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Live feed Big Brother Canada Monday March 28! (movie1)

T and Gino are chatting about where they're headed together in the game. T understand why Gino wants to be in the end with competitors but what about switching off weeks? 1 week floater, 1 week competitor. Gino is good with that.

Moose and Betty apologizing to each other for how they handled the other day. Moose is just happy that Betty knows he didn't call her useless. Betty hoped all of the black HGs would make it to the end, but it's not going to happen. Moose cried about being up beside T. Moose feels good - he had a talk with Jess who was concerned about his mental health and boundaries - sure he's OTB but there's only 2? people who haven't been up yet. Betty points out it's Summer, Hal and Gino. Moose points out this game is about to get thick. Betty wonders if Moose being the target makes sense? Moose thinks so, he did say their name. Betty: but does it make sense??? Wouldn't Marty make more sense? Moose doesn't think so ... Marty walks in. Convo changes.

Betty telling Josh and T about feeling bad for Moose on a human level - they share similar backgrounds. This would be easier if it was someone like Marty up. Betty will vote out whoever, she's just in her feelings right now. They're all worried about Marty - he's watched 30 seasons of BB. He knows the game so well. Betty points out that whoever gets Marty out has their resume built. T agrees - she's not even going to go for Jess next week, she's going for Marty. Betty points out that she hasn't seen Jess at all today. T thinks it's because they're feeling out of sorts, probably some guilt in there. T told them that T understands the move, but isn't going to prioritize Jess' feelings over hers. Josh tells them that Jess is feeling ostracized - especially by him and Betty. Both Josh and Betty feel bad they feel that way, but obviously they're going to be comforting T right now - not them. Betty thinks if ppl feel ostracized all the time, they should look inward.

Herm thinks it will be a double Josh does too Herm says they'll have to think fast and try to get out a strong player Josh says he's on the same page Herms it will be me, you, T summer, betty, haleena , that's 6, 7, 10 people.

Hal asks Jess if they're okay. They seem off Jess says they are off. It's a weird thing. They say you're the same. It's not a place for big hearts in this house. Hal says it's not. Asks if they feel sad right now.

Betty and Summer Summer-him(?), Gino, Jess, Marty have to be backdoored. Betty says there are so many options to consider (people winning veto..) She says Marty needs to go. She doesn't want to say this on tv but he's a lot. Summer says Marty hasn't done anything to her but he's done things with people she's worked with Betty says he's the brains behind everything..dips out of an alliance..spills about's dismantled...spread the word about Josh. They need to get him out. Summer and Betty agree they have no influence over Jess Betty says she told them yesterday if they put up T she will go home. Summer says she didn't say she would be out of siblings to Jess if T went up. She said if she were T she would want to be out of the siblings. Summer - Jess over Marty? i just can't have Jess in power again. Betty-they're probably working together Summer-who? Betty-Jess&Marty Summer-yah Betty says the only reason they're here is bc of they're unanimous hate for Kyle. Talking about Marty vs Jess going first again Summer thinks Marty first.

Hal and JL chatting - JL thinks if they can get Kevin, they'll have all the numbers. Hal agrees - she'll vote out T and Betty, she isn't scared. They agree the other side is going for Jess, but may go for bigger targets like Gino 1st - that would be dangerous. They agree Summer is throwing everything - Betty as well.. she's STRONG. She can lift 20lbs like it's nothing.

Kevin-it's going to get nasty Gino-yah for sure Kev says Moose is more likely to win HOH Gino agrees he's more likely to win comps. He says T was close with the trivia and she has more connections Kev is not afraid of Moose socially, but T. Kev jokes he's okay with the Gino-Jace showmance but if there's a Summer-Hermon showmance f*c that. They'll get evicted bc there's only room for 1 bc of too much airtime. GIno says again to keep doing what they're doing but make sure they have the numbers to do it. Gino says they probably have the 2 of them, Jacey-Lyne, Marty and Haleena. That's all they need. Kev says he's good either way this week Gino says he is to but he thinks Jess is going the way of T this week too. Marty, JL and Hal they want T gone and plan to keep interrupting the other sides "talks" tomorrow so they get nothing accomplished. Marty leaves -JL/Hal promise to trust each other and get things done. Jess comes in and tells them she's tired of being fake. They agree. Jess: honestly, jump on the ride or get trampled. Hal wants to tell Summer/T/Betty the morning off that they said her name so she's voting out T.

T tells Hal that she wants to ride with the women of colour in the house - if she didn't make it there she would be so happy to see the first Punjabi woman win, not a white guy for once. Hal agrees, she wants to see WOC go far.

Summer tells T that if she wins HOH she's putting up JL and Kevin,she'd tell Gino he can take JL off if he wins veto - then she'd put Jess up. Maybe Marty, but at this point Jess is bad for her mental health, and life. Jess is moving differently. They were never siblings.

Betty tells T she wants to give JL and Gino some time to just chill in the $$ room. On the other cam, Kevin is on JL/Gino's bed doing a live action story telling situation.

Hal/Kev check in - Hal tells him about T's pitch to her... is this smart of them to flip? Kev isn't sure, he thinks they should just keep throwing each other UTB this week to keep getting info. Kev tells Hal that if they do flip on T, they will have to aggressively throw Jess UTB because Jess will try saying they had no part in it.

Kev asks if Josh would want to take T out if he doesn't have to do the voting? Thus keeping him safe with the other side? Kev will check in with him about it tomorrow. Josh can say no if he wants to. Josh says it isn't that, he'd feel guilty. But game wise? Best decision.

Kev tells Josh he thinks the two of them and Hal need to solidify something because ppl are grouping them together because of their actions. Kev asks if Josh cares who goes this week? Josh says Moose - but knows it might get hard to take good social players out later (T) Kev stresses that if Josh isn't comfortable with this, he won't do it. Josh asks if Kev has talked to Hal about this? Not exactly but he's started planting seeds. Josh notes that only 1 person can win this game. Kevin and Josh agree that they can't talk to the other HGs like they can each other. Both are smart. Both enjoy seeing how humans tick. Josh plans to float the idea of T leaving with Hal in the morning. Josh asks how they would insulate themselves between the 2 sides. Kevin thinks they can join one side. Kevin says it would be stupid of Josh to ride w/ Betty. Says the only way he wins 100k is by working w/ him/Haleena. Kevin says Jess will go, he might BD them. Josh to Kevin: if you're screwing me, I'm going to find out where you live (jk). Kevin truly thinks they can do this - as long as one of them is always off the block, they can manipulate a vote. Josh is excited. Josh: why did you pick Haleena? Kev: because she's smart. She's smarter than me and people are starting to notice. Josh: this is the most exciting convo I've had in this house..

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