur going through with it. Because, now the focus will be elsewhere. I think Jess will now be the target, then Marty, then Hermon. Marty will take heat off of you. You're on the safer side than Jace. If you were to go up against her, she'd go home. Gino-let's let this happen (veto ceremony) then at some point we'll all get together & talk. (Summer Jace, Gino, & Josh) Not an alliance but, just we have each others backs. Summer-When I mentioned it to T & Hermon in the week, I was hoping they'd jump on just to keep Jace safe. But, I will avoid that word Gino-I'm really close to him but, this is a game, I have to remind myself. Summer-I think this is a very smart decision. G-Long term. Summer-Good job Gino-I had it in my head before you came in but, I needed to see where ppl were at Summer-I talked to the girls, they're behind you G-I hope it takes the heat off of me He's got 2 days Gino-I gotta go talk to Jace & Jess Thank you

Gino gets Jess to talk! Gino gets Kyle to talk!

Gino-I think I'm going for the big move. I think you'll be safe. I was painted a big target on my back because of him. He's the #1 target in the house. It's for my long term game. Jess-Smart move Gino-I want to work on relationships, as long as he's here, I'm a target.Gino-We can talk more after. Jess-I know time is of the essence Gino-it's going to be hard to tell him but, I think he might have a feeling Jess-thank u so much my friend.

Gino gets Kyle to talk!

G-I think I have to put you up. You put a huge target on my back with what you did last week K-It couldnt've been that bad G-It was pretty bad Kyle. I had a lot of discussions with ppl. I tried to avoid this Kyle-I get it, you r a big target. You have a showmance & me. Kyle-If I go up, I go home. Jess 100% stays. I mean I'll fight but... I had a lot of ppl last week tell me stuff but, it sucks I'm not going to jury G-It's shitty Kyle Kyle-Oh man, It's a game. Kyle-I let things get away from me. I wanted to lay low, clean for ppl, the long game. Me winning that HOH was the worst thing. Moose wins veto, Hermon. I mean. Were they saying the same? G-Not necessarily, it was a lot of floaters K-Damn floaters Brutal! It's nothing personal

Kyle asks Jess to talk, but they have to do their hair before the ceremony. Kyle alone mummers. It couldn't have been that bad?

HG's having fun it up at the pool table.

Kyle went into the HOH to grab a hat for the ceremony

Kyle-listen, I put your game in jeopardy. I put Marty's game in jeopardy. I get it, it's all good Gino-I didn't want to blind side you. I kinda knew last night K-You knew last night? Oh man I love this game! This is a good move for you G-Thanks Kyle

Kev & Summer discussing her career goals Jess talking about the high stress in the game

Week 4 Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

Marty used the Veto to save himself. Gino nominated Kyle as his replacement.

Kyle would need a Big Brother Canada 10 miracle to stay this week. He would also need some game skills that he doesn’t seem to possess. We’ll have to wait to see how the rest of the week plays out, but it would completely shock me if Kyle ends up staying this week.

What a difference a day makes in the Big Brother Canada 10 house, and how damaging a week can be if a Head of Household plays it wrong. Kyle Moore may join the ranks of Big Brother players who had disastrous weeks and then went right out the BBCAN doors the following week. Kyle was looking pretty safe once Steve “Gino” Giannopoulous won the Head of Household competition. However, you should never feel comfortable in the Big Brother Canada house and Kyle may learn that lesson today.

If you’ve been keeping up with Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers, then you know that Gino has been considering backdooring Kyle. After some critical game talks, Gino saw the opportunity to cut ties with Kyle, who everyone was telling him would sink his game, and hopefully repair some relationships. Gino seemed pretty set on nominating Kyle once Martin “Marty” Frenette used the Veto to save himself this week, but did Gino have a change of heart?

Gino planned to tell Kyle about his plan to nominate, and essentially evict him, right before the Power of Veto Ceremony.

Gino stuck to his word and told Kyle right before the Veto Ceremony. Kyle took the end of his game pretty well. He was understanding and basically accepted that he’s likely going home on Thursday.

The house is ecstatic. Everyone is happy.

