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Live feed Big Brother Canada Saturday April 16!

Good Morning Everyone!

Gino and JL are discussing not sleeping in the same bed last night and whether they should sleep in the same bed again. Betty suggest pushing the beds together to have a megabed.

Betty talks about a luxury comp. Josh says the only luxury he wants is to vote him (Marty) out. He comments he doesn't want Gino to win today. He says JL and Gino have been acting different since Summer is safe Betty asks if he's sure Josh says they've been nice. Josh and Betty are psyching themselves up to win today.Betty says if one of them came down, Marty might put up Kev to secure one of them to go. Josh agrees Betty says that's a hell of a risk to take with his boy. Josh says he'll just switch to the other two (Gino and JL). He says that's why he'll never evict Gino. Josh and Betty "thanking" Marty for not BDing them.Kev and Betty Kev-I wish you all the luck today Betty-thank Kevin Kev-I hope you win even though I might be the replacement nominee Betty says you doubts that Kev-you never know with that tyrant. Betty says Gino wants to go after Marty hard Kev agrees. He says Marty has some weird loyalty to Gino Betty says Gino isn't going to give a "flying crap" about Marty once he leaves these doors. Betty brought up Kyland and Xavier as an example for Gino and Marty Kev says it is kind of like Kyland (Marty) bc people tried to play with him using logic but he had his own weird logic.

Kev is wearing the outfit he wore the last time he was picked in veto. He tells JL-It's pretty simple. You respect the wheel. The wheel respects you.

Josh says it will be a strong message if Marty gets HG choice and picks Gino Josh clarifies with Hal if Betty should pick her or Kev. Hal says Betty should pick Summer or Kev and if she doesn't get either or Josh should pick Summer.

Betty I feel like this is a wild dream that just won't end Josh I know. Haleena & Kevin have a chat about Marty in SR most of it is inaudible because of audio. Kevin wants to win veto & Haleena says he has too. Kevin is going to win & not tell him he's using it, just do it on the spot. Kevin leaves SR as Haleena studies price wall. "I think I'm sharing too much info with Kevin, but, oh well"

Betty He (Marty) just wants to insulate himself with people Jace-Yeah, it's kinda scary when he wants to keep u around Betty I'm just glad I don't have to pretend to like him anymore.

Jace is upset with Marty & Kevin J-How do you pick him for veto if you want him out of the house? I'm going to feel like the biggest idiot if I go home this week It really pisses me off! G-Marty said he was going to pick me, but, I was J-Already picked

Betty we just need a little bit of a twist to throw the tyrant! JoshYeah, it's in god's hands I'm proud of us Betty-for making it this far? Yeah We never really had a break

Marty & Kevin are studying days together Kev You wouldn't put me up would you? Marty No Kev-Ok, I have your back so hard Resume studying

Josh I came in here to specifically not play that kind of game, where the guys just steamroll

Jace is still venting about her anger with Marty Final 4 my ass! They're getting written up Marty's an ass & a liar! Kevin last night told me, I had to pick him over Haleena.

Feeds down 1:16 BBT

Kevin tells Haleena that he's going to try to win the veto. "We need to push for Jace as the replacement. He'll be manipulated by Gino. And we actually need to send her home. Which going into a triple would be wild!"

Haleena If Marty puts me up I will flip shit.. I coulda sent your ass home buddy.. Gino has so much power over him Josh I don't know why Marty's in love with him. Haleena I think Marty will put JL up.. make 1 man happy.. opposed to.. Josh Can get a lot worse

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