T-WOW Gino's HOH was impeccable Haleena-Last week everyone was running around paranoid Talk turns to HOH comps Betty, Haleena, & T are complaining about Kyle. He has no accountabilty Haleena-He talks down to me. T-He needs to know Betty-It's important we're direct & honest Haleeena-Props to Gino

Summer-even though you drive me crazy, I'd still vote to keep ya Jess-Thanks, let's keep going on that Start talking about slop

Jess is walking on sunshine. Hermon was shocked, had no idea. Marty says he was surprised as well Big move, good for his game. Kyle had huge target

New phone call! It was a prank about someone named John/using the john. Moose got this call- what do you call a sleeping dinosaur? a dinosnore

New call - Kev got it... Something about a palm tree, it fits in your hands. HGs complaining that the sound is too low.

What are these calls about?!like if you think one of them will get a power

HG Just hanging out, waiting for the phone to ring.

Phone rings. Haleena answers. She goes to the pantry and says she has to make a whole bucket of slop. Moose is helping her make the slop. Haleena tells JL that Slop is so good. Live feeders are watching them eat it. It's got all the nutrients. She likes her bedazzled bucket.

Everyone says I love slop Haleena says slop has all your nutritional values and minerals

Haleena gets a call that she's done. She fills in the HGs that her call was that slop was nutritional and live feeders see them complaining so now that's done. Phone rings Jess gets a call How do dinosaurs decorate their bathrooms...with rep-tiles

Betty gets called to the pantry for a battery change.

Haleena keeps repeating the rant (i mean information) that slop is nutritious and now no one needs to complain about eating slop anymore.

Phone rings Summer answers She's laughing-"Oh my gosh okay. You're a freak damn. Okay. Okay bye"

The HGs follow her to the pantry. She grabs these handcuffs And handcuffs herself to Gino She says she and GIno need to spend some along time together and when it's done they'll now. Sparky close up shot GIno-think she's jealous right now Summer-hi Jacey-Lynne. Summer asks Gino how he is GIno says he's fine Summer says she's so happy he made this choice Gino says he was thinking of it before Summer said it Summer jokes of course he would say that. Gino and Summer are going on a tour of the rooms in the house..

As they leave the HOH, Gino say let's go sit near Jacey Lynne and see how she feels.. Gino-do you have handcuffs at home? Summer-no! do you. Gino-maybe Summer-you're job doesn't require these Gino says it's not for his job Summer-you nasty ass. Summer says they have to have an official Honey Bunch meeting. Gino says next week. They’ll decide if they just want the 4 of them. Gino doesn’t want to get into a ton of alliances. They are gonna play chess.

Kyle to T I'm on an island. If I make it to jury, I'd make a great juror. I know this game I love this game. Jess seems to be getting more agency w/more ppl in the house. T-Since they took themselves off the block, We've had a couple discussions about working together. K-and that mindset is set on you and those close to you. T-Of all the ppl to be in that room. I know for a fact that ppl have been saying my name, I'm like daaaammnn! K-I know I fucked up listening to some of that T-Hindsight is 20/20 K-This has to be a consensus.

Kyle said he's getting the next call. Hermon is trying to recall everything said to him on the phone calls. So much to remember

Jace checks in with Gino to make sure they're still on the same page with Kyle leaving. Gino, yes. Ok, because he was saying this is great for optics! G-98% chance he's leaving. He said he was going to fight Jace-Ok, just wanted to make sure.

Marty and Hal wonder if Betty got a power during her phone call. Marty goes over what happened with the guys again but lets her know that he and Gino are cool again. They start studying.

Jess and Josh also think there's a good chance Betty has a power and are happy Moose didn't get it. Jess vents about Moose being everywhere - he comes into the bedroom 40x a day and doesn't even wear the clothes he pretends to be there for. Vote wise - Josh suggests Jess doesn't campaign too hard, they aren't going anywhere. Instead, use this time to build relationships. Kyle joins and the topic switches to the lack of door opening during evictions. Jess shows slops gravity defying abilities. Kev doesn't think today will end with a reward, this might be a whole week thing.

Phone call! Marty's turn - he asks if he should wait for everyone? No! Pick it up! Marty says he's going to cry. Just music right now, he's on hold. T farts. Marty is still on hold. Marty asked everyone to leave in hopes that the phone will switch from hold. Jess tells him not to tell everyone what's said - he knows and promises to tell them. Marty lets BB know he's in for the long run. While alone, Marty farts. Says excuse me...then Oh when he smells it Moose comes in and Marty calls him over, closer, closer, until Moose smells it and runs away. Hemon asked Marty if he thinks it will be a double this week. Marty says maybe...did they say anything in the BY when the were practicing.. Feeds cut

Moose says he's cheesed bc he could have waited for one more Herm says you could say that about anything. He thinks the calls were catered Moose comments the first ones were prank calls. Then says you're right. I'm over it. 3, 2, 1 I'm done.

Kyle says he doesn't think either of them are surprised to find him in this position Hal says she's low key surprised GIno would do that Kyle says he's proud of GIno from a game stand point it's a good game move. He understands and respects it. Hal tells Kyle she feels he talks down to her but wouldn't take that way to Summer, Betty or T that way. She feels he took her kindness for weakness in that moment Kyle-that's your right to feel that. Hal tells Kyle she did switch her vote and didn't tell him but she doesn't think she deserved the sting she got from him. She says she understands he had a low week too Kyle says his goal is to never make anyone feel like that.

HOH... T to Jess: so how does it feel knowing that you're staying? Jess: *awkward laugh* thank you... Betty: well idk, 5 other people might not vote for you.. Back to farts. Betty asks what Kyle's pitch was? T says it wasn't good - he goes over the entire week. Josh: sounds awful. He recapped the whole thing for me.. promised me the moon and the stars. (Kyle is still in HOH with Hal doing this pitch)

Kev tells T that he and falling out - either way he thinks it's best for his game to vote Kyle out... T agrees - Kyle did make some good points, but it's just not happening.

Phone call! Gino answered but they asked for Kevin. Kevin hangs up and says he needs to get to work... he could use some friendship. Kevin's got pasta and will be making BB sauce - but just for him.

It's Summer's turn to hear, Last Week by Kyle. When he's finished, Kyle asks if Summer has any thoughts? Summer notes that he barely talked to her last week, and if he had - she would have told him he didn't have the votes. She thinks he spent too much time talking to himself instead of talking to other people. Summer tells Kyle that sometimes all it takes 1 game mistake and Summer can't work with you. Kyle notes he made 3 bad moves - Summer agrees with that, but thanks him for talking to her.

Kevin has headed upstairs to "wash this spaghetti right outta his hair".Kevin asks the other HG's "why did it have to be me? Why couldn't it be Gino?" Someone mumbles through their electric toothbrush "They asked for you!" Sounds like BB chose Kevin specifically for this spaghetti task

Betty, Hermon and T are talking in the red room. Betty asks Hermon if he would have let BB do the pasta thing to him. He says he wouldn't have had a choice "so yeah". He says he's glad he got to do the dancing thing instead because it's more his style.

Jess & Betty talking in the purple room. Betty says "There's no black person alliance. I think it's so funny. There isn't" Jess says they don't think it's funny. Betty says she doesn't want to talk to "him" anymore, "He's a dummy" (I believe they are talking about Kyle"

Betty, Moose and Marty are in the purple room. Moose is saying he wants to stay up all night because he thinks they will be woken up tonight for BB things. Marty isn't liking that idea. Betty asks if they can sleep downstairs. Moose is saying he's going down to the couch. Marty is suggesting putting something in the door downstairs to keep the door open so they can hear the phone if it rings. Betty is worried that they won't be able to nap tomorrow and they will be exhausted. Moose says he's fine.

Kevin and Summer talking in the kitchen. Kevin says he has zero trust in Kyle and he will not be keeping in touch with him. Kevin says he's never once suggested Summer as a target or that she should go OTB or that she's playing an amazing game. Summer says there's no way she's ever come to Kevin and demanded anything. Kevin says it's all a lie. Summer says he isn't just a # to her although she knows he is to others. Kevin says Kyle saw him as a #. Summer says Kyle threw out his name, Jess's name and Marty's name and she told him that she's not into the he said or she said. Kevin says "I did say it but I said it to mess with him", they don't say what Kevin said to Kyle. They want to check in with each other on info.

THE PHONE RINGS AGAIN!! All HG's in bed get up. They get to the phone to see Kevin has answered it. Kevin says the call said "Why did the banana go to the Dr? It wasn't peeling well". Everyone goes back to bed except for Kevin and Moose. Moose decides he's staying up for the night now and tells Kevin they can take turns staying awake. They are trying to study the HG order of answering the phone. This will be a long night for the HG's. Jess has joined Moose and Kevin on the couches to talk. No idea if they will stay up with them. Kevin has the punchline of the joke wrong as well! He says the punchline was the banana was peeling oil, instead of wasn't peeling well.

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